Saturday, 19 July 2014

New In: Primark Haul | Holy Chic

I have another haul for you beautiful people because we are lacking on the fashion posts I feel. I made a regular trip to Primark the other day only for a few things and I think I stuck to what I wanted pretty well but its Primark, how can you resist any of it.

First up I have two oversized knit cardigans. I know you’re thinking, it is way to hot for that but they are light and airy and were pretty much what I was looking for. The one on the left is a lot lighter and of a finer knit but in my favourite colour: black! And it was only £10. On the right, that is slightly heavier but it is kimono style and if you adore kimonos but think they are too think for your liking, this is a good option. This was £13.

The last few pieces now. Top left I bought an oversized men’s V neck shirt for £2.50 for Dofe and some full length joggers for £5. Nothing too expensive as they will just get ruined. Okay on the bottom I bought I mini black satchel bag for £6 which I have had my eye on for some time now but I thought would be the perfect size for summer. I also bought some hair clips and an assortment of gold band rings.

There is my Primark haul! I know it is only a small one but I thought it would be worth sharing with you guys J

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  1. This certainly looks like a cosy haul :)

    1. and it very much was cosy to wear. thanks for stopping by ;)


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