Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Sunday post : build up to exams, freedom and summer

I seem to be leaving blog posts until the last minute but my weekends seem to be getting more hectic with revision. The worst thing it could get hectic with but it’s okay. Doing it all for uni. I am about go on a drive with my friend shortly but I have to squeeze in this week’s Sunday post for sure.

This week has been very hot. It has drained me and with revision on top of that, I am afraid to count how many 20minute cat naps I have had this week. As revision slowly starts to consume my life more and more for the next two months or so, you gotta plan or do some exciting things to get you through it.

London skyline is actually a dream to look at and although I have this calling to go to America, London is just so beautiful and I want to explore more of it. London isn’t boring, it’s just undiscovered to me.

As another form of procrastination is watching lots of films like Boyhood which was amazing btw. I will just patiently wait for manhood to come out. Louis Theorux and his documentaries never fail to fascinate me and keep me intrigued for an entire hour. And even modern family is just some light hearted comedy to help the time pass and have on in the background for revision. If YouTube is your cup of tea, I have been delving back into my subscription box and feeding this incessant need I had to watch youtubers. ThePersianBabe is actually life. But like I said, revision books must be open at all times ;)

I have been filming a few videos to carry me until potentially august/September time. It seems like so far away now but don’t worry, I have plenty of videos to come your way. Whilst filming, many swatches end up on the back of my hand which I have sometimes left there even when I have been out. But look, my nails are growing. Just in time for the warmer weather and my 6th form dinner

I think the worst thing of the week but also the funniest was the dentist. I had to get the dreaded filling but its okay because I looked funny for about half a day and anything to help your teeth is a good thing.

Some more exciting things coming up are travelling. I am supposed to be booking my flight to Amsterdam next week and I am beyond excited to see more of the world before I got to uni (fingers crossed). I also finally booked my driving test for in around under a months’ time and I just can’t wait to get my licence and finally legally drive in a car. The anticipation is killing me.

I now leave you with a picture of this weekend’s breakfast. Waffles with and omelette, strawberries and maple syrup. Is your mouth watering yet?

I hope you all have a great week and I’m going to get back to doing all the work I should have done starting this morning. Horary for last minuteness.
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  1. Thank god I'm not the only one who's been putting posts together last minute haha, I'm rubbish at organizing when things are a little more hectic than usual... joys of College unfortunately :) Sounds like you've been very busy! I hope you enjoy your trip to Amsterdam (it looks amazing!) x

  2. Good luck with revision and your exams, I remember how tough year 13 was, and I think I was retaking some of my year 12 exams at the same time so I was completely bogged down with revision! Sounds like you're working really hard though so you'll do awesome in your exams! I am also very jealous that you are going to Amsterdam, definitely one that I want to cross off the bucket list - have fun!

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