Monday, 18 May 2015

Becoming an adult. Yikes!

So along came the 3rd may and I dove head first into adult life, unaware, suspicious but naive. 

But it’s been about 15 days 45mins and 6 seconds (okay I made that bit up) but I've experienced stress had three melt downs, already broke, have people wanting me to pay for a shit tonne of things, meetings and lessons and revision and driving and overall just stress.  As a newbie to stress I don't like it so that was removed immediately from the equation

Like c’mon it’s been 15days. Can I catch a break yet?

Hopefully my word vomit gives an indication as to why I have neglected this blog. It was never my intention to; I have a crap load of blogging inspiration and post ideas. It just kinda fell out my hand as I was carrying too many things and even my foot couldn't catch it. Soz about that.

This is not a “hi I'm back, here’s to regular posts again” because that would be a lie. I am just laughing right not at me even contemplating writing such a thing.

I thought I'd check in, give you the 401 and have a basis for building back up on the blog

 1. My driving test is Wednesday. Most definitely going to fail it but I'm excited and nervous

2. I need to get my filling redone. Stupid dentists.

3. I need to book my flight to Amsterdam because I would quite like to fulfil my travelling dreams

4. Need to find about £100 to pay off some things; flights, end of school year presents and what not

5. Media deadline and revision was today but it killed me all of last week. That was a whole other commotion. 

But I don't want to be a moaning minnie the entirety of this post so here are some of the highs…I guess

 Birthday dinner with family. Food was soooo good and they made me the nicest selection of cakes

Sixthform dinner went surprisingly well. Went clubbing after, got home at 6 in the morning.  One of the best nights of my life. I was not drunk but drink responsibly kids ;)

Although I haven't left school yet I will be in a few days and I am beyond ecstatic. That's how happy I am. That word is reserved for happy moments

I just got my new phone and it just completes my life a little more. Bigger, better and just what I need

I now have AdSense on my blog which I am sure you are all familiar with. This changes nothing in terms of content and the blog in general but I thought I would let you know in case you hadn’t noticed :)

I now own editing software so more videos and stuff but I will have to see in a year if I am still willing to pay for it ;)

This is a great segway into the fact that I have re uploaded my 50 facts about me tag which you can watch (until the end)

And even better, there is a brand new video on my channel right this second :)

I think I should wrap this up Estée style but I just wanted to say hello hi how you doing, I hope revision is okay, wish you all the best of luck with your exams. I cannot confirm when my next post will be but twitter is always the place to be to stay updated. And bloglovin if I do decide to upload a spur of the moment thing ;)
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Sunday, 3 May 2015


I guess I should start off this post my saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I am finally 18. In honour of my 18th birthday, I think it’s only fair to give you a gift too; in blog post format. Soz if you were hoping for an actual present!

Today, whilst I whip up my birthday lowdown post for later on next week, I am going to tell you 18 things I have learnt before turning 18. And I would stick around to the end for something extra special

1.       It is okay to feel like shit or have a bad day when you think there are so many worse things in the world

2.       You have made mistakes but you have learned from them. They don’t define you

3.       What happened to you at the age of 5 was scary but in hindsight, the best thing for you. That doesn’t define you either

4.       Friends are so important

5.       Comparing yourself to others only makes you feel worse

6.       Drink more water. You know your skin loves it and it’s a blessing when you’re dehydrated

7.       Accept it, you will be quoting friends for the rest of your life

8.       You should exercise more. It does your health some good. Not that you are incredibly unhealthy

9.       Travelling gives you a buzz. Do it more often

10.   Making every moment count makes you the happiest you can be. And you like yourself being happy

11.   Don’t give up. It fills you with regret

12.   You can’t have everything you want. Soz

13.   Conforming to others expectations is a waste of time. Be who you are and do what you want to do

14.   It’s okay to not know or to not understand something. That’s how we grow and learn

15.   Don’t be afraid to correct people when they get your name wrong. After all, it is your name J

16.   Primers don’t work on you. Save the pennies

17.   Your size is your fremeny. You CAN wear a croptop and look flawless. Thanks Beyoncé

18.   When someone you genuinely know compliments you, accept it. They mean it

18 things I learned before 18. It’s always good to reflect on these things. Happy birthday to moi. Happy Sunday to you all. Happy 3 day weekend and stay well.

If you keep scrolling, I believe there is a new video on my youtubes for you to take a peek at, if you want

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