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Okay, so it isn’t that professional but over the years I have been packing, I have had some little tricks that have helped me be for skilful I guess you could say, at packing.

Be brutal and really think about if you need the things or not. You could always plan ahead with outfits so you only bring what you need but most importantly, MAKE A LIST. They will be your bestfriend. You won’t forget anything not bring to much if you can see what is on the list


Toiletries! On the left is what not to do and on the right is what works better. Holidays are the best time to break out all the samples because they are light weight and you can usually finish them meaning less weight to carry back.

Avoid big bottles and jars and transfer to travel appropriate bottles and invest in some miniatures all the way to miniature toothpaste.


Makeup! Again on the left is what not to do and on the right works best. There is no need to bring your entire makeup collection. Think about what looks you have been loving or is easiest to transport. One palette is good and two lipsticks and any mascara, eyeliner etc you want to bring. And any base products if necessary for you.


The oldest trick in the book I would say. Stuff your socks and underwear in your shoes. That keeps the shoes structured but also saves space in the suitcase


The only three bags you will ever need. I suppose this bit is up to you but I like to have a beach bag, my hand luggage bag and a smaller cross body bag but there is no harm in using your beach bag as your carry on.

3 packing types J

1.       The roll. Rolling up each individual item means you can make them smaller yet have multiple layers of clothing.

2.       Stack. You could just keep it simple and stack each item of clothing on top of each other and organise into types of clothing

3.       All together. Another tip I learnt is e.g. putting all the tops together in one pile and folding them all together on each other


And finally jewellery. You will need some wide straws (e.g. Mcds ones), a bag and necklaces or bracelets or whatever jewellery you are bringing

My pictures are a perfect example of what not to do but thread your jeweller through the straw, hook up and place in the bag to keep them tangle free. Cut them shorter for bracelets J

And some final tips for you guys

è Lay your towel flat on the bottom of your suitcase as I find that takes up a little less from

è Have the expander off when departing so you have more space for e.g. prezzies when returning

è And only bring what you need J

I hope you guys found this helpful and if you have any other packing tips, feel free to share them in the comments J

Happy travelling J

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