Friday, 19 September 2014

Haul : BTS | Holy Chic

With the numerous wishlists I have been posting recently, you didn’t think I went the whole time without picking up a few things did you?

Well fear not, this haul is for you. I didn’t pick up the greatest amount of things because full time unpaid sixth form student but I picked up a few things I felt were a necessity for my wardrobe.


I love my jeans and t shirts because they are comfortable and easy to wear. Cardigans are my holy grail item and a must have item for me and the dress was kind of just for fun but I wanted a more school appropriate dress. You feel me? I also picked up some H&M joggers because they are the!

And as an added bonus, because this is kind of a back to school haul, I picked up some school supply essentials and a hair product because, sometimes, you have to restock on a few things.

Have you picked up anything in stores recently?

Have a great day

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