Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Round Up #2 : Primers | Holy Chic

It wasn’t until I had my makeup done at the NARS counter about a year ago that I discovered that primer could be the answer to all of my prayers. If you have oil skin, it honestly becomes your best friend.

So I thought I would share with you in #2 of my round up series, some of the primers that I own and a low down on my thoughts on them.

Nspa instant blur primer: this has been working really well for me recently and after it being feature in countless posts, how could it not be in this. Creates an even base for the face and holds back the oils.

The body shop pore minimiser: I have done a more in depth review on this if you want to read more here  but for the most part I really like this. I love the idea of tea tree in it and it creates an even base for my moisturiser to go on top of

NARS pro prime, pore refining primer: after giving it a mostly negative review on this post , I think my feeling were clearly expressed but every so often it decides to work so who knows what the deal with this is really

Benefit porefessional primer: probably the most talked and hyped about primer and I understand why. I thought this was going to give me a white cast because of its colouring vs. mine but once rubbed in, it’s invisible. Its smoothes over the skin nicely, keeps the oils at bay and creates an even base for my moisturiser.

That is all of the primers I own! Let me know if you have tired any of these and let me know your thoughts on them.

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Goodbye for today J

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Be apart of my Documentary! | Holy Chic

I have some news. A new post will be going up on Sunday but I do want to just throw this in there because I wanted to get your opinion.

I am planning on creating a documentary hopefully to be called Redefining Pretty where I get a bunch of girls to share their thoughts on what it is to be pretty and society’s idea of pretty etc.

But don’t be put off if you are a guy and want to be a part of this. I am thinking about putting guy’s opinions in it to show a contrast in thoughts

I just wanted to know if there are any of you that wanted to be a part of this or wanted to know more about it.

If so you can leave your email address down below and I would be happy to answer any of your questions that you have.

I would love to have as many of you as possible involved in it J

If you would prefer, you can email me @ holychiccontact@gmail.com or tweet me @holychicxox if you find it easier that way

I will be collecting all emails and sending out a mass email to all so keep an eye on your inboxes ;)

Thanks again and see you Sunday for a proper post ;)

Amira x
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Day to Night look | Holy Chic

I seem to be slipping up on the amount of fashion posts I have been doing recently but with autumn pretty much here, or round the corner, I wanted to share with you how you could take a pair of trousers and a watch, yes, a watch, an make them both suitable for day and night. I would say they are autumn approved too J

So here is the look
Night: H&M Trousers / River Island Heels / New Look Clutch / Topshop Crop Top / New Look Watch / River Island Duster Coat 
You can’t really go wrong with a pair of tailored/fitted trousers that are a staple for autumn this year. I kept them casual with a plaid shirt which is the nation’s favourite, some comfy flat sneakers and a black backpack. I then accessorised with the gold watch. This I think would be suitable for a long day out of running errands or exploring.
Onto the night look, taking the trousers and watch, I paired it with some chunky berry heels as this shade of red is a must for the autumn and is a great transitional colour between seasons. I also put it with a black crop top, a clutch with some berry peeking out and the oversized duster coat for added flair. The outfit I think would look great with or without the coat and is suitable for more formal functions or a girl’s night out.

I hope this gave you some inspiration into how to make the most out of key items for this autumn and let me know if you prefer the day or night look J

Previous post:  http://holychicxox.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/testing-testing-1-2-3-holy-chic.html

Latest student fashion blog post: http://studentfashionblog.co.uk/shopping/back-school-outfit-ideas/
Have a great day J

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Testing Testing 1 2 3 | Holy Chic

Today I thought I would mix it up a little and just share with you some new things I am trying out/trying to do. I thought I would throw in some things other than beauty products because that seemed like a cool idea

For starters I am trying to read more. I whipped the kindle out and tried to rekindle (you get it, you get it…ah okay) my love for reading. Not working out too great so far but I’m hanging on in there to hope that I can love it again. I am trying to finish my nivea lip balm. That picture is an accurate representation of how much is left and it gives me pure joy to know that I have almost done the impossible.

I have been using elastics more to experiment with different hairstyles and #daclip to stop the kinks. Wearing a watch because I was very anti watches but this one has grown on me now and I feel naked without it on sometimes.  I’ve been experimenting more in the skincare department with smoothing facial scrubs and really seeing smoothing it can be

And finally I’ve been trying cream deodorants like wtf?! It’s weird but quite wonderful. And some new makeup-y bits like throwing my eyeliner back into my routine, a new mascara and the oh so loved spooley brush.

As text heavy as this post was and the sincerity behind my apology, have you been trying anything out recently?

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Haul : BTS | Holy Chic

With the numerous wishlists I have been posting recently, you didn’t think I went the whole time without picking up a few things did you?

Well fear not, this haul is for you. I didn’t pick up the greatest amount of things because full time unpaid sixth form student but I picked up a few things I felt were a necessity for my wardrobe.


I love my jeans and t shirts because they are comfortable and easy to wear. Cardigans are my holy grail item and a must have item for me and the dress was kind of just for fun but I wanted a more school appropriate dress. You feel me? I also picked up some H&M joggers because they are the bomb.com!

