Tuesday, 9 September 2014

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I really am a sucker for cold drinks weather they are from Costa, Starbucks or even just home made.

I use Twinings peppermint tea with brown sugar. I make it in a cup and cool and serve in a jug J

Today I thought I would share with you my home made iced tea. Now honestly this is the easiest thing to make but I have just made not of a few things whilst making it.

1.its best to make it hot to begin with then cool it down. This allows the tea to brew properly and if you like sweeter ice tea like I do, it allows the sugar to dissolve properly
2.Refrain from adding ice. It can seem almost instinctive to  add ice either for the sake of it or just to cool it down but I find this really waters down the mixture and gives it a funny taste. As long as it is cold, it is perfect
3.one tea bag goes a long way. I used to use one tea bag per cup of tea and I have realised one tea bag can make a jug full of ice tea. So try and be tea bag friendly
4. Personalise it. Choose what tea you want, a sweetner or not or if you want to add e.g. lemon or mint. There are so many ways to go about it.

I hope this post was helpful and maybe you can start saving money by making some iced tea at home. Next on the list for me is iced coffee!

What are your favourite drinks to have?

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