Sunday, 21 September 2014

Testing Testing 1 2 3 | Holy Chic

Today I thought I would mix it up a little and just share with you some new things I am trying out/trying to do. I thought I would throw in some things other than beauty products because that seemed like a cool idea

For starters I am trying to read more. I whipped the kindle out and tried to rekindle (you get it, you get it…ah okay) my love for reading. Not working out too great so far but I’m hanging on in there to hope that I can love it again. I am trying to finish my nivea lip balm. That picture is an accurate representation of how much is left and it gives me pure joy to know that I have almost done the impossible.

I have been using elastics more to experiment with different hairstyles and #daclip to stop the kinks. Wearing a watch because I was very anti watches but this one has grown on me now and I feel naked without it on sometimes.  I’ve been experimenting more in the skincare department with smoothing facial scrubs and really seeing smoothing it can be

And finally I’ve been trying cream deodorants like wtf?! It’s weird but quite wonderful. And some new makeup-y bits like throwing my eyeliner back into my routine, a new mascara and the oh so loved spooley brush.

As text heavy as this post was and the sincerity behind my apology, have you been trying anything out recently?

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