Friday, 30 January 2015

The Haul That Was Too Big

I think I push Zoella out of the park as I shall now reclaim her title as ‘Queen of Haul’. Regret once filled me as that bag of items I had recently purchased across the pre & post-Christmas/January sales period taunted my every dream. But now I see all of those items e.g. hanging beautifully and I think it was all frickin worth it.

A couple pounds later, a frighteningly low bank balance and multiple shopping trips, I present to you the haul of all hauls…in video and blogpost format. Hell yeah

I took this post as an opportunity. Not only to share with you guys my most recent purchases but also to try my hand at filming, playing around with editing and doing something special especially for you beloved blog readers. (This video is only available to watch with the link just for you peeps)

So I hope you like it. Whether you prefer to read my thoughts or watch the video J BUT if you read the post as well, there are some things that aren’t in the video
On to the post :)

In the video I left these until the end so I guess I will start with SHOES! I have a small obsession with shoes but everyone has their thing right? Mine just happens to be shoes…and bags…and clothes and well the list could go on.

The first pair I set my sights on back in the summer of 2013 I’ve wanted forever. No real reason except for the fact that they were nice shoes and were in keeping with my style. And when I found them in store, in my size and I had money, I took that as a VERY clear sign from god. I owe this purchase to the heavens. The next pair are the timberland lookalikes but ain’t nobody got that kinda money so I settled for these from shoe zone and I love the more masculine touch it gives to outfits. Now the ASOS pair got me a little upset. Although I adore them, they are not the rounded toe they said on the website. But I will keep them because they were in the sale and are nice more formal boots for the odd formal occasion that pops up onto my schedule. If you saw my post christmas and 2015 anticipation post then you will know that I got a pair of black puma suede’s for Christmas. I fell so head over heels in love with them that I got another pair in maroon.  Again the versatility is key for my style and comfort. They add a nice sporty edge to outfits without looking to masculine.

Clothes are another obsession of mine. I have a lot and don’t wear all of them. Cliché, I know.

I picked up this kimono from H&M in the sales for about £7 as I’ve had my eyes on it since the summer. You can be sure that I will be wearing this a lot when England decides to warm itself up again. I also picked up a maroon and black and white striped crop top because they were £3 each. Literally, there was no other motive behind those purchases. I got an olive green regular length top from Primark as I was drawn to it because of the crochet detailing on the hem. Plus it is a great transitional piece and colour from winter to spring.

Kimono (H&M) – not onlineCrop Tops (H&M) – not onlineGreen Top (Primark)

 think it’s important to pick up some basic all year round pieces so I picked up a navy blue v neck t shirt from H&M because you can never have enough of those. They go with anything and everything. I picked up the infamous green checked shirt from H&M that everyone and their mother has. Although it fits in slightly awkward places, it’s probably a sign telling me to lose some weight but regardless, the versatility is just…on point.

Green shirt (H&M) – not online but usually in stores
Navy v neck basic top (H&M) similar -

In the video I was wearing a grey turtle neck sweater from new look and I go on a little too much about it. The simplicity is bliss and it goes with everything. Formal, casual, smart or even comfort, the turtle neck just makes it great for everything.


Now whilst my mum does the weekly shop in Morrisons, I use that opportunity to browse some of the homeware and stationary isles. And that week was a hit. I picked up some woven brown baskets I have wanted to repurchase for some time now and I think I will save them for my university room. It’s all very exciting (wow I am sad). I also picked up some good old revision/a levels essentials. You can never have too many of those.

Another key revision essential which I am forever running out of is revision cards. I took full liberty of their 3 for 2 offer in W H Smith and got some coloured and plain ones. This is the perfect reminder to me to actually start revising.
A random purchase from amazon was some shaver’s plugs to go with my new toothbrush. This haul really does just get better and better.

I also took a trip into Superdrug which seems to be a rarity for me these days but I decided it was finally time to repurchase my collection liquid eyeliner. I have loved this for a long time now and although it burns a little when it gets too close to the eyeballs, it is a great budget friendly option that gives precision and control with the blackest of black wings. Thank you Hello October for reminding me I had this buried within my makeup collection. I then treated myself to one of the ever so talked about Bourjois velvet liquid lipsticks in the colour grand cru. Although it was a splurge at £9, well for me anyway. I am just forever poor; I never buy lipsticks so it’s okay …:)

My sister was kind enough to give me her black backpack and I thought I would give this trend a whirl. I have been toying with the idea of trying it out but I could never bring myself to spend the money on a trend item. I managed to get my hands on Girl Online by Zoe Sugg in asda for £5 to have as like a piece of history. And I got a free sports direct mug the size of my face with my puma trainers. I have a love hate relationship with it.

