Monday, 23 June 2014

Bloggers Do Collections Better | Holy Chic

It is time for the next instalment of the #Bloggersdoitbetter challenge and today its collections. I could have easily gone for a makeup collection but today its fashion and to be more specific, the Zara TRF collection which I am obsessed with. I have picked out a few of my favourite picks for summer and I thought I would share them with you


Striped Dress – this will always be a staple piece in a wardrobe and it looks really light airy and would be great with a pair of flatform sandals and the backpack also featured in this post

Crossover back top – this monochromatic top again is really keeping in with this black and white summer we are having. But again this would be great with a blazer and shorts and some heels to dress it up or some boyfriend jeans and converses for an effortless daytime look

Lime Green Skirt – I thought I should add a splash of colour for you but if this is not for you, they have it in grey J this wrap around skirt is a really simple piece that would work great for a beach cover up or a casual party

Slogan T shirt  - you can’t really not buy this t shirt because I think it is applicable to almost the entire population. Basic graphic tees are great regardless with some jeans, leather jacket and some converses. Trust me, if it’s a day where you can’t be bothered to put effort in your outfit, this will work a treat for you

Printed Shorts – printed shorts serve as a great base if you find it difficult to add colour into your outfits because it does it all for you. You could pair with a basic white t shit and sandals and could accessorise with coloured jewellery to match the shorts

Black Sandal Heels – heels are or should be or... I don’t know really a girl’s best friend. These dress up any outfit even if it is jeans and a top. And stay tuned on my blog where I might just be incorporating these into an outfit

Jeans  - light wash, boyfriend fit, distressing, perfection. I think almost everyone owns a pair of these now because they are so versatile and could be worn with the graphic t or even the black and white strap top. But a styling post is coming on these types of jeans very soon J

Rucksack  - if you aim to travel this summer, this bag will be your best friend. Very chic and  because it is black will go with anything but of course you could opt for a side bag if that is more for you

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments if you like or have purchased anything from the TRF collection.

See you soon with a new post J

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Hair Duet | Holy Chic

Most of the time I ignore recommendations given to me but these two products showed me that maybe I should listen more...often.

I recently purchased some Vo5 products in Superdrug including the Ultimate Hold Hairspray and the Dry Texturizing Spray


Texturizing spray: I wanted something that would give me more movement and texture in my hair but that wasn’t wet because that just doesn’t work for me and this just did it for me. The salt isn’t visible in the hair which is great because my hair is practically black and gives lots of movement without weighing it down. And it only cost

Hairspray: firstly, Zoe (Zoella) always talks about this and I see why. It is weather resistant which is a life saver for me because as soon as I step outside, my hair turns into a frizz ball. It doesn’t add weight to your hair and actually holds a curl in place. I only bought the travel size one as a trial at £ but the full size is

I hope you liked this and let me know some of your hair secrets down below

 Stay chic x – A (
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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The 3 minutes, 3 step eye look | Holy Chic

Every morning I am just not in the mood for a full on eye makeup look mostly because I find it very hard to function at seven o’clock in the morning. So I have narrowed my make time to three steps that takes me just under three minutes giving me more time to fully wake up in the morning.

Gel liner and angled eyeliner brush: I have a post all about these two called The Dream Team if you would like a more in depth review on this but these two together make it so much easier to apply liner and quickly.

Eyeko eyelash curler: who knew that these could make such a difference? I have always ignored these because I have pretty curly lashes to begin with so I have always ignored them but recently, I have loved them and I notice such a difference in my lashes.

Maybelline colossal volume express mascara: this mascara has been on and off of my blog for quite some time now but I have been loving it again and it gives my lashes some really decent length as well as lots of volume. It has been working really well for m when I don't want a dramatic makeup look or a more natural look.

What are some of your time saver makeup tips?

