Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Round Up #2 : Primers | Holy Chic

It wasn’t until I had my makeup done at the NARS counter about a year ago that I discovered that primer could be the answer to all of my prayers. If you have oil skin, it honestly becomes your best friend.

So I thought I would share with you in #2 of my round up series, some of the primers that I own and a low down on my thoughts on them.

Nspa instant blur primer: this has been working really well for me recently and after it being feature in countless posts, how could it not be in this. Creates an even base for the face and holds back the oils.

The body shop pore minimiser: I have done a more in depth review on this if you want to read more here  but for the most part I really like this. I love the idea of tea tree in it and it creates an even base for my moisturiser to go on top of

NARS pro prime, pore refining primer: after giving it a mostly negative review on this post , I think my feeling were clearly expressed but every so often it decides to work so who knows what the deal with this is really

Benefit porefessional primer: probably the most talked and hyped about primer and I understand why. I thought this was going to give me a white cast because of its colouring vs. mine but once rubbed in, it’s invisible. Its smoothes over the skin nicely, keeps the oils at bay and creates an even base for my moisturiser.

That is all of the primers I own! Let me know if you have tired any of these and let me know your thoughts on them.

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Goodbye for today J

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  1. It's interesting to see an Nspa primer, I've used some of their skin care in the past but didn't even know that they did a primer. I'm not, as a whole, a big fan of high end primers, I find high street works just as well. Max Factor Facefinity is also worth a try, if you ever get around to replacing any :)

    Sammy xo.


    1. the Nspa primer is the only thing that seems to have worked for me from what I've tried from their range. I am on the hunt for a new primer and I shall definitely be giving the Max Factor one a try thanks for the suggestion

      :) xx


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