Monday, 5 May 2014

My Favourite Blog | Holy Chic

whenever someone asks me this question, I ponder about the topic for ages and ages and ultimately never decide. but this is it. this is the turning point, the breaking point, the time where I finally decide my favourite blog. and I would have to say it is.... aka Estee.

as well as being a YouTuber, I find that when most youtubers hit that point where they don't feel they need their blog, they just abandon it but Estee has continued with it as well as doing bonus posts not featured and YouTube and it really does make the blogging community seem just that little bit more special.

the blog is where it all began really and it is a shame that some people let it go but Estee, well do I have any other words to describe her apart from the fact that she is amazing.

her content is creative and with amazing photography skills and goes into enough detail about products without it being a long winded post.

so there you have it. my favourite blogger of all time. the blogging community is where it all begins and has turned into the first step to youtube for some people and when you see well known youtubers still blogging, it gives me inspiration to continue blogging and make that leap myself. :) they are the next generation of superstars I guess you could say and she has given me a lot of inspiration to never give up on my blog, my dreams and in life. and I truly mean that.

Yes this is a competition for the Currys #wonderblog competition but this doesn’t affect anything. I truly mean this and I feel like by sharing this with my audience, you get to know me just that little bit more

The prize I would like to win is the HP Envy Rove Touchscreen All-in-One and I would be so over the moon and thankful if I actually won it.

Stay chic - A

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