Monday, 28 April 2014

New In: Spring/Summer Haul (Primark + Others) | Holy Chic

Well I have a pretty big haul for you all today. There may be more one or two more fashion hauls coming up in the near future but basically, I needed to shop and I did exactly that. Sometimes these things are mandatory.

First up I have a few makeup pieces, jewellery and shoes.

 I picked up some of the cosmetic rounds in Primark because they are amazing value for money and you can never have too many of them. I also got the exfoliating facial wipes and their nail polish in a grey colour. I also picked up a pack of earrings for £2 and those brown coloured cork wedges at £12 and they are amazing and comfortable.

Next are some bikini sets. A nice bright and almost festival inspired bikini top and a lighter palm tree/paradise inspired on. All tops were £6 and the bottoms were £4.

For some reason, I felt like I needed new bags. Because I won these, do I qualify to be a grown up now? The one on the left is from Primark and is great because of enough pockets, main zip and adjustable long strap and only for £12. The other one is from a stand in my shopping centre and I paid £20 for it and I just fell in love with it. It’s a shame it isn’t black but this allow me to branch out a bit.

Okay to the left I picked up a multi patterned t-shirt dress and I have to get more of these because they are so comfy and effortless and only £6. To the right of that, I picked up a high-low hemline top because it was simple and very me (ish). And I think it was £6. I also picked up a vintage skirt which I love the fit but I think I am going to pick up a different one to replace it. But nonetheless, it’s amazing and only £10.

Next I got some blue paradise inspired palazzo pants and never thought I would love them so much. They are so light, airy and comfy and only £12. I also picked up a maroon coloured maxi skirt from a local store and was £10. I also got some navy ¾ length shorts and £7. And finally a authentic box from evolution stores and was I believe £12.50 but I use this to store my spare jewellery in and other bits and pieces.

Onto the last two items now. First, the dress was on sale from £15 reduced to £7 and it is so bold, daring and out of my comfort zone and I just had to get it. I also picked up a plain black sheer shirt as a staple in my wardrobe and that was £10.

So there you have it. (this post made me extra happy because my toolbar appeared and I was able to make all of the pictures the same size for you :) I really hope I don't jinx it). I realise that I bought a lot of stuff but it’s for the summer and I could resist Primark and other things in the shopping centre. I hope you liked this and tell me in the comments if you have picked up anything recently or if there is something you see that you like.

That is it from me today but until next time...

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Friday, 25 April 2014

The Transitional | My Style | Holy Chic

Soooo... this is different!

I have been working on a personal style post for some time now and because that is taking just a little bit too long, I thought I would style together a little something for you to keep you on your toes. (It is a major flop at the moment but will be up soon hopefully)

This outfit I like to call the ‘The Transitional’ because for me, with the weather going on right now in England, this is the perfect medium between hot and cold. It is very comfy and casual and I just thought I would share it with you. I hope you like it and get excited for a week in my style post coming shortly!


T Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Select
Bag - Primark
Converses - 4feet Shoes
Cardigan - Krisp
Necklace - Primark
Tell me what you think in the comments and until next time people!

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Bringing back socks with sandals! | Holy Chic

Some of you will understand the reason for me titling this and some of you will just have this…

…image in your head now. I know when most people say socks with sandals, that is what they think of which is still true these days but something in the fashion universe has flipped on its head and made the socks with sandals look ultra trendy and ultra chic. So this I where I come in I guess J I have compiled some sandal/platform sandal type shoes together in this fantabulous blog post for you. And I must say, I am very keen on trying out this look very soon.

Roll the socks with sandals!

Let me know in the comments which one was your favourite and have you or are you going to try any of these looks out anytime soon?  Oh and all of the socks are from Topshop J

The comments is the place to be but until next time

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Stay chic - A x

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Confessions of a full time student and blogger #3 | Holy Chic

I have arrived back on all of your computer screens or whatever device you have used to view this post today for number two of confessions of a full time student and blogger post

Here are 10 different ones which I hope you can make some use of J

1.       Have all of your revision notes in one place: it drives me insane when all of my notes are in different places so what I like to do is have them all written/typed in one place all in folders divided by subject which really helps me know which unit will come first in an exam and when transporting notes from school to home, I don’t end up carrying 5 million books and text books with me

2.       Auditory or visual learner?: this is definitely one of the most important things to work out so you can tailor you revision techniques to that. If you prefer something being said or told to you, you are an auditory learner so you could try speaking out your revision notes or listen to recordings or them. If you prefer seeing things, you are a visual learner like moi and you could try note books, flash cards or even highlighting which isn’t my favourite but definitely works for some people. Maybe a combination of the both works for you. I know that for me in particular, I put all my notes together whether is typed or written and like to write it out again in note form so it is properly transferred into my long term memory

3.       Make use of the internet: this may be controversial for some but there are so many websites with useful tips and notes for you to use. If you do English, I recommend because that has literally saved my life but there are lots of other/better websites that do summaries of the book especially sparknotes. If you do psychology, I recommend because again it has saved my life or

4.       Don’t leave it to the last minute: start right now. I mean like right now! This gives you more time to spread out your revision and to ensure you know everything.

