Wednesday, 11 June 2014

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Hey guys!

Today I thought I would do a review of some of the free samples that Senzimi sent me a little while back now. Senzimi is a great website that sells skincare products that are kind to the skin. They were kind enough to send me 10 (5x cleanser and 5x Moisturiser) to try out as I do suffer with eczema. You can get this deal too and I will link their twitter and website at the end of this post.

So let us get into the review!
So first I will talk about the Senzimi sensitive cleanser. It is specially formulated for dry irritated skin and made with jojoba oil to unclog pores. And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It had a really nice creamy consistency and nice buttery colour so it wasn’t off-putting to the eye. It was very gentle on the skin and had hints of a citrus scent which I adore in skincare products. It did have a tingling after effect but it did help unclog my pores and my skin looked better after I had used it. I give this product 5/5.

Next is the Senzimi Sensitive moisturiser and with regret, I really did not like this and felt it didn’t work well with my skin. It left an uncomfortable tingling on my skin, was way too thick of a consistence and didn’t lather well into my skin and also, felt like I had put insect repellent all over my face which you could definitely smell as it was to strong of a scent. I took it off of my face as soon as I applied it and I don’t think it would use it again. I give this a 0/5.

So overall it is a mixed response. I may consider purchasing the full size of the cleanser at a later date but most certainly not the moisturiser.

Thank you again to Senzimi for giving me the opportunity to try out their products and until next time...

Stay chic - A x


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