Thursday, 11 September 2014

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Recently I made a naughty trip to Boots and came across the Yes to range and I was a little over excited about it because I had only ever heard of Americans talk about it so when it was within my reach, I had to get something. I chose the Yes to cucumber facial wipes. They have aloe vera to help cleanse, are hypoallergenic  remove makeup and are all round just awesome makeup wipes

They remove makeup really well and leave the skin feeling really soft and smooth. I hate wipes that dry out the skin.

At £3.99 a packet, I don’t know how often I would be buying these but they are in a really thick and durable packaging but as a treat to myself, I would definitely buy them again.

Have you tried anything from the yes to range?

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  1. I have the yes to grapefruit ones and I do like them - will have to try these next!

    Hannah Heartss x

    1. I had trouble between picking the grapefruit or the cucumber ones but the grapefruit are next on my beauty/skincare shopping list! :)
      thanks for stopping by xx


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