Thursday, 26 February 2015

Let's Rewind

With an unfortunate skip on the Sunday post and being a little MIA on pretty much all of social media, I make my return today. I basically drowned in the bliss of half term and an extra day off thanks to staff training days. But I was sure not to fill you in just a little into the ventures of last week. (Well the key parts)
Aside from not doing any work, first and foremost, I made a trip up to Leeds with one of my good friends. I wanted to check out the university and we gave ourselves plenty of time to explore and get a feel for the surrounding area. And I must say I fell head over heels for it and I was close to abandoning good old London just to absorb its beauty a little longer. I did a little bit of shopping and you will be happy to know that I bumped it all in a haul and filmed it for you. Enjoy my loves J

I guess that really is the only big thing I did during my hectic half term. Through the lazy days, the driving lessons and a spot of filming and editing, I might as well squeeze a few more of my latest captures in this post.
I don’t want to bore you with me detailing maybe even to the day what I got up to but let’s just say, some of these things will be featured in blog posts soon, it’s in my most recent video or I was simply just lying down in my bed doing none other than watching television. And how could PANCAKE DAY have almost slipped my mind?!? Let’s just say, the pancake fairy ate 12 pancakes all to herself and refused to share ;)

Apart from feeling a little guilty for not even taking a peek at my school work, I think with blogging I might have hit a bump in the road. I know that this iddy biddy corner of the internet is not where I want it to be and I am hoping that by summer I can change that a little with a proper blog design and business cards. But I also feel unfulfilled. Or maybe the word is unsuccessful. I don’t feel I have accomplished much. i know you shouldn’t compare but how many followers you have or events that people go to but I intend to use this as constructive and up my game even more. It’s a big world and I am sure the blogging community can make a little more room for me.
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Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Sunday Post : XOXO

I really have left todays Sunday post until the last minute to type words onto a page but better late than never right?

This week, although it didn’t feel like it, has been surprisingly jam packed and again, unbloggable. But I didn’t want to drag another one of those cats out of the bag.

I finally booked all of my hotels and train tickets for all of my little getaways for this month and although they are only small and for a very good reason, I am excited nonetheless and I’m sure they will be making a debut on the blog shortly. I also thought for some stupid reason that it was time to watch gossip girl. I know I know, you’re probably thinking WHY HAVE YOU NOT SEEN IT YET. But I can assure you I’m loving every minute of it right now and you best believe I paused an episode just to write this post.

I also took the hint with another set of podcasts in fact. Yes I am now listening to the Serial Podcasts and I am OBSESSED with it. (That might even be an understatement). I have always loved real life murder mysteries and a good who done it never hurt no one. I have started to slow down the rate I was listening to them to because it is so good, I never want it to end. And Sarah Koenig has a dream voice.

My final amazon order finally came in the post this week in the form of a book. Most of you might know that I actually despise reading and if you don’t, I’m sorry you had to find out this way and please don’t kill me ;). But I think studying English has just ruined that for me. I am excited to get stuck into the book upon recommendation and not have to worry about what the lines mean or how it can be linked to context. No highlighter or annotations are getting anywhere near this book.

I think Valentine’s Day may have extended this year over 2 days with the release of 50 shades and all. My school special for Friday was a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows and what a better way to wish yourself a happy Valentine’s Day that with a sweet treat for yourself. On Saturday I actually spent it with my one and only bae; my bed. No better day than to be lazy in bed and watch TV all day.

And we have made it to today, good old Sunday which annoyingly was another lazy day so I’m gonna start my work tomorrow. And because half term is here, I will enjoy waking up to birds chirping over my alarm telling me to get my ass out of bed. But I did make a grilled cheese and tomato toastie for brunch I guess you would call it and I devoured every last piece of that heaven on a plate. I pan fried it this time so the toast was nice ad crispy. Is that the right adjective if an adjective at all? Can you tell I’m an English lit student?

So I have detailed my week to you, tell me something about yours below. Next week is another busy one for me and I will be sure to capture what I can because sharing is often the best kind of post to get you out of a blogging rut. I hope you all have a fabulous half term

xoxo gossip girl

(Can you tell I’m really into gossip girl?)
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

This could be a Valentine's Day look

Now I am not one to usually follow the herd and get consumed by the surge of Valentine ’s Day tutorials, gift guides and outfit ideas that grace our screens these days. I tend to steer well clear of them as it can all be a little too much valentine overload. But today I thought as I had a makeup look in mind to share with you guys at a later date, why don’t I just turn it into a Valentine ’s Day make up look. Smart. I know.

This look is most definitely not just for those spending it with that special someone but if you are having a girls day or just want to put makeup on your face, that’s cool. I combined a copper coloured eye with a maroon almost wine coloured lip. But obviously, you do not have to put an ounce of makeup on your face that day. I know I will be in a onsie having a bed and laptop day for sure. But I do wear this look every time I go out because I just lack originality.

I hope you like the look regardless of what you are doing or what day you choose to recreate this look. I just happened to take the thematic approach.

Products used

MUA mono eyeshadow in shade 28
Nuxe rev de miel lip balm

Eyeko eyelash curler
Mascara wand as eyebrow spoolie

Sponge eyeshadow applicator
Eyeshadow crease brush

W7 eyeshadow primer
Benefit roller lash mascara

Clinique high impact mascara
Collection liquid eyeliner

Bourjois rouge velvet matte liquid lipstick ‘Grand cru’

There is no magic trick behind this look really as I am just simply awful at applying makeup but I just packed the mono eyeshadow all over the lid and dragged it underneath my bottom eyelashes with the crease brush as it comes to a point which is great for that. Its also great to add a little brightness to the under eye area as the winged eyeliner can make your eyes appear smaller. I then did my everyday winged eyeliner and finished off the look with a maroon/deep red liquid lipstick. It didn’t budge all day and it stayed in place whilst I was eating with no touch ups required. I put some of my nuxe lip balm underneath to ensure it wouldn’t be drying on the lips.

