Thursday, 11 December 2014

Back you YouTube?! | Holy Chic

So if you haven’t gathered from the title already, I will just spill the beans. I AM BACK ON YOUTUBE :)

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you would know that I was on YouTube before and I stopped. But this time I wanted to switch it up and use it as a creative video/editing technique outlet. So expect more stylised videos of like OOTDs, possibly hauls and short films (as in 2mins long)

So this is where the promotion comes in which I hope was a given

Here is my “first” video which is just a little introduction to me and more will be coming soon

also please subscribe to my channel here: for more videos coming your way shortly and I hope you are excited for this YouTube adventure as I am

feel free to leave comments and video suggestions as your opinion matters to me :)
so I guess that is it from me. I hope I didn’t bore you but have a great rest of your day …. :)

(is it really obvious that I haven’t written a blog post in over 3 months ekk!)
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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Battle balms | Holy Chic

For the longest time now, I have struggled with chapped lips and even worse than that, I have struggled with finding the best lip balm to help with that.

No I know Vaseline is one people always recommend but even still I feel like my lips need a little something.

After reading countless blog posts on these three that I am going to share with you, I thought it was time for me to share my thoughts on them

Babylips in hydrate: this is most definitely one product that I will never buy again. With all of the hype surrounding them from the USA to their grand release in the UK, how could I not pick one up for myself? And I have to say, it did nothing for me. It didn’t last long and my lips felt dryer after using it.

Nuxe rev de miel: the hype surrounding this most definitely got to me as I don’t think I could ever comprehend paying 9.00/9.50 for a lip balm. Yeah I know. That’s crazy. But I just tired of struggling with my chapped lips so I thought an investment was time. And I do love this product. I did a detailed post about it here if you want to know more but I do love it.

Carmex: this is something I have seen around for ages and I never thought to try that one but I am glad I did. It really works on the lips and moisturises them whilst soothing them and you may feel a slight tingling when it’s on but it is working. It does last, not as long as id like but it is worth the reapplication.

Now would you believe it, I’m still on the hunt for the hands down best lip balm so any suggestions, please leave them in the comments :)

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Thursday, 4 December 2014


'When I look out, all the coexisting worlds blur together at dawn, revealing to only those who are awake, its true colours'

Check out my 'Portfolio' page for more:

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Outfit snippets #3 | Holy Chic

You guys seem to love these post, I actually have a lot of fun photographing them particularly when I have lots of frees during the day. So here it is, outfit snippets #3 (p.s. I’m sorry this is quite short)

The cosiest jumper I have ever worn was so reasonably priced at £6 from Primark and is the perfect transitional item, Primark jeans, my trusty black converses and my oversized black hoodie. A real autumnal outfit in my opinion especially because my jumper is that army green colour.

Tell me your thoughts on the outfits below

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Friday, 28 November 2014

He loves me | Holy Chic

When I stumbled across a few posts talking about Primark roller ball perfumes, that automatic switch went off in my head telling me I need one and low and behold, I own one.

It’s not so much of a need as supposed to a want but I like that a perfume can be ideal for travelling and in a form so convenient. I got ‘he loves me’ and I honestly couldn’t tell you what it smelt like other than nice. Like pretty much every Youtuber, I cannot describe perfume smells for the life of me.

But I will say for only £2 it is definitely worth popping to your local Primark and checking them out for yourself as they are great value for money and have such a variety.

Do you have one already? Let me know your thoughts on it below :)  

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Through a lens #1 | Holy Chic

It is finally the return of one of my favourite posts to do. My week through a lens, and although my weeks are never that particularly interesting, I enjoy the challenge of trying to find a small(ish) number of pictures to detail my week to you :)

1. I am now calling myself a certified chef. I tried my hand at some French toast which tasted way better than it looked and I made a spinach omelette with toast. Yum!

2. I finally made it to my 5000 word count for my EPQ and it honestly was a very joyous moment for me

3. I am just forever waiting at the bus stop. Sometimes my bus just takes too long to come

4. For some reason, I had the urge to rewatch 90210 and I am just loving every second of it. It feels like I have never watched it before

5. The chunky knit scarf came out because it’s getting too cold for my liking but also, sneak peek from an outfit post coming soon J scarf: new look ring: Primark Hoodie: Primark

I’ve come to realise as this post draws to a close that me weeks are pretty darn boring and I honestly thought I had more pictures. But fear not, some pictures had to be excluded for up and coming posts.