Now that a Poundland has opened up about a 15 minute walk from my house, it definitely spells trouble – for my bank account that it. Sometimes they just have really good stuff in there that I just end up getting for the sake of it. Sally Hansen and Rimmel London are two makeup brands that tend to be in bulk in there so I most definitely took advantage of that. The name of everything I got is annotated on the picture.

And for the bonus purchase which only arrived on my doorstep a couple of days ago. I was browsing the Zara website and just landed on the handbags sale page. Would you believe it? I don’t know how it got there. I purchased a vibrant yellow clutch/side bag that I have seen Zoella sporting for about a year now and when I say it on sale, I had to get my hands on it. Now there was a black bag too which goes with everything, I couldn’t decide what one to get and somehow both ended up at my doorstep.

Yellow bag -
Black bag not online anymore L
Ugh god I’m terrible.

That was my haul so big I think I need shoppers therapy. I hope you liked it whether it be video, blog post or both and let me know of any post or video requests you would like to see from me.

I’m gonna go and drown myself now in all of my new purchases and my low bank balance. Have a great rest of your day
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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Hair and The Turtle Neck

Firstly can I just say I am pretty proud I came up with that little play on words for the title of this post on a long and dreary bus journey to school. The best blog post ideas and titles really do come at the weirdest times. I am pretty sure I made an amazed look on my face when I thought of it but a little public embarrassment was worth it for this post.

Today I thought I would share with you some of my go to up do’s/out of the face hair styles that subsequently go awesomely with my newest purchase of this grey turtle neck jumper. I am definitely not one to be adventurous with my hairstyles so it may lack it in that sense but hey, when you have limited time to get ready in the mornings, these can be a time saver. But not to forget with a top like this, I think my hair looks better with it out of the way to draw attention to not only the hair but the neck of the jumper.

Pigtail braids: sporty and chic

This is as adventurous as it is gonna get I’m afraid but I get a strong Tumblr vibe from this look. Braids are a great way to add some intricate yet subtle details to what could be a plain outfit. And better yet this look can even keep the baby hairs away.

The donut: smart and casual

This is definitely one that I would be happy to leave the house in but also one that will magically appear on the top of my head when I am in work mode. Its definitely a favourite amongst the top knot/donut family because it is quick but looks different every time.

 Ponytail: simple yet effortless

This one is so simple that it probably shouldn’t be allowed in this post but for the uncooperating hair days right? With a varation of ponytail looks these days, the messy one is definitely for me. But try a more slicked back look for a more transferable day to night look

 The butterfly: with a twist

This one is almost princess sounding but I promise you it derived from the top knot/messy bun family. Simply create a ponytail but on the last loop, don’t pull it all the way through. Split the half ponytail in well half and pin each side down and in place. My explanations do not come close to the simplicity of seeing it in a youtube video so I hope this one helps:

So there you have it. Four hairstyles, one turtleneck. Pretty simple if I do say so myself as I am no hair goddess.

Tell me some of your favourite top and hair combos below!

Jumper – New Look
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Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Sunday Post : #2

Last week was not the nicest of weeks I have had due to mocks starting but as it got closer to the weekend, I warmed up a little more to it. With still many hours spent glued to my computer screen, I did manage to find time to do some revision, a little blog post writing and picture taking, filming and editing. Its sounds like a lot more that what I actually managed to complete. On top of that, I finally got my offer from my first choice university but now I have the brain hammering decision of choosing between a Russell group university or one that I haven’t stopped talking about for months on end. I mean it’s my life really so I shouldn’t take this decision too lightly. But the idea of going to university has really settled within me and I am anxiously awaiting that next chapter of my life (only 7/8 months away!!!).

Also, last week was a period of renovation. I had a giant wall filled with my most loved bands, artists and a few friends thrown in the mix. But change is something that bites you in the arse and gnaws at you until you do something. So I took my good old memory card to boots, printed off a few pictures because they are surprisingly costly, and put my favourites up on the wall. It is not to the scale or enormity as it was before but it is now just a tad more special and meaningful.

On another note, this week also became a period of reflection. How much I need to up my game at school but also about me, how I am living three completely separate lives from one another and how much of an independent soul I am. Too philosophical for a Sunday?

Blogging wise, I am thinking a blogging schedule is appropriate. Not really set in stone but to have an idea in the back of my mind of ideally when I would like to post. Something so permanent can give me a little fright and stress me out more than necessary.  I’m thinking Wednesdays and Sundays and any bonus post mostly Tuesdays and Fridays or for the most part, any day I wish. I don’t want to be confined to these days but you know a little more structure means I can be a little more organised.

And we have reached Sunday again and its homework catch-up day as well as mocks revision. I mean there is nothing new here.

I am going to start writing these posts and uploading them on the week they are referring to. I will try to fit this into my hectic schedule because these posts are somewhat calming to write.

Tell me one thing you are looking forward to next week below!

See you Sunday post readers next week!

