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Buy and Try: May | Holy Chic

I genuinely cannot believe that it is May already but hey ho, let’s get with it. I know I am a little late with this post this month but things are hectic so I will cut the jibber jabber and let’s get straight into it.

It is my Buy and Try for the month of May and if you don’t know what my buy and try series is, it is basically where every month I will go out (or over the course of the month) and find products that I really want to try. Then in the next post, I will show you some new things that I picked up to try and review the things that I tried in the month before.

But before you continue reading this, I highly suggest that you check out April's  buy and try post now here so that you can see what the actual products are that I was trying out and also get to know my initial thoughts on the products.

Okay now that hopefully you have done that, I will give you a brief review and my thoughts on everything I tried last month so let’s get started.

1.       The Garnier mineral Invisible 48hr deodorant. This just worked so well for me and I am completely hooked on the whole invisible deodorant thing. It is very light and refreshing and it is almost like you are spraying water under your arms but it comes out white first and then just disappears and lasts all day. Wow! Never thought I could be so passionate about a deodorant.

2.       The Estee Lauder Pure colour eyeshadow palette/trio. This is a really nice simple palette and I really loved using the biscuit colour and the camouflage colour and is definitely going to be a travelling palette for me as it is so compact.

3.       The Simple Soothing Facial Toner. I had high hopes for this for all the right reasons. It gets rid of dirt and oils amazingly, clears my skin well and you can feel that it is gentle on the skin. If you guys ever get a chance to try it, please do.

4.       Nail polish by sinful colours. I mean this is great value for money but since using that nail polish, I have found better ones and I will definably be checking out the rest of the range but it isn’t at the top of my to do list. And it stained one of my nails a little bit yellow so neither good nor bad really.

5.       The Argan Oil Hair Treatment. This has made the world of difference to my hair. Whenever I get outside, my hair becomes a frizz ball but this tames it and keeps the ends really soft and frizz free and omg, just expect a hair routine coming really soon.


Okay so that is the end of the review of all the products I tried for the month of March. Overall, the products I tried were good.  If you have any additional questions, let me know in the comments and I will try and answer them for you ASAP.

Okay so now on to the products I will be trying out for the month of May.

1.       The garnier Micellar cleansing water. I have tried my fair share of this and it seemed only right to try this one. This one seems a lot more like Bioderma packaging wise and it was on offer and after all the buzz surrounding it, I just had to try it.

2.       The garnier caffine eye roll on. After about a year of complaining how expensive this is, I haven’t stopped but I picked it up for £5 in Asda and this really is kind of the last straw for making me look less tired in the morning. If this doesn’t work, I really so give up.

3.       The P.S felt eye liner pen. Everyone was talking about the new makeup line at Primark and I saw a swatch of this and was so intrigued and at only £1, I had to of course pick it up.

4.       The MUA mono eyeshadow in matte brown. I just though this would be good to add definition to my eye look. I may have also picked up the completely wrong colour but I want to experiment more with makeup so I thought this would be the way to go. Plus, it was only £1.

5.       Finally I have this pinky nude lipstick by sunkissed. I do want to experiment more with lip colours and I thought this would be a great lip colour to start off with.

So there you have it, all the products I will be trying out for May. Don’t forget to come back beginning of June to find out my overall thoughts and the new products I will be trying out.

And don’t forget to April’s Buy and Try post:

See you guys with a new post really soon!


Stay chic - A x

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hello May | Holy Chic

WARNING! there is more text than pictures :)
I am again, late with this post but better late than never. I wanted to do a little update post because I feel like I owe it to you all.

Firstly, I turned 17 the beginning of May and I was supposed to upload that day but we can just forget about that. I had an amazing time and that slowed things down a little bit. Here are some of my outfits for that J I hope it doesn't seem like I am vain but I did want you to kind of see my make up for the day and my hair and nails. let me know if you want a tutorial

Secondly, my exams are in like 2 weeks so I have to get down at revise ASAP. I also have a deadline which isn’t over yet and means I haven’t had a chance to upload because I have been at school everyday till 7 last week. This means that there may be few posts on my blog but also that tweets are scheduled. However, when I tweet e.g. send me some links, I do look at all the blog posts you guys tweet to me so I am not totally offline but not sitting in front of twitter 24/7. I would schedule my blog posts but I tried that and it just didn’t work. So apologies in advance for that. But as my exams finish earlier than most peoples, this little system won’t be going on for too long.

Even after my exams, I have a tonne of events coming up, holidays and university open days so I don’t want you guys to feel abandoned but I will check in with twitter every so often.

Outfit posts: I have been wanting and have been asked to do them for a while now but what is topping me is how boring and repetitive and how much of the same thing I wear nearly every day. So if you still want to see a week of my style post, tell me in the comments or on twitter and I will start doing that.

Pompeii | Holy Chic

Not only is this my favourite song by the Bastille, it is also a completely irrelevant title as I thought I should do a little update post but what the heck, switching things up is good right.

