Thursday, 26 February 2015

Let's Rewind

With an unfortunate skip on the Sunday post and being a little MIA on pretty much all of social media, I make my return today. I basically drowned in the bliss of half term and an extra day off thanks to staff training days. But I was sure not to fill you in just a little into the ventures of last week. (Well the key parts)
Aside from not doing any work, first and foremost, I made a trip up to Leeds with one of my good friends. I wanted to check out the university and we gave ourselves plenty of time to explore and get a feel for the surrounding area. And I must say I fell head over heels for it and I was close to abandoning good old London just to absorb its beauty a little longer. I did a little bit of shopping and you will be happy to know that I bumped it all in a haul and filmed it for you. Enjoy my loves J

I guess that really is the only big thing I did during my hectic half term. Through the lazy days, the driving lessons and a spot of filming and editing, I might as well squeeze a few more of my latest captures in this post.
I don’t want to bore you with me detailing maybe even to the day what I got up to but let’s just say, some of these things will be featured in blog posts soon, it’s in my most recent video or I was simply just lying down in my bed doing none other than watching television. And how could PANCAKE DAY have almost slipped my mind?!? Let’s just say, the pancake fairy ate 12 pancakes all to herself and refused to share ;)

Apart from feeling a little guilty for not even taking a peek at my school work, I think with blogging I might have hit a bump in the road. I know that this iddy biddy corner of the internet is not where I want it to be and I am hoping that by summer I can change that a little with a proper blog design and business cards. But I also feel unfulfilled. Or maybe the word is unsuccessful. I don’t feel I have accomplished much. i know you shouldn’t compare but how many followers you have or events that people go to but I intend to use this as constructive and up my game even more. It’s a big world and I am sure the blogging community can make a little more room for me.
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