Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Sunday post : build up to exams, freedom and summer

I seem to be leaving blog posts until the last minute but my weekends seem to be getting more hectic with revision. The worst thing it could get hectic with but it’s okay. Doing it all for uni. I am about go on a drive with my friend shortly but I have to squeeze in this week’s Sunday post for sure.

This week has been very hot. It has drained me and with revision on top of that, I am afraid to count how many 20minute cat naps I have had this week. As revision slowly starts to consume my life more and more for the next two months or so, you gotta plan or do some exciting things to get you through it.

London skyline is actually a dream to look at and although I have this calling to go to America, London is just so beautiful and I want to explore more of it. London isn’t boring, it’s just undiscovered to me.

As another form of procrastination is watching lots of films like Boyhood which was amazing btw. I will just patiently wait for manhood to come out. Louis Theorux and his documentaries never fail to fascinate me and keep me intrigued for an entire hour. And even modern family is just some light hearted comedy to help the time pass and have on in the background for revision. If YouTube is your cup of tea, I have been delving back into my subscription box and feeding this incessant need I had to watch youtubers. ThePersianBabe is actually life. But like I said, revision books must be open at all times ;)

I have been filming a few videos to carry me until potentially august/September time. It seems like so far away now but don’t worry, I have plenty of videos to come your way. Whilst filming, many swatches end up on the back of my hand which I have sometimes left there even when I have been out. But look, my nails are growing. Just in time for the warmer weather and my 6th form dinner

I think the worst thing of the week but also the funniest was the dentist. I had to get the dreaded filling but its okay because I looked funny for about half a day and anything to help your teeth is a good thing.

Some more exciting things coming up are travelling. I am supposed to be booking my flight to Amsterdam next week and I am beyond excited to see more of the world before I got to uni (fingers crossed). I also finally booked my driving test for in around under a months’ time and I just can’t wait to get my licence and finally legally drive in a car. The anticipation is killing me.

I now leave you with a picture of this weekend’s breakfast. Waffles with and omelette, strawberries and maple syrup. Is your mouth watering yet?

I hope you all have a great week and I’m going to get back to doing all the work I should have done starting this morning. Horary for last minuteness.
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Losing my virginity?!

If you are thinking what you think the title of this post is implying, then you are entirely INCORRECT. The only thing I lost my virginity to recently was LUSH. I can hear you all now yelling “how have you only just tried out lush products. Well, let me tell you.

Nothing really ever appealed to me and it always just looked over priced. I just didn’t understand the hype apart from the fact that it smelt soooo amazing. After making the journey back from Brighton to London, my friend and I stopped in the lush shop and I eased my way into it with 3 bath bombs. Excessive? Yes. Cheap? Yes.

Secret garden (bath bomb)

This one for the most part was fun to watch. With the fusion of colours, green, pink and yellow, blending together in the bath, it was satisfying. Its initial smell was just like a garden blooming with fresh flowers, fitting with its name. It turned the bath green with some sort of potpourri scatter about and gave the bath a general floral scent

Verdict: at £2.95 it would be something I would buy again

Butter ball (bath ballistic)

This one interested me for some reason. Its lack of colour was fitting with my taste. Plus its initial scent of a talcum powder and sugar with a caramel base note really enticed me. But I was a little let down. Although it scented the water really nicely and was relatively fun to watch, it did seem like a bit of a waste as it didn’t really do much for me.

Verdict: for the price, it is decent value for money considering it is lush but I wouldn't be buying this one again no matter how amazing it smells

 Fizzbanger (bath ballistic)

It will be obvious to see but in case you miss the hints, this is my absolute favourite. Initial smell: classic citrus scent /camomile tea. Whichever one it is, it smells damn good. This fusion of colours was most mesmerising with blue’s, greens and yellow and leaves the bath water a mixture of those colours too. There was a slight citrus scent left and best of all, the ballistic goes crazy in the bath. It makes a bang and popping noise and unleashes a blue core with a BANG sticker inside.

Verdict: best one in terms of value for money and is the most entertaining, smells good and a great blend of colours

 There you go. My thoughts on some lush bath bombs served up for you. But I have to say, I still really don’t get the hype. I mean like I get it but I also don’t. Does that make any sense to anyone out there?
I hope you liked this and if I decide to make a future trip into lush, tell me something below that I have to try out 

 Have a great week people x
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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Spring trio : Handbag Essentials

So with a no show on the Sunday post this week because I have gotten laziness down to a fine art, I bring you the third and final instalment of my trio of spring essential posts. Today we talk the handbag essentials which aren’t too dissimilar from the beauty essentials so think of it as an extension of that if you will

My top two would have to be a pair of sunglasses and a hair band. Sometimes the sun is so bright, we don’t want to be squinting to allow the wrinkles to penetrate our under eyes. Whilst protecting, it is stylish and a great piece to have even all year round. A hair band is for the days when it just gets so hut, hair insulating your body is not an option. Also if your hair gets frizzy, a messy bun look will be your saviour

The beauty must have. Heat and prolonged stay in the sun can make you and your skin feel hydrated. Having some water can help refresh you whilst also could be the answer to clearing up any skin blemishes you might have.

