Monday, 27 July 2015

A One Stop Rewind

For this post, I am going to rewind a little. To let’s say about a month ago during the whole a level cramming and what not. I vlogged the whole thing for you guys so I hope you enjoy the double extended feature of my life. Too much?

All shall be explained soon and my silence on this blog shall end. An update post is coming to a screen near you in a few days. I am still trying to sort out things and get my shit together basically. I hope you are all having a great summer :)

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Parachute White Linen Launch

The one thing I don’t think I talk enough about on my blog is interior design; something which I have such a passion for. Particularly bedroom furnishings and finding little tables pictures etc. But I think most importantly in a bedroom that can really complete a look is the bed sheets. They have the potential to secure a bedrooms theme or colour palette. For example, going for a cool toned look, try blues and greens and lilacs for a fresh look. If going for bolder colours maybe go back to basics. And that’s where I think Parachute are the icing on the cake. They specialise in luxury bedding basics and today marks their White Linen Launch.
Linen is a coveted material in the summer time particularly for me as it is such a light and airy fabric whilst giving off a sophisticated edge. As a company based in LA this is highly appropriate even to those in warmer climates. Linen in a bedroom can breathe life into it. Combining linen into a basics range will give any bedroom the lift it needs.

My favourites would have to be their selection of covers in a range of colours to bring the room together over being an eyesore of the room. Their scattered room ideas can also help fuel a buyers mind when choosing what colour or piece to pick. Their mantra of “We believe buying bedding should be as enjoyable as your best night of sleep” proves to be something they continually work on throughout their website and their White Linen Launch today has some staple pieces for a more summer appropriate look.

Not only do they provide you with a desirable sleeping experience, they also give back. As they are partnered with Nothing But Nets, for every bedding set sold, Parachute send out one life saving net and you can also make a $10 donation at check out. Having given 3900 nets already, it has proved it is a company worth checking out.

Parachute has definitely proven that basic isn’t such a bad thing. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Check out their website here: and check out their White Linen Launch
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