Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Sunday Post : #2

Last week was not the nicest of weeks I have had due to mocks starting but as it got closer to the weekend, I warmed up a little more to it. With still many hours spent glued to my computer screen, I did manage to find time to do some revision, a little blog post writing and picture taking, filming and editing. Its sounds like a lot more that what I actually managed to complete. On top of that, I finally got my offer from my first choice university but now I have the brain hammering decision of choosing between a Russell group university or one that I haven’t stopped talking about for months on end. I mean it’s my life really so I shouldn’t take this decision too lightly. But the idea of going to university has really settled within me and I am anxiously awaiting that next chapter of my life (only 7/8 months away!!!).

Also, last week was a period of renovation. I had a giant wall filled with my most loved bands, artists and a few friends thrown in the mix. But change is something that bites you in the arse and gnaws at you until you do something. So I took my good old memory card to boots, printed off a few pictures because they are surprisingly costly, and put my favourites up on the wall. It is not to the scale or enormity as it was before but it is now just a tad more special and meaningful.

On another note, this week also became a period of reflection. How much I need to up my game at school but also about me, how I am living three completely separate lives from one another and how much of an independent soul I am. Too philosophical for a Sunday?

Blogging wise, I am thinking a blogging schedule is appropriate. Not really set in stone but to have an idea in the back of my mind of ideally when I would like to post. Something so permanent can give me a little fright and stress me out more than necessary.  I’m thinking Wednesdays and Sundays and any bonus post mostly Tuesdays and Fridays or for the most part, any day I wish. I don’t want to be confined to these days but you know a little more structure means I can be a little more organised.

And we have reached Sunday again and its homework catch-up day as well as mocks revision. I mean there is nothing new here.

I am going to start writing these posts and uploading them on the week they are referring to. I will try to fit this into my hectic schedule because these posts are somewhat calming to write.

Tell me one thing you are looking forward to next week below!

See you Sunday post readers next week!

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