About Me

This shouldn't be as hard as trying to tweet about your life in 140 characters or less but I seem to be finding this a little tricky. But, here goes nothing I guess.

Hi there! Welcome to the blog named after me! :)

I go by Amira, 21 years old,  who has discovered that as you grow, so does your brain and all of the thoughts contained within it. I guess you could say I fell into blogging like Alice in Wonderland fell down the whole. only difference, once I drank the potion, I got bigger.

Whilst attending university, holding down 4 jobs, side projects and sort my shit out, I have my blog as an outlet for all things that just need to be shared with someone other than my bedroom walls. I want this space to grow with me and i hope you can all see that!

My content covers various aspects of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and food. That can seem like a lot but those are all the things that take place in my life so let me share that with you.

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