Saturday, 19 July 2014

New In: Primark Haul | Holy Chic

I have another haul for you beautiful people because we are lacking on the fashion posts I feel. I made a regular trip to Primark the other day only for a few things and I think I stuck to what I wanted pretty well but its Primark, how can you resist any of it.

First up I have two oversized knit cardigans. I know you’re thinking, it is way to hot for that but they are light and airy and were pretty much what I was looking for. The one on the left is a lot lighter and of a finer knit but in my favourite colour: black! And it was only £10. On the right, that is slightly heavier but it is kimono style and if you adore kimonos but think they are too think for your liking, this is a good option. This was £13.

The last few pieces now. Top left I bought an oversized men’s V neck shirt for £2.50 for Dofe and some full length joggers for £5. Nothing too expensive as they will just get ruined. Okay on the bottom I bought I mini black satchel bag for £6 which I have had my eye on for some time now but I thought would be the perfect size for summer. I also bought some hair clips and an assortment of gold band rings.

There is my Primark haul! I know it is only a small one but I thought it would be worth sharing with you guys J

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Friday, 18 July 2014

3 Airplane Friendly Outfits | Holy Chic

Today I thought I would share with you guys some of my go to airplane outfits because sometimes it’s nice to get some ideas.

Tip 1: wear something light, comfortable and airy and always have something long-sleeved so if it gets colder, you can through that on top.

Tip 2: avoid belts. It is a real pain in the ass having to remove a belt before a frisk search so I would just avoid them to save the hassle

Tip 3: avoid any type of heeled shoes. It is also a pain to have to remove shoes so stick to flat ones that also bring you comfort


Outfit 1: this first look I completed with an oversized grey t shirt, some black slightly fitted joggers and a hoodie in case it get chilly all from H&M. I then added a stripy backpack and some Ray ban style sunglasses and finished the look off with some Aztec print converses all from Primark.

Outfit 2: next I took this check red shirt from Primark and placed a black top underneath from M&S so when arriving in a hot country, I could still have the shirt. I then finished the look with some jeggings from H&M and gold studded flats and a black bag from Primark.

Outfit 3: this is probably my favourite outfit of the three. I have this grey speckled dress from New Look paired with some black leggings which can easily be removed when arriving in a hot country. I then have the same Aztec print converses, some sunglasses and a bag which you cannot see from Primark and finished the look off with a cardigan from Bershka in case it gets cold.

So there you have it, 3 outfits airport friendly I guess. I went for layering over bulky items and comfort over style especially for long flights. Let me know some of your airplane style tips down below.

Have a great day J

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Summer holiday outfit ideas | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

Today I thought I would put together a couple of summer outfits for the hot weather approaching us. Most items featured I included in my spring/summer haul which you can read here if you haven’t already. I hope you get some inspiration from this post and I will get straight into it J

Look 1: Aquatic moments


I paired this blue, tie dye, purple infused playsuit from H&M and kept the outfit casual with some black converses. This could be dressed up with heels and a blazer. Or add a cardigan for the chilly nights.

Look 2: polka dotted


This crop top has a bow cut out on the back and I kept it simple with a grey jersey skirt and some black pumps with gold studs on the toe. This would be great for a day of shopping.

Look 3: beach themed


This oversized t shirt dress is a great cover up from your bikini but is also practical to wear to lunch after some beach fun. I finished the look off with some simple flip flops.

Look 4: Animal


Again this would be a good outfit for the beach but also if you are going to lunch or the shops after. I went for simple cotton shorts and a crop top to stay cool but you could opt for a brighter colour if you prefer. The bikini underneath will peak out and some embellished sandal for a more put together look.

Look 5: Palazzo


These wide leg palazzo trousers are a statement in itself so it’s best to keep everything else simple and pick out the colours from the print. I completed the look with the same black crop top and some brown wedges for some height

Look 6: coral bliss


This is great for those hot summer nights if you are going to go out for dinner. This light airy summer dress paired with the brown wedges for some height and a small black satchel for your necessities on a night out.  

Look 7: florals


This isn’t your typical floral dress but I love it. I really dressed this look up with some simple black heels and a black cross body bag but could work for the day time with some converses and an oversized knit cardigan for a casual look.

I hope this was helpful and let me know some of your summer outfit picks down below.

Have a great day! J

Haul post where most of the items are from:

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What’s In My Carry On | Holy Chic

The holidays are fast approaching and it was only fair for me to share with you what I usually take in my carry on because, we can all use some help from time to time.


Okay the tip that just works for most things is MAKE A LIST! I really cannot stress this enough. Make sure you have all of your travel documents and organise them, all of your liquids stored in a clear bag etc. There is nothing more satisfying that ticking something off of your list.

