Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Skincare | Holy Chic

Today I bring to you the first instalment of #BeautyDaysOfSummer where over the course of 8 weeks I will bedding some summer themed post as part of this challenge. I am going to take you through my summer morning and night time skincare routine which isn’t too dissimilar from my winter routine (I don’t really have seasonal routines really) but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

 So firstly I will cleanse my skin and remove any of the night before makeup with my Garnier micellar water. I will then spot treat my excema patches with some E45 cream which is what that white tub is. Because I find this too greasy as an all over moisturiser, this goes on underneath my nspa primer which creates a barrier for my oils. I will then moisturise with the infamous Palmers cocoa butter and finish off with my Garnier under eye roll on.

There isn’t much difference here again but I as always will take my cleanser/toner Garnier micellar water to remove any excess dirt or oils from my face. I will then moisturise all over with my Cocoa Butter night renewal cream which is a much thicker consistency but leaves the skin feeling smooth and well moisturised. I will then use my Garnier regenerating eye cream and finish off with some nivea lip balm.

So there you have it. I try and keep it simple and just keep my skin as clear as possible and if my skin likes something, I try not to change it. I like my skincare to be lighter during the day and heavier at night. I hope you like it and let me know some of your favourite skincare products for the day or night down below.

Want to see where some of these products stem from?

See you next week with week 2 of #BeautyDaysOfSummer J

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  1. Loved this post Amira! The Garnier Micellar Water is so popular, one of my favourites too! I definitely need to get a hold of this Palmer's Cocoa Butter moisturiser, heard some great things about it, it's definitely on my buying list.
    I'm looking forward to next week's post!

    Lydia x

    1. awh thank you :) so glad you liked it. I have been using my plamers for years now and I always go back to it :) I am excited for next week too.

  2. ive heard really good things about the garnier face wash but am yet to try it myself. id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. it is something I need to use up because it is mahousive but I like it nonetheless :)


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