Thursday, 26 March 2015

What’s in my bag : Travel Edit (UPDATED)

As you will come to find out in the next couple of weeks, this post seems to be quite fitting for me but it may also help those of you out planning on getting away soon.

Today, from yesterday evenings last minute decision, I thought I would share with you what I normally take in my carry on. I did miss out some things like my camera because I took the pictures with it, all of my chargers etc.

But for the most part this is everything. I go for something quite deceptively large and I chose this black satchel bag from Zara which has a lot of room inside, comfortable strap but can also double as a backpack. Versatility is key for carry on bags I think

Inside I have…

My tablet and keyboard case: this allows me to be able to get some work done whilst on holiday. It probably should be a no work zone but if you’ve got exams coming up, best to be on the safe side

My portable charger: a must even if you aren’t going on holiday. It means you don’t need to hunt down a plug and can charge anywhere, anytime

Purse: I mean what would I put all of my £50 notes in?

The liquids bag: you can blame airport security for this one but I will have my antibacterial in this which btw, this is the best one I have ever used. I also have my carmex and balance me lip tint, inecto hand cream, roller ball perfume and hand wipes. My makeup for the day will also be added in before I go

Neurofen, tissues, pens and pencils. Need I explain?

A book: I sometimes like to read. Whether you are a kindle or book person, take something to keep you interested on the plane. Even if it is a magazine. I have also got some of my revision cards because…exams are a thing.

Passport because if you don’t have it, I’m pretty sure they won’t let you leave the country

Some oil blotting sheets which I need because my face is just literally oil city

A mirror in case you have an on flight beauty regime you like to dabble in. whatever floats your boat.

Sunglasses for landing. When the sun beams down on you from another country, you will for sure want to look stylish. Or just to cover up tired eyes.

Ear plugs and mints in case that helps make take off easier for you. I know my ears like to pop so these are a necessity for me

Money in your chosen currency

Your phone and I can’t believe I forgot this but your headphones. Block out everyone if you must. I love doing that on long journeys.

 Unless you thing I have forgotten something I think that is everything my shoulder coukd manage to carry on board. I hope you found this helpful and tell me below somewhere you are going/would like to go.

Have a great rest of your week.
*UPDATE* I just wanted to say that this little space will be quite for a week or so and you will find out about it very very soon. This is not a blogging break, my blogging engine is still very much running, this is just a life break. I will be planning away and hope you can bear with me. EXCITING STUFF COMING SOON :)
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Sunday post : some sort of picture round up

Guess who’s back back back, back again again again…

Yes the lifestyle related Sunday post is what I have for you guys today and I have missed the weekly lifestyle snippets on the blog. But sometimes when you don’t do anything, it really isn’t worth blogging about.

I think the most noticeable thing in this post is the food. All of these pictures did span over the course of a couple of weeks but food is a necessity, food is good and food can also look pretty.

I also had a little toast on mother’s day and I am quite partial to a glass of champagne. Am I now a little high maintenance?

If you thought that was the apparent solar eclipse, no but it was taken about a week ago (dance break) and it just looked pretty on my way to school. Yes occasionally I am one of those that has to take a picture of their surroundings. But like seriously, did any of you guys see the eclipse? I stood in the cold for no reason :(

Also on the “work” side of things I typed up 60 pages worth of revision notes which is a lot considering I had written them out beforehand. And I have been leaving some time to watch gossip girl. I have been having my usual at school more than normal recently ( hot chocolate and muffin) which has been great comfort food for the tough week. And yes, I have Starbucks at my school :)

I won’t keep you too long this week as I need to revise for my test tomorrow and my theory test. I’ve had a whole day of filming, 6hours of sleep and I am simply knackered.

Pray for me.

Have a great week everyone :)
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Friday, 20 March 2015

Sunset : Photography #2

As autumn and winter fades away, don’t let your dreams get taken with it. Let them dawn in the horizons of spring and summer. Let them flourish in the changing seasons. If your vision gets blurry, refocus on what matters.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Trial and tell #001

This is a little series I came up with at precisely 2am. Sometimes inspiration just has to disturb your sleep. But I have now made this figment of my imagination a little spectacle, so enjoy.

This is basically how it is gonna work. I test out a few things and then tell you my thoughts on them. And then in the comments if you have tried any of these out, tell me your thoughts below or any recommendations.

Simple micellar cleansing water – once one micellar water runs out, you really have to get another one. On a bit of a tight budget, I found this one on offer in Superdrug and I really do like it. It’s soft (if water can even be soft) and gentle on the skin and does the job pretty darn well. I owe you an apology Garnier micellar water but I will resume using you shortly
Skin therapy eye makeup remover – a wilko own brand product that I was eager to try as the Nivea double effects eye makeup remover was not on offer. I wasn’t expecting a lot as it was only 75p but for such a bargain, it does a hella good job. It’s not as good as the Nivea one from what I can remember, but it removes my eye makeup. A label that speaks the truth
P.S anti frizz serum – I felt like a magpie when I saw Primark had a haircare range to. Boy was I out of the loop about Primark new releases. I thought this would be a cheaper alternative to a Moroccan/argan oil type thing or at least along the same lines. Yeah, I was wrong. This just wasn’t for my hair or its texture. Not a winner for me. It left my hair feeling just loaded with product