First up... yeah there isn’t really an order to this


I like to keep myself occupied and comfortable on the plane particularly on long flights. I have my magazine, two notebooks (one for blogging and one for general work) and a book which I am really excited to start reading the maze runner. I also have my neck pillow which is easy to carry and light.
I like to keep my electronics on me so I have my tablet, kindle and headphones and I of course would put my phone in there too (sorry I lost the picture for this)


This I guess is the more organised section. I have my bag of liquids which I like to have on me, my compact mirror because I can’t actually leave the house without it, ear plugs are a must to protect those ears, blotting sheets so we can look somewhat presentable landing in another country and that makeup  bag will hold any other bits and pieces I need


Next I have my purse which I usually have a smaller one two to separate English money from foreign one but that’s down to you, my passport and any other documents I will need for the flight, a cardigan in case it gets cold, a pen, some mints and my keys


And finally, an assortment of sunglasses because this year I went sunglasses crazy, chargers and any tablets I may need

So that is a rough idea of what I have in my carry on pretty much every time I fly. I hope you liked this post and found some useful tips for if you need to pack your carry on.

Happy travelling J

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

New in : Beauty Bits | Holy Chic

I picked up a few (well 3 to be exact) bits and pieces in the 99p store recently and I finally have the chance to show you because one of them is actually my holy grail item J

Firstly, the holy grail item, my Inecto pure coconut hand and nail cream. I have wanted to get my hand on this because I recently ran out of it and I am so happy I got my hands on it. It is just so moisturising and it’s not too overpowering of a scent

Next is the Simple smoothing facial scrub. My skin has been feeling a little sore lately so I wanted something a little gentler to exfoliate my skin with and I hope I see some results

And finally I picked up the Clean and Clear morning energy facial wash. I wanted a switch from my refreshing one and to be honest, I just wanted to try something new.

Hope you liked this and let me know if you have picked up some new beauty products recently J

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Friday, 11 July 2014

#6monthsedit : Random Favourites | Holy Chic

Continuing with my 6 months review type of posts, today is the random favourite’s edition because I have always wanted to do one of these J I will try to keep it short and sweet again because I think that is less time consuming and won’t be a bore to read so let’s begin.


Never Let Me Go by Kauzo Ishiguro: not going to lie, I did prefer the film even though that was quite bad but it is a beautifully told story

The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter: this is just an overall really weird book but it’s a great read

Catching Fire and Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins: yes I finally read them after years of refusing to read them

The Road by Cormac Mcarthy: this is again a beautiful story, sad in most places but worth the read



This is just most of my favourite jewellery as I have been loving necklaces

(from left to right) Squirrel and nut was a present, Heart from Primark, Triangle statement from Primark and Inverted Triangle from Primark



My maroon cardigan from Krisp

American apparel inspired jeans from select

Boyfriend style striped tee from Primark

Here is a link to an outfit post: which is pretty much I have been wearing :


Here is just a list of my top plays of the past 6 months because if I did them all, you would be reading this list for about 5 years.

Don’t Stop by 5SOS -
Somebody to you by The Vamps –
Stay High by Tove Lo Remix -
Touch by Shift K3y –
Better Together by Fifth Harmony -
Ed Sheeran ‘X’ album (its new but deserved a mention) -
Classic by MKTO -
Fancy by Iggy Azelia -
Cover of Fancy by Madilyin Bailey –
Cover of Lego house -
Ain't no rest for the wicked by Cage the Elephants-
What You Know by Two door Cinema Club –
Bad Blood by Bastille (entire album) -
This head I hold by Electric Guest -
If I could change your mind by Haim -
La la la Cover -
What now by Rihanna -

And for a special touch, I thought I would throw in some of my favourite posts that I enjoyed writing for you guys J

(oldest to latest) – click to see what they are about J

So I hope you guys liked this random favourites and in a few days time (fingers crossed) I will have my 6 months empties up for you. Apologies for it being very link heavy but that’s what these round ups involve right?

That is unfortunately the end of my #6monthsedit posts and I will be sure to do them at the end of the year too.

Tell me some of your favourites in the comments. I’m looking for some new products to try out J

Missed my last post? (I share some of my packing tips J ):

love you all soo much and I will see you with a new post very soon

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Professional Packing | Holy Chic

Okay, so it isn’t that professional but over the years I have been packing, I have had some little tricks that have helped me be for skilful I guess you could say, at packing.

Be brutal and really think about if you need the things or not. You could always plan ahead with outfits so you only bring what you need but most importantly, MAKE A LIST. They will be your bestfriend. You won’t forget anything not bring to much if you can see what is on the list


Toiletries! On the left is what not to do and on the right is what works better. Holidays are the best time to break out all the samples because they are light weight and you can usually finish them meaning less weight to carry back.

Avoid big bottles and jars and transfer to travel appropriate bottles and invest in some miniatures all the way to miniature toothpaste.


Makeup! Again on the left is what not to do and on the right works best. There is no need to bring your entire makeup collection. Think about what looks you have been loving or is easiest to transport. One palette is good and two lipsticks and any mascara, eyeliner etc you want to bring. And any base products if necessary for you.


The oldest trick in the book I would say. Stuff your socks and underwear in your shoes. That keeps the shoes structured but also saves space in the suitcase


The only three bags you will ever need. I suppose this bit is up to you but I like to have a beach bag, my hand luggage bag and a smaller cross body bag but there is no harm in using your beach bag as your carry on.