Gel eyeliner:
Angled brush: (this is not the one I have as I got mine from a local shop but the same thing

Stay chic – A x : ( )

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Skincare | Holy Chic

Today I bring to you the first instalment of #BeautyDaysOfSummer where over the course of 8 weeks I will bedding some summer themed post as part of this challenge. I am going to take you through my summer morning and night time skincare routine which isn’t too dissimilar from my winter routine (I don’t really have seasonal routines really) but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

 So firstly I will cleanse my skin and remove any of the night before makeup with my Garnier micellar water. I will then spot treat my excema patches with some E45 cream which is what that white tub is. Because I find this too greasy as an all over moisturiser, this goes on underneath my nspa primer which creates a barrier for my oils. I will then moisturise with the infamous Palmers cocoa butter and finish off with my Garnier under eye roll on.

There isn’t much difference here again but I as always will take my cleanser/toner Garnier micellar water to remove any excess dirt or oils from my face. I will then moisturise all over with my Cocoa Butter night renewal cream which is a much thicker consistency but leaves the skin feeling smooth and well moisturised. I will then use my Garnier regenerating eye cream and finish off with some nivea lip balm.

So there you have it. I try and keep it simple and just keep my skin as clear as possible and if my skin likes something, I try not to change it. I like my skincare to be lighter during the day and heavier at night. I hope you like it and let me know some of your favourite skincare products for the day or night down below.

Want to see where some of these products stem from?

See you next week with week 2 of #BeautyDaysOfSummer J

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Let’s talk routines | Holy Chic

Today I thought I would share with you the products I use in the morning. This will usually take me a total of 5-7 minutes so it is really quick and easy for me. Please bear in mind that I don’t wear a full face of make up so that is why it does not take me that long for me to get through all of this.


Firstly I will use my Simple Toner and get rid of unnecessary oils and dirt on my face with a cotton round. And if necessary, before this step, I will use my Primark Exfoliating Wipes. This really helps smooth out my skin and refresh it.

Next I use my E45 cream which is a tub that previously had hand cream in it and I just apply this over my problem areas so speed up the repairing process. An alternative to this would be aqueous cream.

Next I will go in with my NSPA Instant Blur Primer and this is an oil/cream based formula that just smoothes over the skin and creates and even base for my cream.

Next is my Palmers Cocoa Butter and this just is an all-round amazing face cream and works well with the primer.

After I use the Garnier Roll On which helps reduce puffiness around my eyes and has a cooling effect which my eyes really appreciate in the morning.

I will then brush through my eyebrows and apply some lip balm.

Then I will do my 3 steps, three minutes make up look complete with gel liner and a angled eye liner brush, an eyelash curler and mascara which I will have a full post on with close ups next week  for sure but it’s really quick, simple and easy and finishes my face off I guess you could say. And for me, this isn’t that harsh for moving into spring and summer. But you can check out my most recent post here to see how I do my winged eyeliner.

So there you have it, my full morning routine and I hope you liked it and I will see you with a new post very soon.

A post more in depth about my skincare routines will be up tomorrow so stay tuned for that J

Stay chic – A x ( )
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Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Dream Team | Holy Chic

I have made a discovery that has become a major asset to my life. Did it exist before? Yes. Did it take me a really long time to finally purchase one? Yes.

Today I am going to share with you the reason why I have fallen back in love with my Maybelline Eye studio Gel Eyeliner ,THE ANGLED EYELINER BRUSH.


I know nothing amazing but it is no longer neglected and I just feel that these two combined are just a great ‘dream team’ and really help make applying makeup in the morning a lot easier.

I feel I have more control and precision, I feel I can get that much closer to the lash line with it and create more of a variety with my eyeliner looks


So have you discovered anything yet making your life 10x easier?

Angled brush: (this is not the one I have as I got mine from a local shop but the same thing here)

Stay chic – A x
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Senzimi Review * | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

Today I thought I would do a review of some of the free samples that Senzimi sent me a little while back now. Senzimi is a great website that sells skincare products that are kind to the skin. They were kind enough to send me 10 (5x cleanser and 5x Moisturiser) to try out as I do suffer with eczema. You can get this deal too and I will link their twitter and website at the end of this post.

So let us get into the review!
So first I will talk about the Senzimi sensitive cleanser. It is specially formulated for dry irritated skin and made with jojoba oil to unclog pores. And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It had a really nice creamy consistency and nice buttery colour so it wasn’t off-putting to the eye. It was very gentle on the skin and had hints of a citrus scent which I adore in skincare products. It did have a tingling after effect but it did help unclog my pores and my skin looked better after I had used it. I give this product 5/5.

