Thursday, 26 March 2015

What’s in my bag : Travel Edit (UPDATED)

As you will come to find out in the next couple of weeks, this post seems to be quite fitting for me but it may also help those of you out planning on getting away soon.

Today, from yesterday evenings last minute decision, I thought I would share with you what I normally take in my carry on. I did miss out some things like my camera because I took the pictures with it, all of my chargers etc.

But for the most part this is everything. I go for something quite deceptively large and I chose this black satchel bag from Zara which has a lot of room inside, comfortable strap but can also double as a backpack. Versatility is key for carry on bags I think

Inside I have…

My tablet and keyboard case: this allows me to be able to get some work done whilst on holiday. It probably should be a no work zone but if you’ve got exams coming up, best to be on the safe side

My portable charger: a must even if you aren’t going on holiday. It means you don’t need to hunt down a plug and can charge anywhere, anytime

Purse: I mean what would I put all of my £50 notes in?

The liquids bag: you can blame airport security for this one but I will have my antibacterial in this which btw, this is the best one I have ever used. I also have my carmex and balance me lip tint, inecto hand cream, roller ball perfume and hand wipes. My makeup for the day will also be added in before I go

Neurofen, tissues, pens and pencils. Need I explain?

A book: I sometimes like to read. Whether you are a kindle or book person, take something to keep you interested on the plane. Even if it is a magazine. I have also got some of my revision cards because…exams are a thing.

Passport because if you don’t have it, I’m pretty sure they won’t let you leave the country

Some oil blotting sheets which I need because my face is just literally oil city

A mirror in case you have an on flight beauty regime you like to dabble in. whatever floats your boat.

Sunglasses for landing. When the sun beams down on you from another country, you will for sure want to look stylish. Or just to cover up tired eyes.

Ear plugs and mints in case that helps make take off easier for you. I know my ears like to pop so these are a necessity for me

Money in your chosen currency

Your phone and I can’t believe I forgot this but your headphones. Block out everyone if you must. I love doing that on long journeys.

 Unless you thing I have forgotten something I think that is everything my shoulder coukd manage to carry on board. I hope you found this helpful and tell me below somewhere you are going/would like to go.

Have a great rest of your week.
*UPDATE* I just wanted to say that this little space will be quite for a week or so and you will find out about it very very soon. This is not a blogging break, my blogging engine is still very much running, this is just a life break. I will be planning away and hope you can bear with me. EXCITING STUFF COMING SOON :)
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  1. I love your sunglasses so much. I've recently been on holiday and my bag was literally exactly the same! Except I had revision books in :(
    Estelle x - Let Me Go xo

    1. awh thanks! they are from primark. they are killing it with sunglasses atm :)

  2. Where did you get the keyboard for your tablet?

    Francisca Rockey


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