Tell me something you did this week below :)

Have a great day

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Is your food Instagram worthy? | Holy Chic

Food. Idealised and cherished. Something we all need to eat to survive. Something that people love. Something where all the good stuff is bad for you and all the bad stuff is good for you. Something that there are lots of different recopies to create the ever so desired food. But when you put the word instagram in front of the word food, Google is bound to give you very different results.

There seems to be something about making your food more instagram worthy. From recipes on YouTube to the food dedicated instagram accounts. There seems to be something so tasty and nice looking about healthy food on Instagram with immaculate presentation.

If you think about it, putting up a picture of your McDonalds is not as appealing as some of the pictures of like a water melon fruit bowl. (I must admit, sometimes a picture of a whole pizza makes my mouth water) but sometimes, I crave the healthy stuff. Like avocado with egg and black pepper on a slice of toast or a salad with feta cheese and tomatoes. Just look at it. Sometimes it’s even juices that look more appealing than a can of coke.

So is social media giving society a test, or moulding the types of food we upload to instagram or any social media site for that matter? Are you guilty of uploading your food because it was instagrammable? Or is it only healthy food that makes the instagram worthy list?

I wanna know your thoughts below 

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Round Up: Mascara | Holy Chic

It’s time for another instalment of my roundup series and today I thought we could check out my mascara collection

First up is the Maybelline colossal volume express mascara. This has been one of my favourites for quite some time now and I love it for those more natural looking lashes. It gives great volume and a decent amount of length for me

Next is the Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara which has now dried up but I think it deserves a mention. This at the time gave again really great natural looking lashes with some added volume and a bit of length but I really don’t think it is worth the price tag.

Next is the Fibre LashXtend mascara by Model and Co and I have to say, I really didn’t like this. I found that it just coated my lashes with product and didn’t really do anything. I keep this because it has a little mirror glued to the side of and can sometimes be nice as a top up throughout the day

Benefit. That mascara that everybody knows and pretty much everyone has. Benefit They’re real mascara has pretty much been a favourite of mine since the beginning. I love the wetter formula of it and with the plastic brush gives an amazing false lash effect.

And the newest to the family is the Clinique high impact mascara which is the little dark horse of the bunch.  Have done a more detailed post about it here if you want to know more but so I don’t give too much away, two mascaras I have already mentioned, had a baby and produced this. Can you guess?

I hope you liked this round up of my mascaras and don’t worry; another in this series will be coming soon because I kinda like doing these to be honest

Have a great day

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Outfit snippets #2 | Holy Chic

Surprisingly (to me), I got such lovely feedback from my outfit snippets #1 post so I took it upon myself to do it again. Hopefully one day I will be able to picture complete outfits  but for now, I hope this is a great teaser for you.

I was in a skirt mood that day and with the weather only being brisk, it seemed fitting. I paired a tube skirt from H&M with a fine knit green jumper also from H&M which I had lusted over for months. I then completed my look with my go to black converses (battered but loved to death – literally) and my oversized black hoodie.

Tell me your thoughts on the look below and more of these posts are coming :) keep your eyes peeled

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Coming soon | Holy Chic

As I mentioned in my update post a little bit ago, a few changes are going to be happening on this little corner on of the internet.

I have been blogging for over a year now and I think I have learned a lot and I have fully explored what blogging is, what I can do with my blog and what blogging is to me.

So it’s out with the old and in with the new I guess…slightly

Beauty and most definitely fashion and lifestyle posts will not just fall off of the face of this blog for sure because it is a part of the reason of how I got here. But let’s just say I will be experimenting a bit more with my blog and its content.

I love writing down my thoughts and I think sometimes it’s okay to share that with you, I love all things film, photography and media and I want to share more of that.

You will be able to tell when it is your regular FBL post and when it’s not due to style of writing and the way the titles are formed.

I do have some regular FBL posts that I have already written and didn’t want to just write off so I will be uploading those here and there along with other new content

And to the address the issue of Blogmas 2014, well I won't be making it my mission to do it but there will be some Christmas themed posts for sure so be on the lookout for that.
So I hope you are excited for this as I am and I guess I could have waited until the New Year to do this but I just couldn’t.

