Sunday, 30 August 2015

Life update numero 1million?

I do a lot of these sorts of posts on my blog one because I think it’s important to maintain that personal basis with your blog readers and keep you guys in the loop. But you know what, I actually love writing and reading these posts and doing more of what you love is always a good thing.

I have had many technical difficulties with blogger which is the main reason I have been unable to upload as much as I would have like but I can’t give all the credit to technology. Behind the scenes I guess I haven’t been the most pro-blog-active?

I guess once you fall down it can be hard to get up but you know we all have those days.

In other news, I’M GOING TO UNIVESITY. WHAT?!? Crazy stuff I know. Flashback to the dreaded august 13th, I picked up my results and about 20mins later found out I got into uni. So this means that I am moving out, moving away and starting another chapter of my life. I am beyond excited and I actually leave in 2 weeks and I of course will take you guys along with me and keep you updated.

I have lots of uni stuff planned for the blog and I will most definitely not be stopping blogging during uni and I hope I can find the time to hop on at least once a week.

I guess that’s it for today but keep updated via bloglovin to know what’s going on with me.

I love you guys and thank you for everything. Let the next chapter begin.

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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Working With Accessories

Accessories have always been something that I loved. They can really make an outfit especially if it is of simplistic attire. And that is something I am very familiar with.

The necklaces

My go to would have to be the 3 tiered bar necklace. Simple yet sophisticated and adds a little something to a simple outfit. For those of you necklace junkies, try the layered look. It’s another great way to create a tiered effect, particularly down a plain white T with some jeans and a leather jacket.


I feel like rings look best on me when the hands are looking a little bare or in this case, with somewhat freshly painted nails. Again, layering is something possible with rings. But in this case because of my jewellery overload, I went with a simple arrangement of 2 midi rings and a thumb ring.

Ankle candy

Despite the cringey name, I feel like ankle bracelets have drifted in and out of trends for years. And for me right now, this is a winner. With the turned up jeans, they add a little something to a strip of bear ankle. It is also a great subtle way to add some colour if that’s what you struggle with.


Now I am partial to the plain and simple studs. I find that once you start putting different patterned earrings in etc., it can start to get a little busy on the ears. These oval shaped earrings are a little twist on the classic hoops whilst being simple and sophisticated. They won’t distract from the main outfit.


No woman is complete without a trusty handbag and mine seems to be of a work chic look but I love it. Simple and small in size but sure as hell can fit a lot in it. It is also a great base piece and colour for any outfit. But a video all about my bag and what’s inside it is coming soon


I am not the biggest sunglasses wearer all year round but I sure do own a lot of them. Finding the right pair for you can be tricky but I recommend one that suits your face, of a never ageing style and in a colour that would work all year round like a black or brown. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stray from branching out. My go to style would have to be the cateye.

So although accessories can tricky to begin with, there are a multitude of ways to go about styling them and there are such a range to choose from. Perhaps an autumn accessories guide is on the table for upcoming blog posts.

Why not take a look at this post here and find out another way I like to add the “finishing touches” to an outfit.


Sunday, 2 August 2015


So … this is me … struggling to find the words to create a coherent blog post. So please bear with me and my word vomit as my brain tries to hack this thing called blogging again.

Hello peoples. I am back and needless to say I am working on content. I am always working on content. But my MIA status has now been revoked and I now intend to keep a firm hand in the blogging pool.

As most of you may know, I finished my a2 exams way back in June and if you didn’t know, I actually went travelling. Well interrailing to be more precise. Yes me and 8 of my good friends (pardon the grammatical error here) set off on our travels to a few countries in Europe and I am beyond happy and thankful I was given the opportunity to go. I feel enlightened in the mind, soul and heart.

So I’m sure you can imagine leaving all of this behind was a task but I’m back and to its true form, England greeted me with its shitty weather. But I like it. It’s a break from the heat I was in sightseeing for about a week. On that note, expect photo diaries of every country I stepped foot in real soon. If you want to know more about my interrailing experience, let me know below and I would gladly give some advice and share my experience with you guys J

I now have a matter of days to kill until judgment day (results) so until then I’m going to fill it with marathons, blogging, getaways and work…as well as getting my life together. Oh yeah my filling fell out again. Make that the 3rd time I think?

I think I’m gonna stop rambling now because I don’t wanna hurt yours eyes or brain. I hope you all have a great rest of you summer and for most of you that broke up at “normal time”, let the freedom begin J

I leave you with a view from my travels. Can you guess where it’s from?
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