Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Sunday Post : A Little Productivity

Sunday has now become a day where I grab my laptop, wrap up in my bed and don’t leave until about 8pm when I realise I actually have school work to do. But there are a few Sundays where productivity is on the agenda; only for a little bit though. But don’t get me wrong, I always schedule in a little bit of bed and laptop time. I’d feel a bit lost if I didn’t. This Sunday, if you still classify it as the beginning of the year, I took it upon myself to document this Sunday to share with you.

No weekend morning is complete for me without a delayed breakfast but I think I can complete my future weekend mornings without these flourless pancakes. I gave into the hype and didn’t like it too much. But oddly enough, I plan to make this a trial and error recipe of mine to find the right taste for my liking. One portion of productivity came in the shape of blog photography. I finally came up with a few blog post ideas and had to create these visual images that were taking over the thoughts in my mind. Expect to see these real soon.

Whilst I had a few posts up my sleeve, I’m still on the hunt for some. This blogging rut that I am in seems to be never ending and I hope to utilise these idle blogging days to come up with at least a month’s worth of content. Laptop time fast approached and I began it with an Essie Button video. It fills me with joy on top of being in bed with my laptop. That big Primark bag you see haunts me. It is a constant reminder of how much money I have spent recently, things I have ordered that still haven’t come yet and how much I want to film a haul for you guys to see it all. It reminds me of how all too familiar I am with the feeling of regret.

Yes it has hit around 8pm (well a little closer to 10.30pm I would say) and I must do all of my work at the last minute because I didn’t have 6 other days or the Christmas break to do it. Luckily I did my homework the night before and I only really had to do a little bit of revision. Hopefully my exam goes well. I gave myself a double treat today as there were some chocolate puddings calling my name from the fridge. Served hot with a spoonful of ice-cream creates an indescribable feeling of joy in your mouth. The satisfaction is just simply unbeatable. And what better way to relax than with a bath and lemon scented bubbles. Perfection in a bottle I say.

Collating all of this week’s non-existent interesting activities would mean that I would bore you with the amount of naps I took and would also mean Id hand my head in shame because I should have been revising. So whether it is the whole week, the weekend or just Sunday, the Sunday posts are now a thing on the blog. I hope this post got you craving the future ones and hopefully it wasn’t too wordy or rambly for your liking. I know I can get annoying sometimes.

Tell me how your Sundays go below J

(*Disclaimers: the first two of these posts will be in reference to the week before it is uploaded as I am on a little backlog of posts but, after two they will then revert to being in reference to the week that it is posted.)
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  1. I love these kinds of posts, Sundays are sleepy for me... but ever since I started blogging at the beginning of the month, I've spent way more time reading, writing and trying to improve my blog!

    It's definitely a task, but I also like to use Sundays as a pamper day before returning to College on Monday morning (I think it's needed) x

    1. ugh sunday is post definitely my pamper day. me improving my blog has yet to come - slowly but surly


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