Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Sunday Post : Unbloggable

It was only until 5pm today that I decided to not leave you guys hanging and deliver today with a short Sunday post. This week has been really eventful but un-bloggable unfortunately. But sometimes these things happen.

I’ve been a very busy girl but also a very tired one from planning events to school work to my job and trying to squeeze some blogging and filming into that. Surprisingly the workload is okay and I love having such a large workload but I just need to improve my time management skills just a tad more.

I have a million and one forms to fill out for uni, trips to book and all kinds of crazy things this month. As well as planning some potential travelling for the June/July period. But that means I am job hunting again so I can save for that, for uni and some uni necessities (well wants rather than needs). I just need a job with really flexible hours so that might be tricky.

It has also been a tough week for me where I part time work because of the stupid and rude cab drivers that exist adding to the stress of upcoming events I was head of planning for.

Aside from the potentially rambly life update, the only bloggable parts of this week was that London got some SETTLED SNOW. Not enough for a snow day and it did disappear within like 2hours but it looked pretty and walking in it to school was somewhat nostalgic. I also made a sneeky order on amazon, one of which was a new portable charger. I only really needed the lead as I have 2 already but oh well, it was cheap. I also made myself a really warming dinner yesterday of pasta in a creamy tomato sauce. Yeah I know fattening but a treat once in a while won’t hurt. And this morning, I tucked into a bowl of my favourite cereal which I devoured in an instant.

Tomorrow marks the last week before half term which I am overly ecstatic about but it is also my busiest week at school. But I shall power through. Nothing too eventful is happening next week either so the fate of next week’s Sunday post really is unknown. I’m gonna go back to playing with my adorable niece, watching frozen and taking some down time before Monday knocks on the door again.

Have a great week x


  1. I hope your busy week isnt too stressful and that you have a relaxing half term! it seems like youve been so busy so try and take some much needed me time :) id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. my halfterm came just at the right time :)

  2. Im sorry about those rude cab drivers !:( I hope you have a lovely week and of course a lovely half term x

    Caitriona | Blog


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