Thursday, 19 June 2014

The 3 minutes, 3 step eye look | Holy Chic

Every morning I am just not in the mood for a full on eye makeup look mostly because I find it very hard to function at seven o’clock in the morning. So I have narrowed my make time to three steps that takes me just under three minutes giving me more time to fully wake up in the morning.

Gel liner and angled eyeliner brush: I have a post all about these two called The Dream Team if you would like a more in depth review on this but these two together make it so much easier to apply liner and quickly.

Eyeko eyelash curler: who knew that these could make such a difference? I have always ignored these because I have pretty curly lashes to begin with so I have always ignored them but recently, I have loved them and I notice such a difference in my lashes.

Maybelline colossal volume express mascara: this mascara has been on and off of my blog for quite some time now but I have been loving it again and it gives my lashes some really decent length as well as lots of volume. It has been working really well for m when I don't want a dramatic makeup look or a more natural look.

What are some of your time saver makeup tips?

Gel eyeliner:
Angled brush: (this is not the one I have as I got mine from a local shop but the same thing

Stay chic – A x : ( )

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  1. I STILL haven't tried that mascara, despite years of people raving about it! I do love the gel eyeliner though :)

  2. awh you should definitely try it. if volume and a little bit of length is what you are after, give it a go :)


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