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Outfit snippets #4 | Holy Chic

I’m back, this post is back and I intend to do more you know if the weather stops being poopy and freezing. Let’s cut the chit chat yeah?

I must warn you though, for this outfit snippets I went a little overboard with the photography so consider this my outfit snippets photoshoot and I promise they won’t be this long again J

Today I went for the all black look and I wore a black v neck t shirt, black skinny jeans (Primark) and the good old black converses. Thought I would put a teeny bit of colour back into it with my chunky knit scarf from new look and my dark grey hoodie from Primark. I then had my school bag from H&M and rings from Primark. Can you tell that I love Primark?

I did all of this while I had 4 hours spare time so I think that it why I experimented a little more but I hope you like it and I hope this gave you some outfit inspiration

But that is not all my friends. if this was not enough for you, I have three more outfit ideas for you guys over on my youtube channel. send me some love and check out the vid:

Have a great day

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pressing Pause

Somewhere along the way, I picked up the remote to my life and just pressed pause for everything; blogging, school and even as far as friends. Confining myself to isolation seemed to be my only coherent language recently and unfortunately as far as mostly blogging goes, that pause button is still on (I have stepped up my revision game just a little because of mocks and now that I am back at school, I am surrounded by friends).

And if I back track, I have no recollection of picking up the remote or my finger toying with the idea of pressing that button. As unplanned and impromptu this break has been, it has allowed me to have a word with myself. I have exams in June that will get me into the uni of my dreams and allow me to start the life I have so longingly coveted. My blog is something I want to grow and want it to be a specifically tailored space to match my personality and me the human being.  And I want to spend what time I have left with my friends and soak up every last hour with them because before you know it we will be going our separate ways.

So although pressing pause may be disheartening to some of my dedicated blog readers, I believe fate forced my hand to press that magic button with consequences that are only revealed once in that idle state.

Now I aim to challenge myself this year. To become who I wanted and find my solid ground on this earth. I want to be happy and comfortable in my own skin. Perhaps once I stop rejecting it, I will learn to love some part of me. But also, I want to be the opportunist whilst a realist. Snatch that glass of water away from the pessimist and drink it for myself. Because what would life be without a little risk?

Big things are happening and in order for that to register with my on and off brain, pressing pause seems like a smart idea. Don’t let the drumming noise of expectations drown you out.

Have you taken a well-deserved break recently?
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Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Sunday Post : A Little Productivity

Sunday has now become a day where I grab my laptop, wrap up in my bed and don’t leave until about 8pm when I realise I actually have school work to do. But there are a few Sundays where productivity is on the agenda; only for a little bit though. But don’t get me wrong, I always schedule in a little bit of bed and laptop time. I’d feel a bit lost if I didn’t. This Sunday, if you still classify it as the beginning of the year, I took it upon myself to document this Sunday to share with you.

No weekend morning is complete for me without a delayed breakfast but I think I can complete my future weekend mornings without these flourless pancakes. I gave into the hype and didn’t like it too much. But oddly enough, I plan to make this a trial and error recipe of mine to find the right taste for my liking. One portion of productivity came in the shape of blog photography. I finally came up with a few blog post ideas and had to create these visual images that were taking over the thoughts in my mind. Expect to see these real soon.

Whilst I had a few posts up my sleeve, I’m still on the hunt for some. This blogging rut that I am in seems to be never ending and I hope to utilise these idle blogging days to come up with at least a month’s worth of content. Laptop time fast approached and I began it with an Essie Button video. It fills me with joy on top of being in bed with my laptop. That big Primark bag you see haunts me. It is a constant reminder of how much money I have spent recently, things I have ordered that still haven’t come yet and how much I want to film a haul for you guys to see it all. It reminds me of how all too familiar I am with the feeling of regret.

Yes it has hit around 8pm (well a little closer to 10.30pm I would say) and I must do all of my work at the last minute because I didn’t have 6 other days or the Christmas break to do it. Luckily I did my homework the night before and I only really had to do a little bit of revision. Hopefully my exam goes well. I gave myself a double treat today as there were some chocolate puddings calling my name from the fridge. Served hot with a spoonful of ice-cream creates an indescribable feeling of joy in your mouth. The satisfaction is just simply unbeatable. And what better way to relax than with a bath and lemon scented bubbles. Perfection in a bottle I say.

Collating all of this week’s non-existent interesting activities would mean that I would bore you with the amount of naps I took and would also mean Id hand my head in shame because I should have been revising. So whether it is the whole week, the weekend or just Sunday, the Sunday posts are now a thing on the blog. I hope this post got you craving the future ones and hopefully it wasn’t too wordy or rambly for your liking. I know I can get annoying sometimes.

Tell me how your Sundays go below J

(*Disclaimers: the first two of these posts will be in reference to the week before it is uploaded as I am on a little backlog of posts but, after two they will then revert to being in reference to the week that it is posted.)
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