Friday, 28 November 2014

He loves me | Holy Chic

When I stumbled across a few posts talking about Primark roller ball perfumes, that automatic switch went off in my head telling me I need one and low and behold, I own one.

It’s not so much of a need as supposed to a want but I like that a perfume can be ideal for travelling and in a form so convenient. I got ‘he loves me’ and I honestly couldn’t tell you what it smelt like other than nice. Like pretty much every Youtuber, I cannot describe perfume smells for the life of me.

But I will say for only £2 it is definitely worth popping to your local Primark and checking them out for yourself as they are great value for money and have such a variety.

Do you have one already? Let me know your thoughts on it below :)  

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  1. for only £2 it sounds like a pretty decent purchase! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. £2 is an amazing price, I love roller balls as well.

    Katie xx


    1. they are really handy to have in your bag and primark has quite a few to choose from :)


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