Sunday, 11 January 2015

The finishing touches | Holy Chic

Now just before I head out the door for a mentally draining day of school, aside from adding a bit of perfume and some body mist, there are a few key accessorising pieces that I can’t seem to leave the house without them on

Watch: something I used to wear on my right hand but I’ve learned to be a lover of it on the left. Now I just feel bare without it on and although it is just a scruffy looking hand-me-down which was purchased in the men’s section, it has become a great item to finish a look off

Rings: with my short finger nails, I feel rings just add a little somethin somethin. I wear a normal sized tied heart and a crinkle design midi ring and again, I just feel different when I’m not wearing them
Earrings: usually you will always find me in your bog standard gold studs but since recently I have found my ideal, everyday hoop earrings, those studs seem to have been replaced. They can make any outfit or dead looking face instantly better and because they are small, it doesn’t look like you are trying too hard.

So tell me, are there any jewellery pieces you can’t leave the house without wearing?




  1. I love rings too! My hands are plain and it helps make my hands prettier XD

    I feel so naked without my rings!

    1. i definitely have my ring phases. they just make my hands look less manly :)


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