“A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order” – Jean-Luc Goddard
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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A cup of makeup essentials | Holy Chic

As much as do love having a good old cup of tea, I also have a cup of my everyday essentials that I use to get ready with in the morning

Make up wipes because what would a girl be without them. I like to keep them just beside the cup in case of makeup mishaps and wiping away product off of the back of my hand.

Scissors might be a strange one but I usually use this to cut the makeup wipe in half to save the pennies and the product

Next I have my Nspa primer which I have more details about here if you want to know more about it but this I usually interchange with other primers. It just depends on what mood I am in

Next I have some tools including a spooley brush for those unshaped eyebrows which I did a small post on here. And angled eyeliner brush because it felt like chilling there and just a small eyeshadow brush which I usually use for my black matte eyeshadow during the winged eyeliner application process which again I have more details about here

Next, something I swore I would never use but with recent events, I have now had to, the Maybelline fit me foundation. Now this most definitely does not ‘fit me’ but it’s all I got and I really don’t have a tonne of cash to spend on a foundation/concealer. But it does what I need it to do for now and I’m okay with that. A post more on this will be out soon.

The eyelash curlers. Something I thought I could live without but this brand proved me wrong. It’s something that has just slipped into my routine and now I just feel odd if I haven’t done it. Oh and these are by eyeko and were a freebie in a magazine.

My garnier eye roll on is another one of those products that I feel weird about if it hasn’t been applied to my face. It cools and refreshes the eyes and that’s all I really need it to do personally

Up top I have my eyeko liquid eyeliner and my master precise by Maybelline eyeliner which I have been using the maybeline one more because it’s awesome but the eyeko one has decided to start working but I just slipped it in there.

I also have my Clinique high impact mascara which I adore and have to do a post dedicated to it really. Gives great length and separation.

And finally I have my model co eyeliner which I use if I really am in the mood for eyeliner too but I have to see how I feel usually.

And of course my mug which was a Christmas present from a while ago now but it is Forever Friends and it came in handy

So there you go, a cup full of my everyday essentials. Tell me what yours and let me know how you store them below :)

Have a great day people and I will see you all very soon. Bye :)

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Monday, 10 November 2014

I was a little lost | life, blogging and everything in between

This my attempt at sharing things and opening up with you guys. Something I am just horrifically terrible at so here goes nothing

Life: I spent the first good month of my academic year if you will crying my eyes out. Shocker, I know. I was just so unhappy with life, school, friends and the aftermath of AS exams. Let’s just say I lost one of my bestest friends to them and I thought I would be able to handle it a lot better than I did. But I joined a group of people which I won't share too much on because it’s very personal to me but since I joined, my world seems to have flipped...for the better. I have made some amazing friendships and refuelled some existing ones, met the most amazing colleagues that I can all call friends and make me feel like I have a social life again and for that I will be forever grateful. I am 10x happier, 10x more confident and 10x the person I ever was (well almost. There is still work to be done :P)
In other news I have decided what course I want to do for uni and I made that decision based on what I want to do with my life and I tried not to be anyone else’s version of me. I think this is called doing what makes you happy and if it is this, then this feels awesome. I am now just eagerly awaiting that next chapter of my life which fingers crossed if I knuckle down will go to plan. I'm still having driving lessons and I know they have been going on for yonkers but I'm getting there slowly but surely. And I am now on the hunt for a job because I just need money to live on. I mean, who doesn’t?  I feel I have matured in a way that I am ready for big changes and turning 18. (I have a long way to go but a girl can still count down right?)

All I can say is that right now life is pretty freaking awesome.

Blogging: now I know I haven't been on my blogging game much but I can assure it’s for good reason. Whilst drowning in a levels, multiple essays and my recently busy schedule, something had to take a back seat and unfortunately it was blogging.  I'm not going to stop doing it that’s for sure but once I get a new schedule all written up (which is in the works), things should be going back to normal.
New directions? Over a year into blogging now, I feel I have fully discovered what blogging is and with a slight growth in my audience, I know that I want to do more with my blog and showcase more than just fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. I'm slowly going to start introducing more photography posts, opinionated posts and perhaps sharing my love of writing scripts, stories, film and the media. So this is your warning so be prepared for that.
And I'm working on new blog design but I don't think even god knows how long that’s going to take :P

So there you go. My life recently rolled up into one big blah on the internet. I hope you don’t mind an incredibly long and text heavy post just this once but I think it’s important to share with you guys :)

Hope you are all having an amazing day/week and I will be back with a post very soon. New stuff is heading your way.