And as an added bonus, because this is kind of a back to school haul, I picked up some school supply essentials and a hair product because, sometimes, you have to restock on a few things.

Have you picked up anything in stores recently?

Have a great day

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wishlist #2 | Holy Chic

I have been a crazy scroller through the internet lady lately and I found even more things that I wanted to add to my wishlist. I am literally trying so hard to not go mad and buy everything but that’s why I share some of this pain with you guys.

River Island chunky T bar shoes / River Island Check Shirt / River Island Reform Jeans  / Topshop Floral Dress / New Look Lace Up Boots / New Look Chunky Heeled Boots / New Look A Line Mini Skirt / H&M Loafers / Zara Striped Dress / Nixon Watch / New Look Knit Cardigan / Topshop Skater Skirt

Like in wishlist #1, I have a very simple wearable style and because I had back to school in mind at the time, I knew that with these few pieces, I could come up with a few weeks’ worth of outfits. I like to keep it simple allowing me to dress pieces up or down and mix and match them with existing items in my wardrobe.

If you were looking for clothes inspiration I hope this helped J

Have a great day

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Monday, 15 September 2014

The pore minimiser | Holy Chic

It’s weird you know, that there are so many pore minimisers in the world. But the one I am sharing with you today is the Body Shop tea tree pore minimiser. I featured this in my holiday haul and it was something I had wanted to try for quite a while.

It is a lot liquidier than most primers I have tried and of a creamy beige colour. This product just smoothes over the skin effortlessly. I have a few blemishes on my skin and the tea tree stings it a little but it isn’t uncomfortable. It gives a matte finish to the face without drying it out and is very travel friendly.

Have you tried this product out before?

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Yes to ... | Holy Chic

Recently I made a naughty trip to Boots and came across the Yes to range and I was a little over excited about it because I had only ever heard of Americans talk about it so when it was within my reach, I had to get something. I chose the Yes to cucumber facial wipes. They have aloe vera to help cleanse, are hypoallergenic  remove makeup and are all round just awesome makeup wipes

They remove makeup really well and leave the skin feeling really soft and smooth. I hate wipes that dry out the skin.

At £3.99 a packet, I don’t know how often I would be buying these but they are in a really thick and durable packaging but as a treat to myself, I would definitely buy them again.

Have you tried anything from the yes to range?

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Cold Drinks | Holy Chic


I really am a sucker for cold drinks weather they are from Costa, Starbucks or even just home made.

I use Twinings peppermint tea with brown sugar. I make it in a cup and cool and serve in a jug J

Today I thought I would share with you my home made iced tea. Now honestly this is the easiest thing to make but I have just made not of a few things whilst making it.

1.its best to make it hot to begin with then cool it down. This allows the tea to brew properly and if you like sweeter ice tea like I do, it allows the sugar to dissolve properly
2.Refrain from adding ice. It can seem almost instinctive to  add ice either for the sake of it or just to cool it down but I find this really waters down the mixture and gives it a funny taste. As long as it is cold, it is perfect
3.one tea bag goes a long way. I used to use one tea bag per cup of tea and I have realised one tea bag can make a jug full of ice tea. So try and be tea bag friendly
4. Personalise it. Choose what tea you want, a sweetner or not or if you want to add e.g. lemon or mint. There are so many ways to go about it.

I hope this post was helpful and maybe you can start saving money by making some iced tea at home. Next on the list for me is iced coffee!

What are your favourite drinks to have?

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Buy and Try : September | Holy Chic

As promised, the buy and try series is back. Apologies that this wasn’t up in august but its here now.
Just as a quick reminder to you all , my buy and try series is basically where every month I will go out (or over the course of the month) and find products that I really want to try. Then in the next post, I will show you some new things that I picked up to try and review the things that I tried in the month before. Again, I hope that makes sense to you people.

So here is a rundown of all of the things I tried out way back in June ;)

1.       Ted Baker body wash – I really liked this. It smelt great and was defiantly something I whipped out for a relaxing pamper evening. But I really don’t want it to run out so I am going to be saving it for more special occasions.

2.       The Moisture lip balm trio by M&S – I did want a change in the lip department and I got that slight change I was after. Because they were all tailored to do different things, I really felt that each did what was written on the tin.

3.       NSPA Instant Blur Primer – my primer needs were fulfilled with this little gem. It really mattified my skin and held back the oils on my face. But as I am now nearing the end of it I feel like it isn’t working as well as it used too. Just something to bear in mind.

4.       Vo5 Ultimate hold hair spray – this really gave me the hold that I needed. It doesn’t weigh down my hair or leave a sticky residue but just holds my curls in place.

 As for the products I will be trying out for the month of September, bring em on!

Kleenex facial cloths, Clean and Clear morning energy shine control facial wash (anything that will reduce shininess on my face, I am an absolute sucker for it), The body shop foot and leg gel (believe me, I find this a little weird too) and Simple eye makeup remover.

See you all in October (jheez how time flies) with the next instalment ;)

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