There you have it. My valentine’s day look for any of you but my everyday going out look/I need to look somewhat decent for society for me.

Any plans for Valentine’s Day this year?
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Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Sunday Post : Unbloggable

It was only until 5pm today that I decided to not leave you guys hanging and deliver today with a short Sunday post. This week has been really eventful but un-bloggable unfortunately. But sometimes these things happen.

I’ve been a very busy girl but also a very tired one from planning events to school work to my job and trying to squeeze some blogging and filming into that. Surprisingly the workload is okay and I love having such a large workload but I just need to improve my time management skills just a tad more.

I have a million and one forms to fill out for uni, trips to book and all kinds of crazy things this month. As well as planning some potential travelling for the June/July period. But that means I am job hunting again so I can save for that, for uni and some uni necessities (well wants rather than needs). I just need a job with really flexible hours so that might be tricky.

It has also been a tough week for me where I part time work because of the stupid and rude cab drivers that exist adding to the stress of upcoming events I was head of planning for.

Aside from the potentially rambly life update, the only bloggable parts of this week was that London got some SETTLED SNOW. Not enough for a snow day and it did disappear within like 2hours but it looked pretty and walking in it to school was somewhat nostalgic. I also made a sneeky order on amazon, one of which was a new portable charger. I only really needed the lead as I have 2 already but oh well, it was cheap. I also made myself a really warming dinner yesterday of pasta in a creamy tomato sauce. Yeah I know fattening but a treat once in a while won’t hurt. And this morning, I tucked into a bowl of my favourite cereal which I devoured in an instant.

Tomorrow marks the last week before half term which I am overly ecstatic about but it is also my busiest week at school. But I shall power through. Nothing too eventful is happening next week either so the fate of next week’s Sunday post really is unknown. I’m gonna go back to playing with my adorable niece, watching frozen and taking some down time before Monday knocks on the door again.

Have a great week x

Friday, 6 February 2015

Hello old friend #2

I wasn’t planning on making this a regular feature on the blog but I went through my makeup stash again and rediscovered another one of my old liquid eyeliners.

After finding out that Hello October’s (Suzie) favourite liquid eyeliner was the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner, I remember I owned and thought I would give it a go again.

It is honestly the most amazing eyeliner at such an affordable price. You can get really precise line, a great intensity of black and the applicator is easy to use meaning you have a lot of control with it.

The only reason I stopped using it was because when it got a little too close to my eyes, it started to burn which it still does but hey, beauty is pain and I’m willing to take the pain for fab winged eyeliner.
Have you found anything awesome in your stash recently?


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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Puma : OOTD

Now if you saw my post a little bit ago where I shared with you my favourite hairstyles, you may have been wondering what I was wearing. Well fear no more, I’ve got you covered. This is an outfit that I have been wearing a little too much recently, some may say, because it is the comfort of pyjamas but the look of ‘oh you tried this morning’. And when you have all your lessons that day, an outfit like this is what you want for sure. Not also to mention the versatility of the turtle neck. Whether it be smart or casual, day or night, this bloody thing just looks damn good with everything. But with this bitterly cold whether that has hit us recently, it allows me to stay warm.

Now ootds are something I have wanted to do properly since I started this little corner on the internet and I am so happy I can do them for you guys now and I intend on improving even more with them.
Tell me one of your most worn outfits below!

Jumper – New Look Joggers – H&MPuma Trainers – Schuh
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Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Sunday Post : This Week I ...

It is that time of the week again where I round up my thoughts of the week. This week had a reoccurring theme; me in my bed, wrapped up with my laptop perched beside me. There were the odd two days where I was really productive and managed to get a crap load of work done, even though it seems never ending. But that again was me just glued to my computer screen. The only difference is that I was sitting up right.

I also managed to squeeze some editing into the week and there are definitely some videos coming your way that were just a little too tedious to edit, but I hope it was worth it. My little setup had my head spinning with ideas for hours. I also managed to find time to order a few pieces from Zara which you can see in this post.

My exam timetable also launched via the internet so now I know how long I have to revise until, when my summer holiday official begins so I can book up a few holidays and I can now focus my mind on my next goal which is getting into university. Booking up applicant days and a few little trips to see them in the next month has really helped refocus my mind.

As my life now is just completely consumed with doing work, and work and just endless pieces of work, I took Saturday evening off to have a girl’s night with some of my favourites. We went out for dinner and a laugh and it was nice to just forget everything and have fun. There were so many now inside jokes that filled the night and we will definitely be doing it again without a doubt. Saturday morning before my guitar lesson, I tried my hand at making another smoothie and I opted for a green one. A more detailed post will be coming on it soon but call I can say that it was friggin yummy.

Sunday as always are supposed to be a get shit done day but it never really goes to plan. Today I did a spot of filming and photography and reminisced over the night before. But I still have to try and do some work to make myself feel better about having a lazy weekend. Also tried porridge one last time and tried the coco pops one because I am 5. And NOPE, I just can’t do it, I just can’t like porridge. No matter what way it’s made or what flavour it is. I’m gonna go and continue staring my computer and have a Spotify playlist on repeat.

Next week is all planned for the most part too. I have a very busy schedule of school, driving and my job as well as squeezing in time for blogging and filming for this and school. The sound of it is starting to overwhelm me a little so I shall stop.

Hope you all had a great week and tell me something you got up to below.
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