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Friday, 7 November 2014

The dream living room | Holy Chic

I got an email recently (which is always an exciting thing for a blogger) setting me a challenge for  Modani Modern Furniture – one which I was very excited to take up.

My task: to put my spin on designing a living room. Well they had me at designing. Interior design is always something I have admired on the side and with university fast approaching and a new room, why not brush up on my interior design skills.

I really am over the whole white everything trend I have seen in numerous Youtubers houses but, I am definitely all for the muted look making it suitable for all seasons. I centred my living room design around grey and mustard yellow. Some say cliché but I say well there’s a reason for it.

The sofa is always the centre piece of the living room along with the TV and its stand (both of which the sofa and stand are to be grey) and I think and if you take Joey’s (from friends) logic into consideration, they will be of equal distance apart – opposites attract.

Two side tables in mustard yellow for a burst of colour and autumnal feel into the room because you need somewhere to prop your drink. And with a book case to match for the endless dvd nights and two floor lamps for when you don’t want to leave the sofa to switch on the main light, I feel it screams cosy and comfy.

Guests are always something to consider in the living room as it’s the socialising area. I picked out two grey chairs to go on either ends of the room and some cool toned pillows to tie the mustard yellow in as furnishings. And a fun lettered pillow because I think it would look nice on the main sofa.

I finished the room with a grey shaggy rug and wood finish shelves which I think will add a simplistic, effortless look and will be good for displaying the knick knacks.

And finally, the item to tie it all together and to add more depth to the room, a mirror placed horizontally above the corner sofa because what is a day without seeing what you look like just once.

Now I don’t like to toot my own horn but in my head this really is a living room I would want to have.   
You can check out any of the decor or furniture pieces I featured at their modern furniture stores in person or through the virtual tours of each showroom.

Thanks again to Modern Furniture Stores for the challenge and you should go and check out their website for some inspiration if you are in the midst of designing your new flat/house.
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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Spooley vs. Brush | Holy Chic

The weird thing about this is, I have always know what a spooley is but it has never occurred to me to pick one up because I had the brush. But let me tell you something my friends, there is a reason I won both of these

The brush is still awesome and I just interchange it with my spooley brush really but what the spooley does that the brush doesn’t is get to the root of the eyebrow and really, almost, comb them out. Its weir I know. But the spooley allows you to have more control over the shape and positioning of the eyebrow hairs whereas the brush just neatens them up a little.

Don’t get me wrong, both are great but in terms of investing, go for spooley. I’m sorry brow brush but you will always have a special place in my heart

So what team are you? Team spooley or team brow brush?

Have an awesome day

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Monday, 3 November 2014

The multiple uses eyeshadow | Holy Chic

I think that it is time I share with you the many things that I use my MUA mono eyeshadow in black for because sometimes, all you need is the right brush

Angled: this is great for a more subtle winged eyeliner look as it really fits to the shape of my eye. It also works great if I am in the mood to fill in my eyebrows just a little

Flat: this is for application all over the lid to aid a smokey eye look. You can distribute the product more evenly and at a larger quantity at a time. Can also be used to set any liquid or gel liner used prior to application

Crease: this is great for deepening a look or making specifically the crease darker. It could also double up as a liner brush for the lid

That’s how I make the most of my £1 eyeshadow. What eyeshadow(s)/pallettes do you get the most use out of?

Have a fab day

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New in: Shoes | Holy Chic

I really thought it was time to get some nice boots that would be good for the autumn/winter weather, for everyday wear and formal occasions. The all rounder boot basically. And low and behold, New Look are very on point in the department so I present to you my babies.

Because they have a slight platform and a cleated sole, they make it really easy to walk in and to be able to be on your feel all day. And they don’t make a sound when you walk which was what I wanted.

So my new boots. Welcome to my shoe family. You might just love it here.

Have you bought any new shoes recently?

Have a great day and see you all with a new post very soon J

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