Whether its perfume or body sprays that float your boat, these are just great to have something other than sweat. It is also something small to add to put you in the spring mood if fashion isn’t your forte. And to make it last all day, add some Vaseline before spraying to make it stay longer.

Oil absorbing sheets
As the warmer weather hits us, us oily skin girls will feel this oily sheen coving our face double instantly. (Like honestly I don’t get it. why does my face have to like leak oil. Wtf) oil blotting sheets, although you may get weird looks in the bathroom, your face won’t be looking like a grease ball.

And there you have it. Some of my must have handbag essentials that will keep you prepared for the hotter weather.

You can check out my fashion essentials here and/or you can check out my beauty essentials here.

Have a great week people and see you with a new post shortly :)  
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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Spring trio : beauty essentials

If you happen to have just stumbled upon my blog, hello welcome to Holy Chic, this week is spring essentials week. If you have been following me for a while, you I am hoping you have stuck around for some more essentials as a continuation of my previous post of fashion essentials.

Today I talk beauty. Some things I feel can put you in a spring mood; you should try out this spring or something I think is just simply a necessity

Lip balms
From lip balms to lip tints to lip scrubs, I think you should invest in them all. Lip balms are always a must have for you that get the occasional chapped lips. A staple and fuss free. Lip tints are a great 2 in 1 shindig. It does the job of the lip balm whilst adding colour and not having the weight of a lipstick of the faff. For you lipstick lovers out there, this is great to exfoliate away the dead skin and leaves lips smoother and making lip products easier to apply. Want a DIY post on this? Let me know :)

Can you tell I despise my oily skin? Primers are great oil blockers. Although they just don’t seem to work on me, they seem to for everyone else. But I do love an eye primer. For you shadow wearers invest in this so your eyeshadow won’t just voluntarily melt off of your lids

Nail polish

As an avid wear of black myself I feel like nail polish makes me feel like I am participating in spring whilst remaining in my favourite colour. But if it’s not for you, keeping your nails nourished and strengthened could never hurt ya :)

Water (specially designed)
Yes water is something you should carry every day in your bag *hint hint* but if you feel your skin gets particularly dehydrated, why not gives these water in convenient spray bottles a try. It’s one of those “I’m not sure if it is doing anything but it feels nice on my skin so I’m going to keep using it” deal.

And there you have it. A roundup of my spring beauty essentials. Come back on Saturday for the final instalment of the spring essentials trio. Tell me some of your must have beauty bits below

Have a great day :)
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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

You never know until you try | Vlogging

During the Easter break whilst I jetted off for a week or sun and fun, I thought I would try my hand at vlogging. And although I was a little nervous doing it in public and it is mostly me in my hotel room showing you outfits, I did it. I edited it all together and created this little holiday vlog concoction. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you would like to do any more in the future J


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Spring Trio: Fashion Essentials

Being late to the game seems to be a speciality of mine but none the less, my spring essentials posts are here. Today is the fashion segment because with the warmer weather, we all seem to have this instinctive urge to go shopping, clean out our wardrobes or try out some new pieces


A trend that seems to be surviving the years through and through and I know I will be sporting these for years to come. As the chunky knits start to be hidden in to drawers, a kimono is a great lightweight alternative to a cardigan yet is also a great way to add a pop of colour


I think subconsciously, we have all become stripe fanatics all thanks to mainstream fashion but I have to say, it is a really simple yet quite an understated way of having something a little different in your outfit. It must be psychological but stripes really hint at spring coming to me. Not so much bland colour in an outfit I guess

Bearing a little more skin – jeans

Spring also becomes a time to add some variation in jeans wear. From skinny to mom to boyfriend to boot cut, they don’t have to leave us just yet. They continuation of slits in the knees or distressing is a great spring look. As well as rolling up the bottoms of jeans. Showing a little more skin as the temperature rises is always a hit


Open toed shoes and sandals etc. are pieces I like to leave for summer. My feet don’t have to suffer just yet but some flats are a great option if those are for you. Me, I’m sticking with my trainers. And in combination with the rolled up jeans and an ankle bracelet to jazz things up a bit (ahh, I’m not cool) I think trainers are the way forward especially if you have a long day ahead of you


A change in bag is also another way to latch onto those spring vibes loitering around. I have been loving this one from Zara which has a pop of maroon on the inside. It’s small and compact with a little structure without over powering any outfit. I think dumping the crap in your bag this spring is just what is needed. But if you like to keep it simple with black, this is one of my faves…


Something a bit more neutral in brown? This is a great spring colour and also really underrated I think

Or go out with this burst of colour


Accessorising I think is something that transitions well into spring to and summer. I think the key to doing it well is that less really is more. Hot weather and a but load of jewellery really don’t bode well for me. My charm bracelet and a watch is something small and not to overcrowding for a busy outfit. Some simple, small hooped earrings really help tie a look together whether it is day or night

That’s a few of my spring fashion essentials wrapped up in a post for you all in this nifty little post. Tell me some of yours below and I might even try them out J

Thursday: beauty essentials :) stay tuned

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