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Yummy for my tummy | snacks review | Holy Chic

Hey guys!
so I have been meaning to upload this for a really long time now and I am finally unveiling it to you!

So I have another blog post for you and today it’s going to be a review of some healthy (ish) snacks that I picked up at my local supermarket recently. I’m trying this whole new "healthy living’" thing so I started by going to the supermarket and purchasing these things. I purchased mine at Morrisons but I’m pretty sure any supermarket will sell these. So without further ado, I’ll get straight into it.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid or sponsored by any of these companies to talk/mention their products. All opinions are my own and I purchased everything with my own money.

Okay first is the trufree bourbon biscuits.
Now they had like custard creams as well but I am a bourbon lover and they remind me of my childhood when at school we used to get juice and a biscuit. Ahh those where the good old carefree days. But yes I picked these up because I love them and they were in the healthy whole foods section and it says it is wheat and gluten free. There are 5 lots of 2 individually wrapped packets inside and they are like half the size of a normal bourbon biscuit.

Now because they were wheat and gluten free, I really thought I was going to taste a dramatic difference but I didn’t at all. They tasted exactly the same as regular bourbon biscuits and my tummy was pleasantly surprised with them. I really enjoyed them and would definitely go and buy them again because they tasted so good and are only like 60 calories a biscuit. It’s great to have in your bag as a snack and will keep you full for a long time.

Only thing is, for bourbon biscuits, I think they run a little bit expensive at £1.40. You’re probably thinking that’s nothing but you can get like a huge pack of them for like 80p because they are relatively cheap biscuits. However I would be willing to pay the price occasionally as a treat for myself.

So next time your, in your supermarket, check them out and I can’t wait to try some other trufree foods that they sell. They look delicious.

Okay next is the eat natural snack size bars and I got it in the flavour cranberries macadamias and dark chocolate.

Now I am not a lover of dark chocolate to be honest and would much rather it be milk chocolate but I like cranberries and macadamia nuts so a gave it a try and was around the same section as the biscuits. Also because the other flavours they had, I hate more than the one I picked up.

There are four in a packet and although they look small, they are quite chunky bars. There are all kinds of goodness in there as you can see in these pictures.

I am a big snacker and I thought that these would be a great alternative to crisps and dips.

I can honestly say that I loved them. The dark chocolate isn’t too over powering and because of the fruitiness of the cranberries, it was the perfect combination for a snack sized bar and it really filled me up for a while.

They are great to have in your bag for a snack during a busy day or a lazy day when you are doing some hard work at home.

My only criticism is that no where can I see where the nutritional value information is. I don’t mind it not being there but sometimes you want to check how many calories are in it or how many grams of fat and its simply isn’t there. Also they are a little bit pricy at £1.99 a box and there is only four in there and just a little bit extra you can get boxes with 6 in them so again, I don’t know if I will get them all the time, but maybe as a little treat for myself now and again.

So there you go! That is my completed review on some healthier options I’ve been trying out.

If you like these kind of reviews please let me know in the comments so that I can do more of them for you because trying out new things is always good.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading and I’ll see you in a few days with a new blog post.
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Monday, 23 September 2013

My Autumn Music Playlist + Surprise at the end | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

So today, as promised in my previous blog post (The Autumn Tag), I am doing my autumn music playlist. So I will just be sharing some songs/albums that I have been loving recently and will continue to love throughout autumn. My music taste is varied and I can listen to nearly all genres of music and its just great to be able to appreciate all genres of music.

So I hope you guys enjoy this quick blog post and links to the songs will be below. But so see what is on my autumn music playlist, keep reading!

1.Heart by heart by Demi Lovato:
3.Yours Truly (the album) by Ariana Grande: (I love every singe song on the album, no kidding, so here is where you can list to it )
4.The 1975 by The 1975: (again an amazing album so go and check out all of the songs here )
5.Love me again by John Newman:
6.Melodies by Madison Beer:
7.A love like war by All Time Low:
8.Miss Jackson by Panic! At the Disco:
9.Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus: (I love this song and the lyrics but I am really against the music video! I know there is a meaning behind it and what it is but its just not really my taste but it is still an awesome song!)
11.We the Kings: (great band overall so just check out some of their songs! ) wethekingsonyoutube.
12.Can we dance by The Vamps:
16. Dark Horse by Katy Perry:
18. The Wolves by Ben Howard:
19. Tennis Courts by Lorde:
Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you enjoy it and enjoy listening to the songs if you haven't heard of them before!
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If you missed my last playlist post I will leave it here too: Summer Music Playlist. If you ever want me to listen to any songs or have any requests for blog posts let me know in the comments as I do take them into consideration and write them all down!

Have a great week and I will see you very soon with a new blog post!

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A x
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