Sunday, 2 August 2015


So … this is me … struggling to find the words to create a coherent blog post. So please bear with me and my word vomit as my brain tries to hack this thing called blogging again.

Hello peoples. I am back and needless to say I am working on content. I am always working on content. But my MIA status has now been revoked and I now intend to keep a firm hand in the blogging pool.

As most of you may know, I finished my a2 exams way back in June and if you didn’t know, I actually went travelling. Well interrailing to be more precise. Yes me and 8 of my good friends (pardon the grammatical error here) set off on our travels to a few countries in Europe and I am beyond happy and thankful I was given the opportunity to go. I feel enlightened in the mind, soul and heart.

So I’m sure you can imagine leaving all of this behind was a task but I’m back and to its true form, England greeted me with its shitty weather. But I like it. It’s a break from the heat I was in sightseeing for about a week. On that note, expect photo diaries of every country I stepped foot in real soon. If you want to know more about my interrailing experience, let me know below and I would gladly give some advice and share my experience with you guys J

I now have a matter of days to kill until judgment day (results) so until then I’m going to fill it with marathons, blogging, getaways and work…as well as getting my life together. Oh yeah my filling fell out again. Make that the 3rd time I think?

I think I’m gonna stop rambling now because I don’t wanna hurt yours eyes or brain. I hope you all have a great rest of you summer and for most of you that broke up at “normal time”, let the freedom begin J

I leave you with a view from my travels. Can you guess where it’s from?
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