Next is the Senzimi Sensitive moisturiser and with regret, I really did not like this and felt it didn’t work well with my skin. It left an uncomfortable tingling on my skin, was way too thick of a consistence and didn’t lather well into my skin and also, felt like I had put insect repellent all over my face which you could definitely smell as it was to strong of a scent. I took it off of my face as soon as I applied it and I don’t think it would use it again. I give this a 0/5.

So overall it is a mixed response. I may consider purchasing the full size of the cleanser at a later date but most certainly not the moisturiser.

Thank you again to Senzimi for giving me the opportunity to try out their products and until next time...

Stay chic - A x


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Monday, 9 June 2014

The Hair Edit | Holy Chic

*this is kind of an old post but a lot of people requested it so I thought I would still share it with you anyway J. This doesn’t mean I don’t still use the products and doesn’t change my opinion on them*

Hello my lovelies!

Today I thought I would switch things up a little bit and do a post more hair related. This has been on my blog post to do list for such a long time and I am glad that I can finally cross it off.

Now my hair has been treated (as in permanent straightening) and I will insert the length of my hair. I am sorry this is the best picture I could get but hopefully you can see.


This is all my hair and I have A LOT! This is more the bed head length but if I were to straighten it, it would be between 2-3 inches longer. My hair is also very thick.

So now I will show you the hair tools and products I use on a relatively daily/weekly basis

So the curlers are the Mark Hill Morphy Richards ThermoCeramic Multi Styler. I use the second attachment for the curler. This thing is so old, yet it looks brand new. I bought it from Woolworths and that shop is nowhere to be seen on the high street anymore. (Sad times!) It has a built in timer and lots of different interchangeable barrels and other things. They heat up very quickly and curl nicely. If you would like a more in depth review, let me know in the comments because that is definitely possible! I use this almost every day because my hair is at a really awkward length straight so curling it makes it look just a little bit better. Oh and at the time the cost me £20.

Next are my straightners and they are by Babyliss. They were around £80 but so worth it and I think if straightening is something you do on the regular, definitely invest in a good pair of straightners. These heat up really quickly, got to and extremely high temperature and straighten very well. Highly recommend!

Okay so next is an Olive Oil sheen spray by Organic Root Stimulator. This is £2 which is so great because you get so much for it and I basically just use this after styling just to add some shine and moisture back into my hair as hot tools can sometimes dry it out. It is very lightweight and doesn’t weigh your hair down.

Next is the Argan Oil heat defence leave in spray. This works wonders for my hair because I really feel that it protects it and reduces split ends and plus makes your hair smell good. Because I bought this in the 99p store, the only other place I have seen it is Amazon so I will like it if you want to check that out.

Next is the Tresemme ultra fine hairspray and it is the purple one (no.4) if that helps but this is the only hairspray that actually holds a curl for more than 5mins in my hair so that’s why I love it. But if you do have any recommendations on a really really really good hairspray, please let me know in the comments!

Okay up next is the Argan Oil hair treatment and this again works wonders. If makes my hair feel so soft and just puts the right amount of moisture back in to my hair. I especially love using this after I have curled my hair and I just apply a pea sized amount to the ends of my hair. Again, I bought it in the 99p store so I will leave an Amazon link!

Just above that, on the left is just a clear container and in that is some jojoba oil and I use this when my hair is in dire need of some moisture. This is between £2-£4.

And finally to the right of that is a sample size of the intense moisture crème by Organic Root Stimulator and this works so well that when I am out, I will be repurchasing. Repairs my split ends and moisturises really well.

So that is it. The long awaited blog post is finally over. I hope you liked it and if you have any other blog post suggestions, let me know in the comments below but until then...

SURPRISE! MY GIVEAWAY IS FINALLY HERE. (Apologies this wouldn’t work yesterday L) This is the long awaited thank you for 200 Bloglovin followers on my blog and it is for 5 months free Advertising. When my blog birthday comes around, I will (I am like 99.9% sure) try and do a actual tangible gift giveaway but for now, I hope this will suffice

All of the rules to enter are stated below once you enter and I will be picking 5 winners. This giveaway is on for around a month and I will announce the winners on twitter. So good luck and may the winning streak be with you all :)

 a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Sunday Edit | Holy Chic

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 Sometimes on a Sunday, I go down to my sisters for lunch/dinner and since last Sunday was such a beautiful afternoon, I thought I would share some outfit pictures with you guys. Apologies that there aren’t a lot of pictures but the house is currently under construction so I didn’t feel comfortable sharing that with you but I guess here is my comfy Sunday OOTD J enjoy!