3 packing types J

1.       The roll. Rolling up each individual item means you can make them smaller yet have multiple layers of clothing.

2.       Stack. You could just keep it simple and stack each item of clothing on top of each other and organise into types of clothing

3.       All together. Another tip I learnt is e.g. putting all the tops together in one pile and folding them all together on each other


And finally jewellery. You will need some wide straws (e.g. Mcds ones), a bag and necklaces or bracelets or whatever jewellery you are bringing

My pictures are a perfect example of what not to do but thread your jeweller through the straw, hook up and place in the bag to keep them tangle free. Cut them shorter for bracelets J

And some final tips for you guys

è Lay your towel flat on the bottom of your suitcase as I find that takes up a little less from

è Have the expander off when departing so you have more space for e.g. prezzies when returning

è And only bring what you need J

I hope you guys found this helpful and if you have any other packing tips, feel free to share them in the comments J

Happy travelling J

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Boyfriend Jeans | Holy Chic

I think it’s time to throw another fashion post into the mix after the multitude of beauty posts don’t you think?


Today I thought I would share three of my favourite outfit combinations with the Zara boyfriend jeans. I think they are so simple and easy to style and work well on nearly all body shapes and they are great for summer because it is so versatile. So I hope you like the looks J

Look 1: Squared


This I feel is the cult classic look for boyfriend jeans. There is never a better time to throw on a check shirt which would look better if fitted because the jeans are of a looser fit but if worn tied around the waist, it can be more over sized. I finished the look off with a simple black leather jacket, the on trend skater shoes and a gold watch with some avaitors. This look says trendy, casual and chic.

Look 2: class


If an item can be dressed down, it can most certainly be dressed up. These jeans would be great to transition into the evening with a flowy white cami top, a fitted black blazer to compliment the looser fit of the jeans, a cream clutch bag and sleek strappy black heels. This is the perfect look for a night out with the girls

Look 3: Fringe

This final look is for those even more warmer days when it is still acceptable to wear jeans. Because they are of a light wash, they instantly become summer appropriate. I picked out a statement kimono following a key trend for the summer time and picked out the baby pinky/peach colour in the kimono and tied it together with the bralet. I then finished the look off with some cut out ankle boots and a black shoulder bag. To me this look is very festival chic.

Kimono   Bralet  Boots    Bag

Zara boyfriend jeans: Boyfriend Jeans

So those are just three ways I would style boyfriend jeans (if I owned any) and I think they would be great if you are lacking on the summer outfit ideas.

Have a great rest of your day J

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Monday, 7 July 2014

#6monthsedit : Empties | Holy Chic

There is always a good time for firsts isn’t there J as the third and probably the last instalment of my #6monthsedit. And I thought I would share with you my empties. This also gives me the opportunity to share with you my thoughts on all the products mentioned too J

So without further ado, let’s see what I finished in the last 6 months

First up, Deodorants!

As you can probably tell, Nivea seemed to be the popular choice from travel size to full size to roll on. But I now officially love invisible deodorants and they are the ones that work best for me. The Sure one was okay but I preferred the Nivea brand. I still saw a few white specks and finally the Garnier one was actually really nice. It might come out white at first but dries invisible and is really cooling under the arm.

Removers and what not!

The Primark exfoliating wipes is definitely for a lazy girl like me. I get a bit bad with my skin care routine and this is quick easy and cheap. The makeup wipes were not so great and did nothing for me really. The Kleenex eye makeup remover wipes have been a favourite of mine for a while now and is great for travelling. It removes benefit they’re real mascara. And finally the Kleenex oil absorbing sheets are a must have for the bag

Bottled stuff

L’Oreal micellar water worked really well for me and removed my makeup as it said it would but when it gets too close to the eyeballs, it stings a little. The simple toner is really gentle on my skin and would definitely repurchase. You can tell it is purer than other toner solutions. And finally the L’Oreal eye makeup remover just wasn’t that great for me. It’s good for small sections but doesn’t remove eye makeup in bulk very well

The Hollister Laguna beach body spray took me years to finish but I loved it but at £12, I would have to think hard about repurchasing it. The innecto pure coconut hand cream is sooo good and I managed to find it again in the 99p store and that just makes my life complete again. The Colgate advance whitening toothpaste had to be thrown in because I teeth feel cleaner and look better. And finally for mascaras the benefit they’re real and the estee lauder sumptuous mascara worked great until they dried up. Sad times.

There you have it. I will be sure to do this at the end of the year too but I hope you liked this post none the less and I will see you guys with a new post really soon. Bye for now J

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Sunday Edit #2 | Holy Chic

I really liked doing this a few weeks ago so I thought I would give it another whirl. This Sunday, I had a bbq and I am sorry it is more ootd orientated but... yeah I have no valid excuse for this

This Sunday I kept it simple with the infamous jeans from select, a and white strip boyfriend t shirt from Primark as well as some gold studded flats from Primark.

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