Friday, 23 January 2015

Outfit snippets #4 | Holy Chic

I’m back, this post is back and I intend to do more you know if the weather stops being poopy and freezing. Let’s cut the chit chat yeah?

I must warn you though, for this outfit snippets I went a little overboard with the photography so consider this my outfit snippets photoshoot and I promise they won’t be this long again J

Today I went for the all black look and I wore a black v neck t shirt, black skinny jeans (Primark) and the good old black converses. Thought I would put a teeny bit of colour back into it with my chunky knit scarf from new look and my dark grey hoodie from Primark. I then had my school bag from H&M and rings from Primark. Can you tell that I love Primark?

I did all of this while I had 4 hours spare time so I think that it why I experimented a little more but I hope you like it and I hope this gave you some outfit inspiration

But that is not all my friends. if this was not enough for you, I have three more outfit ideas for you guys over on my youtube channel. send me some love and check out the vid:

Have a great day

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  1. Replies
    1. its from new look a while ago. not to sure if they still sell it but there are definitely loads on the highstreet these days


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