Stay Chic - A x (


Saturday, 7 June 2014

April + May on Tumblr | Holy Chic

Hello again internet people!

So I am aware the I forgot to upload Aprils Tumblr experience so I thought I would throw it into the mix with Mays. I have created another two mood boards for May and again, I wish I could have put everything on it but if you would like to see more of where that came from as well as some of the images in full size, you can follow me on Tumblr @ to stay updated with things I am currently loving . Tumblr the past two months were very relatable as I found lots of new blogs to follow but it was also a distraction from revising for my exams. Overall I had some great laughs at my phone screen both in April and May.

cue the pictures and I hope you enjoy J


Oh and here is a blurry version(sorry) of the dancing spider mad because it is pretty epic: GIF

Stay chic - A x (

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Buy and Try: June | Holy Chic

It’s already June and I feel like my life has come to a halt because I am just waiting to go back to school. But either way, it is time for the next instalment of my Buy and Try series and this one will have a twist at the end.

But before you continue reading this, I highly suggest that you check out Mays buy and try post now here so that you can see what the actual products are that I was trying out and also get to know my initial thoughts on the products.

I guess I will just get straight into the review of last month’s products J

1.       The garnier Micellar cleansing water: this was another great Bioderma dupe for me. It removed makeup relatively well, not too sure if it is as well as the L’Oreal one but time will tell and cleansed my skin nicely leaving it feeling smooth

2.       The garnier caffeine eye roll on: my eyes seem to really appreciate this and I noticed that puffiness is reduced around my eyes and they look more hydrated.

3.       The P.S felt eye liner pen: there is a very clear reason why this is a pound and you see you get what you pay for. Although the packaging is really sleek, this doesn’t last more than an hour on the eyelids and isn’t black at all, more of a faded grey so disappointing.

4.       The MUA mono eyeshadow in matte brown: I guess I didn’t really have much of a use for this it is really pigmented and applies nicely onto the eyelid.

5.       Pinky nude lipstick by sunkissed: this was a nice starting colour for me but it didn’t last very long and was quite drying on the lips

Now let’s move on to what I will be trying out for the month of June J

1.       Ted Baker body wash – I already tried out the body cream and I thought it was time for the body wash too. This has a really pleasant scent and I hope this doesn’t irritate my skin.

2.       The Moisture lip balm trio by M&S – I wanted a change in the lip department and found these on clearance and thought why not as each lip balm is specialised to do certain things.

3.       NSPA Instant Blur Primer – I needed a new primer ASAP and this was on offer in Asda for £5 and I just couldn’t pass it up.

4.       Vo5 Ultimate hold hair spray – again, I needed a new hairspray ASAP and I have had the hardest time finding one that will hold a curl in my thick hair so fingers crossed this all goes well.

And there you have it, next month’s testing products. Now here is the twist. The next instalment of this will be up around August time because I have something different planned for July and I think it is good to have a break from repetitive posts sometimes. So until august people J
Stay chic x – A (

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Street Style Steal | Holy Chic

Hello lovelies!

Today I thought I would switch it up again because I am trying to do this whole ‘find new blog posts to right so I don’t become a blogger robot’ kind of thing. I was on the bus on my way to school on Friday (an inappropriate time to be thinking about blogs post ideas when I have exams on at the time) and I saw this outfit on a girl, fell in love with it and now I am here to share it with you. The dress is exact but everything else was inspired by her look that day and I would call it the ‘Chic yet Effortless’ college/school/uni look. I hope you like this and expect more of these in the future J

Also, she did finish of the look with some dramatic winged eyeliner and an assortment of rings and earrings.

Let me know what you thought in the comments and if you have any post ideas or suggestions, you can leave them in the comments tooJ see you all soon but until then

Stay chic - A x (

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