Sunday, 31 August 2014

Acetone free | Holy Chic

After me watching a multitude of nail videos about growing them out and keeping them healthy  which I am still very poor at doing, I decided to invest in a acetone free nail polish remover. It is used to aid the nail polish removing process but at the same time strips the nails making them weaker and more likely to break. Going free, you can notice a difference.

It takes a little bit more time to remove the nail polish but it is worth it as it leaves the nail bet a lot smoother after removal and you will begin to notice that your nails feel better after removing the nail polish and they feel more conditioned.

Have you tried going acetone free?

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Holiday Lookbook : Week 2 | Holy Chic


It is time for week two of my holiday lookbook and again, not much detail in this post so take from it what you will.

Shoe choices


Lego ... J


Look 1 : dress – Select, worn with shoe pair 1

Look 2 : dress – H&M, worn with shoe pair 5


Look 3 : tunic – Krisp, skirt – H&M, worn with shoe choice 3

Look 4 : dress – New Look, worn with shoe choice 2


Look 5 : dress – H&M , worn with shoe choice 1

Look 6 : t shirt dress – Primark, worn in the day with shoe choice 2 and at night with shoe choice 1


Look 7 : top – H&M, ¾ lengths – H&M, worn with shoe choice 4

So there you have it, my completed holiday lookbook. Don’t forget to check out week one here if you missed it and as always, tell me your favourite look in the comments below

p.s. if you’re reading this, you are awesome J
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Vaseline lotion vs. Spray and go | Holy Chic

A little while ago, I posted this...

...picture on Instagram and a few people were asking about my thoughts on the Vaseline spray and go so that made a perfect blog post opportunity. I have also paired it with the Vaseline lotion and thought I would put them head to head

Vaseline lotion: this I found to be highly moisturising. It is of a thicker consistency and my skin looked more radiant looking and softer due to this. It applied evenly and didn’t leave a sticky residue once applied. Although you do have to rub it in. My skin felt moisturised pretty much the whole day without re application needed

Vaseline spray and go: why it took me soo long to try this, I will never know but this is really a great product. You literally can spray, (sorry but you do have to rub it in) and go. But the nozzle makes it spray continuously and you can cover large surface areas quicker. It is moisturising and makes your skin feel radiant and softer. The down side though, this DOES NOT keep you moisturised the whole day. 3-4 hours at the most I would say. I found myself having to reapply this throughout the day so I would go for the lotion over this for long days. But if you are only going to be out for a short period of time, I would give it a go.

There you have my hopefully not too lengthy review of the two products. Both great at what they do.

Have you tried either before? Tell me your thoughts in the comments :)

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Post 16 | Holy Chic

*WARNING : text heavy post*
I hope the title of this post didn’t sound too formal or off putting or a little frightening but basically, today I wanted to impart some of my wisdom onto you guys. I am now going into year 13 and I thought I would share with you what I learnt about being in year 12

With privileges come responsibilities: yes I know as soon as you get to year 12, you are allowed to do more things but you are also seen as a role model for the rest of the school so try to do your best at that

Wearing your own clothes: it’s all exciting when you get to go shopping for different clothes to wear to school but don’t get hung up on something new to wear every day. No one is paying attention to if you have worn that before. Wear what you want and feel most comfortable in. if you would like some clothes ideas, check out my most recent wishlist post. Making clothes wearable and the simplicity of the outfit is the way to go

Be on the ball: year 12 does matter no matter what people say. If you don’t do well, you don’t go onto year 13. Simples. Not that this should frighten you but time management is key so revise where possible, complete all tasks, take notes, ask for help too if necessary and try and do as much work experience as possible and join in clubs and participate in events around school. Believe me this will help you A LOT. UCAS will start and it might seem overwhelming but you will get the support you need.

Have fun:  I think being treated more like a grown up is what people tend to forget about moving into year 12. You can have fun. Having a social life is a part of it. It’s okay if you want to hang out with friends you are allowed to. Your social life isn’t completely eradicated I promise ;)

What you need: folders, stationary and a shit tonne of paper. I kid you not, you will need a lot of paper if your teachers ask you to have folders. Stay organised with various folders and plans your time effectively

I hope I didn’t make you even more scared for moving into year 12. I promise you, you will enjoy it and remember work hard, play hard. If you work for it, you will get the grades you want in the end

Have a great rest of your day and also enjoy your school year ;) (Also, if you are going into year 7, please enjoy those years in school. They are the easiest, most care free and the best years I promise and guess what, it gets better as you go up the school J )

As I am not going to be doing a back to school series as such, I will link you to my What's in my pencil case, Beauty bag survival kit and my back to school must haves posts if you fancy a browse or need some inspiration but if you do have any back to school post suggestions, please feel free to tell me in the comments (p.s. these are foetus holy chic blog posts so if they are terrible, I can only apologise J)  

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Monday, 25 August 2014

This week I : Holiday Edition | Holy Chic

It’s time for week 2 of my holiday run down. If you missed week one, you can click here to check it out some there is a sense of continuity.

Let’s begin!

Some pics from a trip I went on called outback safari and I got to see the country and learnt more about life there really


Literally the best coffee in the world. The secret, cinnamon so you know I bought some and ice coffee here I come. I really recommend it to take away the harsh after taste I find coffee has

Paradise! You may recognise this picture if you read my update post but this is the beach called macaw or macow? I have no idea how to spell it but it is so clear and so blue and so much clean white sand. It literally is paradise. And as these people thought too, perfect place for a wedding


Guys, Michael Jackson isn’t dead J he performed as an entertainment night. Genius! Had the whole world fooled. He’s just hiding out in the Dominican republic people!


