Sunday, 26 February 2017

Personal style, a letter to you | #fashionfebruary

I 100% get it.

Finding your personal style can be hard. It’s like finding who you are a person and where you fit into society. You want your personal style to embody you, to describe who you are to others, but to make you feel fabulous in your own skin.

Fashions fade but style is eternal. One of those quotes that gets used all the time but its true. It can be hard to keep up with trends but find what looks good on you. At the end of the day, you can wear what ever you want. Fuck what everyone else says. But that little voice in the back of your mind can sometimes just nag at you saying you cant wear that or you are too fat for this trend or you don’t have enough boobs for this top or even not enough ass for these jeans.

As I have gotten older, dressing has become more and more difficult. I want to be someone that I am not. To be honest I have all the power to change that but mentally, I am not there yet. So in the mean time I have to work with what I got. By big boobs, my big ass and overall by big self.

Fashion has only recently started to catering to those that are on the other end of the spectrum and it is soo much nicer knowing that I can browse a website and find someone that looks like more or is my size (with a few exceptions. We still have a long way to go)

To those of you struggling every day in the clothes department, you are beautiful, you can wear that trend and you own it. The fashion industry doesn’t have a clue about what real women and men look like. To those of you with a body that society deems perfect, I envy you. But I am more thankful that 
I get to live a life than that I don’t look like you. You too are beautiful.

To everyone, embrace your quirks, your curves, your imperfections, your scars. You are only human after all.

I can’t believe we have come to the end of #fashionfebruary. I have had so much fun creating consistent content and if you’ve read one post or them all, thank you. If you want tips on finding your personal style, PLEASE check this post here

p.s. the hoodie is from H&M 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Got-to lecture/seminar outfit | #fashionfebruary

When it comes to lectures and seminars, they are usually early and I am usually not bothered. So, I like to make sure that my outfit is comfortable, most importantly, and sort of like I have my shit together. Because I have kept this up throughout my time at uni, I have persuaded people that I live this put together life which I can’t complain about.

This outfit, although it’s all black, that doesn’t always happen I promise. Check out my previous post as proof.

Here I am channeling the ever growing sports luxe trend with this mesh raw hem black hoody from New Look. I love how this embodies comfort but is fashion forward. I paired it with my black skinny jeans and my oversized borg lined denim jacket for added warmth and comfort.

What’s your go to item of clothing to wear when you have an early start? 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Outfits of the week | #fashionfebruary

I do want to say that this is literally my outfits of the week. I am a top and jeans girl and if I am wearing a dress, it’s because I felt like making an effort that day. I honestly have a pretty boring yet comfortable style but it works for me.


I wore this green and gold tiger shirt from asos, black jeans and finished the look off with my coat and Adidas superstars. Simple and comfortable for the first day back to uni.


Having a 9am means I want to look sort of put together but still comfortable. This khaki ribbed high neck top does just that with jeans and my superstars again.


This high neck brushed jumper is the ultimate comfort piece for the current weather situation. I’m sorry you can’t see this here but I paired it with high waisted ripped black jeans (same as in Thursdays outfit) and again wore my superstars. The main part of the outfit is from new look


I really do love my oversized jumpers this time of year and I whipped out this classic again and paired it with my high waisted ripped jeans. I was running late for a lecture so that’s what came out of the wardrobe first.


This is what I like to call making an effort. And although I got all the clothes from newlook ages ago, I had yet to wear them. I paired a casual black tie waist t shirt dress with a loose casual shirt and finished the look with tights and my white stan smiths.


I guess this look is a little more preppy than the others but I wore this 2 in 1 jumper and shirt concoction and high waisted jeans from new look. I then finished the look with my asos backpack and nike air force fly nits in navy.


Sunday is always a pajama day for me 99% of the time and I can sort of get my shit done. In case you are interested, I am wearing a jersey jumpsuit from h&m and a cropped pyjama top from Primark.

Hope you guys liked this little ensemble and took perhaps some inspiration from it. Trying to photograph full length photos on my own and in my uni room proved to be a challenge but maybe I’ll do it a little more often.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

I spent too much money - Haul | #fashionfebruary

So today the long awaited huge haul is here. I put a stop to myself spending soo much money but i'm sure when a new season hits, I’ll be at it again. I'm am just going to stick to pictures for this haul and just say what everything is and where its from. I tried it all on so at least you can see how it all fits and sort of how I would style the items. I hope you enjoy

Black denim dungaree dress – river island via asos

Mesh raw hem hoodie – new look

Black and white piping jersey jumpsuit – asos

Grey brushed high neck oversized jumper – new look

Khaki ribbed high neck top – new look

Black shacket – new look

 Lace bodysuit – boohoo

Grey knit cardigan – H&M

Longline khaki coat – new look

Khaki shacket – new look

Blue and red striped cropped jumper – new look

Small black leather bag – urban outfitters (pom pom not included – its from H&M)

Maroon fur hood coat – new look

Black kimono split sleeve jumpsuit – in the style

Black dungaree dress – H&M

Black and white piping dolphin hem skirt – asos

Black denim look skirt – H&M

Black ribbed slip dress – H&M

Black borg lined oversized jacket – asos

Black sandals – new look (yes its early but couldn’t get them during summer so getting in there early)

Maroon velvet ankle strap heels – new look

Maroon suede stan smiths – office

Black ankle strap flats – deichman

Black ankle boots – new look

Nike fly knit navy trainers – nike outlet store

Thanks for reading the #fashionfebruary posts. Use the hashtag to tweet about it and new related posts will be up every Wednesday and Sunday this month. 
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