Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Sunday post : The Green Smoothies

I know, I have skipped out on yet another lifestyle snippet post but it’s okay because I have something else up my sleeve for you peeps. A little while back, I featured the makings of this smoothie in a Sunday post and as I like to deliver on some of my promises, here is how it all went down with a smoothie maker.

I am not one of those regular smoothie/juice makers but sometimes your body gets a craving for it. I know that they aren’t the best for you in terms of having all that sugar in one serving, despite the fact that it is all natural sugars, which in fact brings a tear to my eye. But every once in a while never did anyone any harm.

1 green apple

¼ of a cucumber

Handful of spinach

Some ice

Apple juice – this is just a sweetener for me but take it out to be even healthier

(Obviously add more of what you like, take out what you don’t and pretty much just make it your own. Whatever floats your smoothie making boat)

In case you really have no experience with smoothie making, I just popped it all into the smoothie maker I have, blended it, then hit the smooth setting and tah dah, your very own green-licious smoothie.
This lasted me around 2 days but because it is fresh, I recommend making enough for one or two servings for the day.

I hope you enjoyed this little recipe as a replacement for my typical Sunday posts - it is still lifestyle orientated right?

just me or does this look hella insta worthy?

Have a great week and see you all soon with a new post and potentially a new video. Oooh.
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