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*this is kind of an old post but a lot of people requested it so I thought I would still share it with you anyway J. This doesn’t mean I don’t still use the products and doesn’t change my opinion on them*

Hello my lovelies!

Today I thought I would switch things up a little bit and do a post more hair related. This has been on my blog post to do list for such a long time and I am glad that I can finally cross it off.

Now my hair has been treated (as in permanent straightening) and I will insert the length of my hair. I am sorry this is the best picture I could get but hopefully you can see.


This is all my hair and I have A LOT! This is more the bed head length but if I were to straighten it, it would be between 2-3 inches longer. My hair is also very thick.

So now I will show you the hair tools and products I use on a relatively daily/weekly basis

So the curlers are the Mark Hill Morphy Richards ThermoCeramic Multi Styler. I use the second attachment for the curler. This thing is so old, yet it looks brand new. I bought it from Woolworths and that shop is nowhere to be seen on the high street anymore. (Sad times!) It has a built in timer and lots of different interchangeable barrels and other things. They heat up very quickly and curl nicely. If you would like a more in depth review, let me know in the comments because that is definitely possible! I use this almost every day because my hair is at a really awkward length straight so curling it makes it look just a little bit better. Oh and at the time the cost me £20.

Next are my straightners and they are by Babyliss. They were around £80 but so worth it and I think if straightening is something you do on the regular, definitely invest in a good pair of straightners. These heat up really quickly, got to and extremely high temperature and straighten very well. Highly recommend!

Okay so next is an Olive Oil sheen spray by Organic Root Stimulator. This is £2 which is so great because you get so much for it and I basically just use this after styling just to add some shine and moisture back into my hair as hot tools can sometimes dry it out. It is very lightweight and doesn’t weigh your hair down.

Next is the Argan Oil heat defence leave in spray. This works wonders for my hair because I really feel that it protects it and reduces split ends and plus makes your hair smell good. Because I bought this in the 99p store, the only other place I have seen it is Amazon so I will like it if you want to check that out.

Next is the Tresemme ultra fine hairspray and it is the purple one (no.4) if that helps but this is the only hairspray that actually holds a curl for more than 5mins in my hair so that’s why I love it. But if you do have any recommendations on a really really really good hairspray, please let me know in the comments!

Okay up next is the Argan Oil hair treatment and this again works wonders. If makes my hair feel so soft and just puts the right amount of moisture back in to my hair. I especially love using this after I have curled my hair and I just apply a pea sized amount to the ends of my hair. Again, I bought it in the 99p store so I will leave an Amazon link!

Just above that, on the left is just a clear container and in that is some jojoba oil and I use this when my hair is in dire need of some moisture. This is between £2-£4.

And finally to the right of that is a sample size of the intense moisture crème by Organic Root Stimulator and this works so well that when I am out, I will be repurchasing. Repairs my split ends and moisturises really well.

So that is it. The long awaited blog post is finally over. I hope you liked it and if you have any other blog post suggestions, let me know in the comments below but until then...

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