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My Back to School Must Haves! | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

so the back to school season is just around the corner and I honestly don't want to go back! I want my summer to just go on forever!
But I guess we all have to get back in to the swing of things pretty rapidly and for those of you doing any last minute shopping, I think I might just be able to help!

So today I am going to show you my back to school must haves and this will probably be the last episode in my back to school series so hopefully this is a good winding down post.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for what to wear for school and some staple pieces and gives you an insight into what I will be wearing this school season and I hope you enjoy :)



 the dress I wanted to show you wouldn't upload but any dress would do and this can be worn as it is, with a jumper or t shirt on top or another skirt on top or and oversized cardigan. it is so versatile and would work great even in the colder months with some tights and boots or knee high socks.

Dress H&M:

sheer shirts are another great piece because they go with pretty much anything. this one is from Primark and was £8.

Checked shirts are good to and this one is interesting because it has a tie for the neck so you can create two different looks with it!
Primark £9

oversized cardigans are a great way to keep warm and because they are so basic it can make an out fit look casual but warm and comfy at the same time. this was a Christmas present one year but it is from H&M but you can find similar ones pretty much everywhere.

who says skater skirts are just for the summer?? you can bring them back into the autumn season too and use darker colours or darker floral prints. this could potentially save you money.

oversized jumpers are a great way to make an outfit look like you are trying a lot harder than you actually are. this one is from Topshop in the sale at £12 and isn't that thick so you wont like over heat in it but thick enough to stay warm.

and lastly cardigans. I literally live in these cardigans because they cover some of you up and keep you warm at the same time and is a great layering piece for the warm weather. this is from H&M basics and is £15.

I like to keep the type of shoes I wear pretty basic so these flats are from Primark and are really comfy and I am in them quite a lot of the time seeing as there aren't many types of shoes that I like to wear.

next are these blackand red convorses which I live in converses and I couldn't live without them. I bought these a really long time ago from Office and they were £40. you don't really get converses at that price andymore.

these are the types of bags that I preffer because I like to have them right beside me.

this bag is from H&M. you can probably tell by now that I love that shop! its a khaki green colour and can hold an A4 folder which is exactly what I need it to do! I think this bag was around £20.

and this bag is from Primark and it was £8 and I love the little scarf accessory and again it hold an A4 folder.
but if you are more of a backpack kind of gal then this might be to your taste!

these kind of bags are great because they distribute the weight on your shoulders evenly and they also look really cute. this is from Primark and was £8/9 I cant really remember.
Amazon have some really nice back to school bags so check them out!

and that's pretty much all I have for you today. if you would like me to do an accessories and makeup version please let me know in the comments so I can get straight on to that! :)

also if you want to see some of these items up close, I am uploading part two of my haul which is now available to watch so check it out here!
Haul and back to school supplies

I hope you enjoyed this and  found it helpful in some way shape or form!

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see you soon

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Style Steal - Miranda Kerr | Holy Chic

Hey guys!
So seeing as I got such a positive response from my previous style steal with Demi
Lovato and Bridgit Mendler. If you haven't seen that I will link it right here.

So thank you for all the positive comments and seeing as you guys love it so much, I'm going to do another one for you today and I am doing Miranda Kerr. I absolutely love her style because it is very wearable and sometimes it can be very business chic or comfy and casual. She is all about the accessories and you wont catch her without a handbag or sunglasses.

The shop I am using today is because I wanted you guys to be able to kind of get her look for less and have some really great pieces and really great prices and hopefully I can show you that.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy reading this and get some good style steal opportunities.

All links to the items are with the outfit so check it out.

Look 1
I absolutely love this look that she is wearing because it is very wearable. Now she has dressed it up slightly with leopard print pumps and I decided to dress I down the formalness of the outfit by pairing it with leopard print fake vans and adds comfort to the outfit.  I also paired it with a sheer black blouse and navy blue jeans because who says you cant wear navy and black together. And of course her look isn't complete without and oversized bag and oversized sunglasses. This out fit is very girly but plays on those boyish charms when you tuck in the fitted shirt.
Look 2

The next look incorporates a very big trend at the moment; Aztec/tribal prints. Is blue, pink and white tie died crop top adds that subtle hint of colour that everyone could use in their wardrobe and although Miranda's outfit is a little bit more neutral in colour palette, I decided to have fun with the colours. I stick with a light was pair of skinny jeans, flat faux suede pumps and of course the oversized bag and sunglasses. I think that is becoming Miranda’s signature look.

Look 3

Here, Miranda plays with some more girly pieces and is bang on trend with the black skater skirt. They are in right now because the are so versatile and flatter almost all body shapes. I pared it with a white cropped button up as the high waisted skater skirt will give the illusion that it is one piece and a lighter was denim jacket to brighten up the outfit. I also played with the colours in the large shopper bag and popped on some brown ankle boots and the look is not complete without a hat and oversized sunglasses.

Look 4

Now this last look is very business chic and figure hugging but also the silhouette creator. This all white bodycon dress will help slim down the largest parts of your body and hug you in all the white places and the belt helps section off your top half from your bottom half. This dress will elongate your body and make you appear taller as the eye moves up and down. No to add colour to this outfit, I went with some bright red ankle strap sandals, a neon coloured clutch and of course, the oversized sunglasses.

Thank you guys for all of the positive feedback on my style steals and I am glad that you are enjoying them.
Any questions, comments or suggestions, please leave them down below  and I will be sure to read them.
Thanks for reading

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