5.       Make use of mark schemes and specifications: they tell you what they could examine you on and how they mark certain questions. So many people ignore these but they are so vital when aiding revision.

6.       Ask for help: if you don’t get something, ask a friend or create study group/sessions with them or the teacher is always there to help you.

7.       Find an environment that works for you: find somewhere where you won’t get distracted. Staying focused is so important. If listening to music works for you, do it, if being in silence works, do that. Make it seem more enjoyable than just a chore.

8.       To have noise or to not: I know that some people work better when there is background noise or if there isn’t. If music works for you, great! Some tricks I like to try is listening to classical music. This can seem very boring but it has actually been proven to help improve concentration. Or if that isn’t your thing. This app called Coffitivity where it gives you background noises to work with. I love this help and find it really helps me concentrate and get on with my work because it creates an atmosphere of lots of people around me.

9.       Take regular breaks: it is said that we only take in the first 20 minutes of revision and after that it just seems a blur. Now I am not saying revise for 20 then break and so forth, but you could bear this in mind and take 5 to 10 minute breaks every 30mins-1hr. And don’t just do one subject straight. Switch it up throughout the day so you don’t get bored.

10.   Revision timetables: I guess linking on from tip 9 would be try making a timetable. That way you could track what you are doing as well as make sure you are having enough breaks throughout the day. You could also do this via your phone and set alarms to go off with little reminders of what you need to do

So I hope these were somewhat helpful and stay tuned for the next post of this where I will be talking about being organised for both blogging and school.

Until then ...

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Confessions of a full time student and blogger #2 | Holy Chic

Hello again people. I am back with another instalment of confessions of full time student and blogger so let’s go!

 Not too long ago I went to a UCAS convention and I thought I would share my experience with you. 

 I have kind of come to realise how stressful the university picking process is and how much time I don’t have to decide. I picked up over 30 prospectuses and had a 3 day job of narrowing it down. (I only got it down to 7 but I think that is pretty good considering how many I started with). The idea of uni entices me so much and it all depends on my grades mostly at AS. I am leaning towards media/journalism and criminology/sociology routes and it is so tough. I have to organise open days but I am busy so a whole big kerfuffle has been caused. 

Any who, this wasn’t for me to moan, this was just a reminder that if you are going through the same thing as me, don’t worry I know how it feels and we can all be strong together :)

Right! That is all from me today, have a great rest of your day but until next time...

See you all real soon J

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The ultimate Liebster Award | Holy Chic

Hiya people!

So recently, I was nominated for five liebster awards by the lovely Ali, Chloe, Pearl, Lyd and Sarah Louise and I just quickly wanted to say thank you so much and I cannot believe I was nominated for so many! It is actually insane! So I thought I would do the ultimate liebster award post and combine all of them together!

Let the craziness begin!

But first, the rules

- Post 11 random facts about yourself.

- Answer the questions the awarding blogger has posted for you.

- Nominate bloggers (w/ less than 200 followers) for the award and link them in your post.

- Let the bloggers you’ve nominated know they are nominated.

- No tag backs.

11 random facts about myself

1.      I am 16 and on my first year of a levels

2.      I am terribly afraid of death/dying

3.      I like my own company a little too much I think

4.      Have arachnophobia

5.      I cannot save for the life of me?

6.      I have a shopping problem

7.      Music is the only way I get through the day sometimes

8.      I give up really easily

9.      I write for the student fashion blog

10.  Editing random things sometimes brings me pleasure

11.  I don’t wear any face makeup (only eyes)

Answer the questions provided

1.      What are 3 items in your bag/purse? – My portable phone charger, victorias secret fragrance mist in honeysuckle and jasmine and a pen.

2.      Liquid, gel, or pencil eyeliner? – I prefer liquid for my eyelid and pencil for my lash line. I’m not really a fan of gel liners

3.      Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? Why? – Twitter because it is just so easy to interact with other people. However, I am considering making an instagram account for my blog. And guess what, I did it! Link is at the end of the post J

4.      If the internet went down for 1 day, what would you do? – ummm, probably go out with my friends

5.      Are you wearing nail polish? If so, what colour? – I’m an not wearing any J

6.      Would you rather travel around to a place you’ve never been alone, or with 10 people you don’t know at all? – probably 10 people I don’t know so at least I would make new friends

7.      What are your 3 biggest pet peeves? – Hearing or being able to smell what people are eating (don’t ask), people burping (I know it is natural but I don’t like it especially when they blog it towards your direction), umm, I can’t think of anymore, sorry!

8.      Which fashion trend are you most looking forwards to?- probably monochrome as this is always a trend

9.      If you could only shop at 4 beauty and fashion stores for the rest of your life, what would they be? – Superdrug, H&M, Primark and New Look

10.  What are some of your favourite names? (Excluding your own) – Gabriella, Rebecca and Danny

11.  What is your favourite flower?- bluebells

12.  Who is your favourite blogger/youtuber to read and watch? – zoella, clothesencounters, macbarbie07, laurdiy (the list could go on)

13.  What is your one go to beauty product and why?- mascara because I think it just adds something to my constantly tired looking eyes

14.  What is a fact about you, which your blog readers may not already know?- I can play four instruments. Is that interesting enough? Okay no wait! I love watching crime dramas or forensic science things. I find it so interesting. The investigation discovery channel is my favourite.

