Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Sunday Post : This Week I ...

It is that time of the week again where I round up my thoughts of the week. This week had a reoccurring theme; me in my bed, wrapped up with my laptop perched beside me. There were the odd two days where I was really productive and managed to get a crap load of work done, even though it seems never ending. But that again was me just glued to my computer screen. The only difference is that I was sitting up right.

I also managed to squeeze some editing into the week and there are definitely some videos coming your way that were just a little too tedious to edit, but I hope it was worth it. My little setup had my head spinning with ideas for hours. I also managed to find time to order a few pieces from Zara which you can see in this post.

My exam timetable also launched via the internet so now I know how long I have to revise until, when my summer holiday official begins so I can book up a few holidays and I can now focus my mind on my next goal which is getting into university. Booking up applicant days and a few little trips to see them in the next month has really helped refocus my mind.

As my life now is just completely consumed with doing work, and work and just endless pieces of work, I took Saturday evening off to have a girl’s night with some of my favourites. We went out for dinner and a laugh and it was nice to just forget everything and have fun. There were so many now inside jokes that filled the night and we will definitely be doing it again without a doubt. Saturday morning before my guitar lesson, I tried my hand at making another smoothie and I opted for a green one. A more detailed post will be coming on it soon but call I can say that it was friggin yummy.

Sunday as always are supposed to be a get shit done day but it never really goes to plan. Today I did a spot of filming and photography and reminisced over the night before. But I still have to try and do some work to make myself feel better about having a lazy weekend. Also tried porridge one last time and tried the coco pops one because I am 5. And NOPE, I just can’t do it, I just can’t like porridge. No matter what way it’s made or what flavour it is. I’m gonna go and continue staring my computer and have a Spotify playlist on repeat.

Next week is all planned for the most part too. I have a very busy schedule of school, driving and my job as well as squeezing in time for blogging and filming for this and school. The sound of it is starting to overwhelm me a little so I shall stop.

Hope you all had a great week and tell me something you got up to below.
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  2. Your blog is soooo pretty! I'm about to check out your YouTube channel as I make videos too! :) x

    1. awh thank you so much. means a lot. I will have to check out all of your links too :) x


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