Friday, 6 June 2014

Buy and Try: June | Holy Chic

It’s already June and I feel like my life has come to a halt because I am just waiting to go back to school. But either way, it is time for the next instalment of my Buy and Try series and this one will have a twist at the end.

But before you continue reading this, I highly suggest that you check out Mays buy and try post now here so that you can see what the actual products are that I was trying out and also get to know my initial thoughts on the products.

I guess I will just get straight into the review of last month’s products J

1.       The garnier Micellar cleansing water: this was another great Bioderma dupe for me. It removed makeup relatively well, not too sure if it is as well as the L’Oreal one but time will tell and cleansed my skin nicely leaving it feeling smooth

2.       The garnier caffeine eye roll on: my eyes seem to really appreciate this and I noticed that puffiness is reduced around my eyes and they look more hydrated.

3.       The P.S felt eye liner pen: there is a very clear reason why this is a pound and you see you get what you pay for. Although the packaging is really sleek, this doesn’t last more than an hour on the eyelids and isn’t black at all, more of a faded grey so disappointing.

4.       The MUA mono eyeshadow in matte brown: I guess I didn’t really have much of a use for this it is really pigmented and applies nicely onto the eyelid.

5.       Pinky nude lipstick by sunkissed: this was a nice starting colour for me but it didn’t last very long and was quite drying on the lips

Now let’s move on to what I will be trying out for the month of June J

1.       Ted Baker body wash – I already tried out the body cream and I thought it was time for the body wash too. This has a really pleasant scent and I hope this doesn’t irritate my skin.

2.       The Moisture lip balm trio by M&S – I wanted a change in the lip department and found these on clearance and thought why not as each lip balm is specialised to do certain things.

3.       NSPA Instant Blur Primer – I needed a new primer ASAP and this was on offer in Asda for £5 and I just couldn’t pass it up.

4.       Vo5 Ultimate hold hair spray – again, I needed a new hairspray ASAP and I have had the hardest time finding one that will hold a curl in my thick hair so fingers crossed this all goes well.

And there you have it, next month’s testing products. Now here is the twist. The next instalment of this will be up around August time because I have something different planned for July and I think it is good to have a break from repetitive posts sometimes. So until august people J
Stay chic x – A (

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  1. I love the Garnier Micellar water but I have to admit I do prefer the L'Oreal one. I'm also allergic to the Garnier eye roll on so that sucks haha x

    Lilac Ghosts

    1. ah that's a shame about the eye roll on :(. yeah I think I am starting to prefer the L'Oreal one so early on in the month. it just doesn't seem to remove my makeup as well x


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