Rimmel stay matte primer – not too long ago, I did a whole post about primers but none of them seem to work for me. And I can’t even say this one works 100% but 98% is as close as its going to get, ever, I think. It has its ups and downs with me and I may soon give up on primers. I won’t spoil it too much for you as there will be a post coming but let’s just say it is the weirdest things that we grow to love

Skin therapy eye gel – another wilko product I came home with. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing again because it was like 75p and I have never really found an amazing eye gel but this has been nice in the mornings on my puffy eyes
Argan oil night repair serum – the packaging of this bears a resemblance to the Estee Lauder night repair serum and well, when its only 99p, you really have to give it a try. I am big fan of their hair products but this serum really didn’t do much for me. I think it is just a little too greasy for the night time personally and it kind of just stayed on the surface of my skin. My face isn’t a product playground thanks

And that is all of this post. I had fun writing it and I will be sure to make this a regularity on the blog if you fancy. I have written this in the back seat of a car and I think I should try and get 40 winks. Do any of you know that phrase?

Have a great week

p.s. Wilko have AMAZING things in there that are incredibly cheap. Go have a browse

Ooh but guess what, I believe I have just uploaded a new YouTube video. You can check it out here if you would like to


Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Sunday post : The Green Smoothies

I know, I have skipped out on yet another lifestyle snippet post but it’s okay because I have something else up my sleeve for you peeps. A little while back, I featured the makings of this smoothie in a Sunday post and as I like to deliver on some of my promises, here is how it all went down with a smoothie maker.

I am not one of those regular smoothie/juice makers but sometimes your body gets a craving for it. I know that they aren’t the best for you in terms of having all that sugar in one serving, despite the fact that it is all natural sugars, which in fact brings a tear to my eye. But every once in a while never did anyone any harm.

1 green apple

¼ of a cucumber

Handful of spinach

Some ice

Apple juice – this is just a sweetener for me but take it out to be even healthier

(Obviously add more of what you like, take out what you don’t and pretty much just make it your own. Whatever floats your smoothie making boat)

In case you really have no experience with smoothie making, I just popped it all into the smoothie maker I have, blended it, then hit the smooth setting and tah dah, your very own green-licious smoothie.
This lasted me around 2 days but because it is fresh, I recommend making enough for one or two servings for the day.

I hope you enjoyed this little recipe as a replacement for my typical Sunday posts - it is still lifestyle orientated right?

just me or does this look hella insta worthy?

Have a great week and see you all soon with a new post and potentially a new video. Oooh.
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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The art of getting shit done

I have to admit, I have let my life and blogging life become a giant mess that I have had the longest time trying to clear up. I like being organised; having to do lists and seeing what I have to do visually but I just never got the habit of using them to stick.

I decided to opt for an electronic version and I have used your bog standard notes section, to do lists and Asana but they were not cutting it for me. Until I found this nifty little app.

The “To Do Reminder” app has been a little saviour of mine because it has made my life a lot easier.

I use it mostly for blog post scheduling; so when I need to upload, write posts and photograph etc. you can create a task with additional notes, set it as a reminder or even just write a simple to do list.

I have been using this app since around February (as you can probably tell from the pictures) and it has just helped me structure my days a lot better and keep on top of things. This has in no way replaced me still writing down the odd thing or too but it has for been a nice little addition to a more organised life.

Tell me some of your organisation tips below. I am always on the hunt for new ones :)
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Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Sunday post : Benefit vs. Benefit?

I’m sorry.

First off, this is not a typical Sunday post because I did absolutely nothing this week that was internet worthy. But hopefully next Sunday will be a little more eventful. I’m also sorry because this post does include the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. I decided that this time around, I wouldn’t let the floods of roller lash mascara reviews stop me from writing my own.

 Mascara launches are a little rare from Benefit but when one does come, it’s a biggun. Like everyone else, I got mine in the Elle magazine, the same as the they’re real one. (Thank god for Elle magazine) I was OBSESSESSED with the They’re real mascara. I loved that it was a plastic brush and gave amazing length, separation and a little oomph to my face when I wasn’t feeling a lot of makeup that day. My only thing is that it is a PAIN IN THE ASS to get off. And when it has been a long day, I really don’t have the energy to take it off sometimes (I always did btw)

But I have to say, like a dozen other people, I much prefer the Roller Lash mascara. This new curved ergonomically designed wand just fits to the shape of my lash line. It helps add length and separation which they’re real did, but I don’t need no eyelash curler with this one. It’s not clumpy and you can really get to the inner corner lashes. It still adds that oomph and better yet, it’s easy to get off.
Roller Lash is definitely a winner for me and since it hit shelves, I seem to have conveniently misplaced my they’re real mascara. Oops. :)

I hope this mini review wasn’t too painful to read and I hope the comparison with pictures was useful.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Evening OOTD

If any part of these pictures look familiar to you, you are not wrong. Not too long ago, I did a makeup look from this very outfit which you can see more about here. I also have featured this outfit on the blog before but now that I have a better camera, I thought why not show it again. As I have wanted to do more OOTD posts for quite some time now. I bring you another today. I went quite casual for this look and dressed it up with the makeup and chunky lace up ankle boots so I think this outfit is very versatile and a great transitional look from day to night.

 This probably is one of my go to evening outfits when I am going out to dinner with friends if it is not to fancy. Jeans are definitely my staple piece. Tell me what yours is below.

Cardigan - New Look
Jeans - Primark
Top - Krisp
Earrings - H&M

Have a great week
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