Went on another excursion and saw something called the three eyes where it is pools of water in a cave. All natural and pretty cool if you ask me


More sightseeing. I went into the capital and made a stop in the church which is very much like the basilica if you have ever been J


On the last day it was miserable and rainy but kind of a nice way to end a holiday filled with 2 weeks of sunshine

Another stamp. Like seriously, I get too happy about these

And there you have it, my two week holiday wrapped up. Again if you missed week one, you can check it out here, but other than that thank you for reading J

Week 1 of my holiday:

x ( )
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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Holiday Lookbook : Week 1 | Holy Chic

Hello again beautiful peeps J

I  am back again with another holiday themed post and today is probably the long awaited holiday lookbook. I have split it up into week one and week two and only shared the different outfits  with you guys to keep it on the shorter side.

There won’t be much detail in this post so take from it what you will and if you are going on a last minute holiday anytime soon, I hope this can be useful inspiration J

Lego ... J

Shoe choices


Roll on the outfits


Look 1 : dress – H&M , worn with shoe pair 2

Look 2 : shirt – Primark, Skirt – H&M, worn with shoe pair 2


Look 3 : dress – Primark, worn with shoe pair 3

Look 4 : top – Primark, skirt – Primark, worn with shoe pair 2


Look 5 : top – H&M, shorts – H&M, worn with shoe pair 2

Look 6 : top – H&M, maxi skirt – random local shop, worn with shoe pair 1


Look 7 : dress – H&M, worn with shoe pair 1

Look 8 : top – Ethel Austin (anyone remember that shop?), shirt – H&M, worn with shoe pair 2

That is all the outfits for week 1 but stay tuned for week two and let me know your favourite outfit in the comments below J

p.s. if you’re reading this, you’re beautiful J
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Wishlist #1 | Holy Chic

This is most definitely not the first wishlist I have done but let’s just pretend it is. One of the hardest things in life I think is waiting for a cheque to clear in the bank and this is where wishlists come into action. With school fast approaching and the tears rolling down my face, I thought I would put together a few items I would be sure to pick up on my next shopping trip yet also things I thought are great basics for back to school.

H&M Handbag /  H&M Chain Necklace / H&M Mickey Necklace / H&M Straight Cut Jeans / H&M Sneakers /  H&M Textured Skirt  / Select Leather Jacket / New Look Chelsea Boot / New Look Gingham Dress / H&M Jersey Top / H&M Oversized Tee / Topshop Leigh Jeans

It’s not a lot but for me it is all about simplicity. I try to go for low key colours so they go with everything. A pair of jeans, top and some sneakers are pretty much what I wear on a daily basis. Some dainty jewellery pieces to accessories with, a jacket for the ever changing weather and a school bag. (p.s. I already own this bag but because I love it so much, I am soo buying it again). And finally a dress/skirt and boots for any events I may need to look more presentable for at school.

So stop dreading the fact that school is fast approaching and start thinking about the fact that you have cute clothes to wear J

Have a great day


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Holiday Haul | Holy Chic

hello again!

I am back with another holiday themed post and today it’s a haul which I must admit, I was hesitant to upload this because I didn’t even buy a lot and everything is crazy expensive out there and I ended up buying anything because I knew I wouldn’t get the same rate for my money when I came back.

But with moaning aside, here is what I got


A sarong. I have needed one of these for a bagillion years and this is a really vibrant orange perfect for summer with tanned legs and has a ‘sexy’ silt on the side as the woman in a shop said – 10$


Coffee and hot chocolate. An odd purchase but it is organic and home grown and both drinks are to die for. They add cinnamon to it to take the harsh aftertaste away – 10$ each


The body shop tea tree pore minimiser. God knows how much this is in the UK but it was in duty free for 7$ and I couldn’t pass up something that has been on my lust list for a while


Chocolate. No surprises there. These are the kinder bars with cereal pieces and they taste yummy – 7$


A seventeen magazine because I have never owned one and Demi was on the front and she was screaming at me telling me to buy her as I was walking away from the shop – 9$ (is it just me or is that crazy expensive)


And finally a little treat in Victoria’s secret of the amber romance collection with a cool makeup bag – 22$ (smells awesome btw)

Shocker, that’s it! It’s just too expensive to go shopping there and not a lot to buy but I am happy with the items I picked up J

Have a great rest of your day J

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

This Week I : Holiday Edition | Holy Chic

Helloooooooooo .... J

The holiday themed blog posts have now officially begun and I hope you like them. Today I am going to begin with week one of what I did. If you didn’t know,  I went to the Dominican republic for 2 weeks on my annual family holiday and I thought this year, I will take you along with me J


Time to go. All packed up with my hand luggage and sporting one of my outfits from my .... post


Plane food! This is never good. But the one on the way home was amazing! Weird huh?


I made it! And look there is a stamp. It’s so difficult to get a stamp these days and I’m chuffed I have one now. Sometimes, it’s the little things people


The breakfast in this hotel was to die for. And with so much too choose from, food comas every day. The French toast there was just the best and very on point!


Pool fun! I didn’t go in this day but believe me every other day I was!


The cleaners are adorable. Every day they have done something new and pretty to your room. I think I need to hire me some of them as maids


The bed. Only me in it. Bliss.


Kindle time!


The reason to be in the pool all the time, the bar is in it. Not near it, in it! How friggin cool


The only day I here put makeup on! You literally couldn’t. It was just way too hot

And that is a wrap on week one of my trip. Not much text today because I wanted my awful photography to do most of the talking.

I hope you enjoyed and I will see you soon with a new post

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