This might sound harsh but right now but I am so bored. Bored of seeing the same posts, the same play on words in titles, the same recycled tips that I think the entire universe knows by now but somehow, this reduce, reuse, recycle element just can’t be removed from blogging. The ideas all come from somewhere right?

So this is where I make an effort to try and change things. It’s not so much personal style posts because everyone has their own unique style and showcases it very well but more reviews, swatches and all the jazz. Yes they are indeed very good posts but for me I think they are past their sell by date or I guess blog by date.

I think I am getting bored of my own writing. Its sounds too (if you say/type another word, I will punch you in the face J). I even want to make another good quality and fairly well edited YouTube video this year but we will soon see.

So I hope that you come on this little journey with me and like some of the (hopefully) different posts that I come up with and of course, if you have any suggestions, they are always welcome and appreciated in the comments section.

I am so close to just quitting blogging completely because I am stuck in the constant rut and having no idea how to get out of it isn’t fun. It’s like that fed up feeling. Hopefully this rant made its way to the light of positivity at the end of the tunnel and I hope to see you all on the flip side.

That was a post I wrote a few days ago called Pompeii and I thought I would just slot it in there for you to kind of see where I am on blogging at the moment.

To summarise, I am here but not literally, blog posts may be limited, I am working on new content  and I AM going to change.

I wish you all a massive good luck with your exams and if procrastination is trying to befriend you, flick it away J you can always tweet me if you feel you have a problem with your exams and I can try and help you as best as I can.

See you all very soon. Bye x

Stay chic - A

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Oranges and Nudes | Holy Chic

Its time for another #Bloggersdoitbetter challenge post and I think it is fair to say that the best example of the perfect orange and nude collection is the Bobbi Brown Nectar and Nude makeup collection. But as that is just a little bit out of my price range, I thought I would create my own orange and nudes collection. I find that when wearing oranges and nudes, its best to keep it simple either through accessories or make up.  So here are my top 10 orange and nude pics J


So I hope you guys liked it and let me know some of your favourite orange and nude pieces in the comments below. Join in with the chat on twitter using the hashtag #Bloggersdoitbetter and I will see you all next time J

Stay chic - A x

Monday, 5 May 2014

My Favourite Blog | Holy Chic

whenever someone asks me this question, I ponder about the topic for ages and ages and ultimately never decide. but this is it. this is the turning point, the breaking point, the time where I finally decide my favourite blog. and I would have to say it is.... aka Estee.

as well as being a YouTuber, I find that when most youtubers hit that point where they don't feel they need their blog, they just abandon it but Estee has continued with it as well as doing bonus posts not featured and YouTube and it really does make the blogging community seem just that little bit more special.

the blog is where it all began really and it is a shame that some people let it go but Estee, well do I have any other words to describe her apart from the fact that she is amazing.

her content is creative and with amazing photography skills and goes into enough detail about products without it being a long winded post.

so there you have it. my favourite blogger of all time. the blogging community is where it all begins and has turned into the first step to youtube for some people and when you see well known youtubers still blogging, it gives me inspiration to continue blogging and make that leap myself. :) they are the next generation of superstars I guess you could say and she has given me a lot of inspiration to never give up on my blog, my dreams and in life. and I truly mean that.

Yes this is a competition for the Currys #wonderblog competition but this doesn’t affect anything. I truly mean this and I feel like by sharing this with my audience, you get to know me just that little bit more

The prize I would like to win is the HP Envy Rove Touchscreen All-in-One and I would be so over the moon and thankful if I actually won it.

Stay chic - A

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Night time essentials| Holy Chic

So I was recently contacted by HSN to see if I wanted to feature their blog post in one of mine and their post sparked off a few ideas of my own so this is what I have for you today. I have put together 8 of my night time essentials no matter what time of year it is. I recommend checking out HSNs’ post to see 4 beauty products you should be using at night . As well as that, you should check out the HSN offical website  for more tips. But now, onto my night time essentials.


Lip balm is always a must for me. And I find that original versions work best. I have chosen the nivea lip butter so that your lips can stay hydrated and moisturised all night. I always recommend a book if you find it difficult to get off to sleep right away. The book thief is one of my favourite books but if reading isn’t for you, why not music. Next is an eye mask again to help you sleep better at night if that is what works for you. Obviously you don’t need one as boring as mine but any will do. Next is a foot cream to get those puppies moisturised over night and to have smooth feet in the morning which leads straight onto fluffy socks which will keep your feet warm but also keep your feet soft for the morning. Next I have a hand cream because it isn’t a great feeling when you go to sleep with dry fingers. Next is a sleep mist which I find a calming scent in the room really helps me to stay calm and sleep better. Next are some cute pyjamas which always encourages me to go to sleep and finally some water. I have been brought up to have water with me at night and sometimes you get very dehydrated and it’s great to have it right beside you.

I hope this gave you a few tips and let me know in the comments what some of your night time essentials are J

Vote for me here: best fashion blogger newcomer:  

Stay chic - A x

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