15.  What inspired you to start blogging? – definatley youtubers and Zoella.

16.  What is your favourite high street beauty product?- Maybelline master precise eyeliner

17.  What is your favourite high end product?- I don’t use many but I tried out NARS and Bobbi Brown

18.  What is your ambition in life? – to have my own clothing line, online shop or something along those lines or to have my own magazine

19.  What are your tips for anyone who wants to start blogging? - Just go for it. Write about what you feel passionately about and accept all criticisms and make them constructive. And expose yourself. Comment on lots of other blogs to widen your audience.

20.  What’s a beauty product you have bought and been really disappointed in? - umm, my tea tree cleansing wipes. They were just horrible

21.  What is your favourite clothes shop and why?- H&M because it is very me yet I think  it fits nearly every style going, affordable and they sell a lot of great basics.

22.  How did you start blogging? – It just kind of happened and I just wanted an alternative to YouTube and I guess it was meant to be?!

23.  What is the best thing about blogging for you? – being able to talk to so many people and knowing that there are so many others out there that have the same interest as me

24.  If you could meet any beauty blogger/vlogger, who would it be? – either Zoe or Jenn from Clothesencounters they are jus the most amazing people ever and I don’t think I would have started blogging or attempted YouTube if it wasn’t for them. Oh and of course Bethany Mota! Like who doesn’t want to meet her?!

25.  What are your top 3 beauty products? – mascara, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner

26.  What are your top 3 beauty tips? – less is more, blend everything but most of all, if that is how you like it, do it J

27.  What are your hobbies? – blogging, online courses and editing and anything to do with media and watching crime shows and playing my guitar

28.  If you could change one thing about your blog, what would it be? – My design or writing style. I have no clue what to do with either of those

29.  Mascara or eyeliner? – Mascara. Opt for this over eyeliner is you have had a long night.

30.  What/Who inspires your blog? – all of you amazing followers and people on twitter J

31.  How long ago did you start your blog? – It will be a year in July or august!

32.  What do you think has been the best highlight of blogging so far for you? – writing for the student fashion blog, writing for a men’s clothing company, getting amazing comments from you guys that encourages me to keep on blogging and reaching 100 followers on bloglovin

33.  Do your friends/family know about your blog? – Nope and I prefer it this way. It is my little escape from reality?!

34.  What are your favourite type of posts to write and to read? – I love writing fashion posts and I love reading hauls and style posts

35.  What is your most favourite product in your collection? – at the moment it is me Colossal volume express mascara by Maybelline

36.  Do you prefer drugstore or high street make-up? – Drugstore for the win because I can’t really afford highstreet. And plus I don’t wear a lot of makeup so I don’t need to buy a lot.

37.  What is your favourite part of your make-up routine? – moisturising

38.  Could you go out with no make-up on? – Yes! I do it at least 4/5 days out of the week

39.  Top tips for bloggers? – have faith, go for it and write about stuff you are passionate about. You don’t need a fancy laptop or camera to do it. Some good old natural lighting can do a lot for you.

40.  What is your beauty/fashion icon? – I don’t have one particular person or place I go to for inspiration; I grab inspiration from everywhere and anywhere.

41.  What's your favourite film? – I would have to say either Inception or Frozen. Complete opposites but very good films

42.  Indian or Chinese takeaway? – Chinese all the way. I am not the biggest fan of Indian takeaways.

43.  What’s your staple perfume? – Chanel or Kenzo. Expensive but very chic. Sometimes it is worth it.

44.  Who's your celebrity crush? – Dylan O’Brien. Definitely! He is just…just…perfect doesn’t even come close to describing him

45.  Ever broken a bone? – Nope and I really hope I don’t! (touch wood)

46.   If you could only have one piece of make up for the rest of your life what would it be? (including brand) 

47.  What’s your best quality? – I really don’t know. I would say my worth ethic is decent.

48.  Any annoying habits? – I give up too easily

49.  Are you a country or city person? – City girl for sure. Me and the country can only be around for so long at the same time

50.  Holiday or Festival? – Easter I guess.

 Nominated bloggers:

Give 11 questions to be answered:

1.      What is one beauty item you can’t live without?

2.      What is one fashion item you can’t live without?

3.      What are your favourite kinds of posts to write? Why?

4.      Who inspired you to start blogging?

5.      Do your friends and family know about your blog

6.      Where do you get most of your blogging inspiration posts from?

7.      Any tips for someone who wants to start a blog?

8.      Ever wanted to start a YouTube channel?

9.      Favourite quote?

10.  Favourite spring trend

11.  A fun fact!

Thank you again to Ali, Chloe, Pearl and Lyd and Sara Louise for nominating me for this award. I really appreciate it.

See you all real soon J

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See you guys with a new post really soon!


Stay chic - A x
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