Thursday, 1 January 2015

Post Christmas and The 2015 Anticipation


I took a very long unplanned break and I now feel refreshed. It is very easy to fall in this constant blogging cycle and just like that it’s easy to fall out of it for quite some time too. I hope you all had a fab Christmas and got everything you asked Santa for and I hope you can at least remember what happened on New Year’s Eve. Here are some pictures to accompany this portion of the update

These pictures were taken on the biggest Christmas present of all, a 1200D SLR camera (which was kindly accompanied by a tripod, 64gb and 128gb memory card. That is a whole lotaa filming). It is my baby and I friggin adore it along with all of the other amazing presents I got. As I am getting old, I get less but it just means I get ones worth the wait. I love love love my camera and this means better picture quality and new and better quality videos on YouTube. However I am a media student and plan to study this at uni so it was a good investment piece.

If you saw my post about being back on YouTube, I have been slacking with it but the editing software I used for it was only a trial and I don’t think I will be able to get the full version until September. I know I know but I will make it worth the wait I promise unless I can pull something out of my sleeve.  
Some changes may happen to this blog over the course of the year including a new blog design (fingers crossed), potentially a new blog name (I’m looking for something not so out there beauty and fashion), and again some changes to blog content but don’t worry, I can’t be easily strayed from fashion and beauty posts. I want this space to become my mind in a digitalised format.

I am really excited for 2015 as a lot of things are happening for me this year and I will share them with you as the year progresses. I am for sure in a better place now than I ever was before which I spoke a little bit more about in my long overdue update post.

I think I have rambled enough for the first day of the year. I hope you all begin 2015 with a bang and I hope we can embrace this year together. To all of us and 2015! :)

p.s. latest youtube videos are linked below and I hope you like them :)


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