Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Losing my virginity?!

If you are thinking what you think the title of this post is implying, then you are entirely INCORRECT. The only thing I lost my virginity to recently was LUSH. I can hear you all now yelling “how have you only just tried out lush products. Well, let me tell you.

Nothing really ever appealed to me and it always just looked over priced. I just didn’t understand the hype apart from the fact that it smelt soooo amazing. After making the journey back from Brighton to London, my friend and I stopped in the lush shop and I eased my way into it with 3 bath bombs. Excessive? Yes. Cheap? Yes.

Secret garden (bath bomb)

This one for the most part was fun to watch. With the fusion of colours, green, pink and yellow, blending together in the bath, it was satisfying. Its initial smell was just like a garden blooming with fresh flowers, fitting with its name. It turned the bath green with some sort of potpourri scatter about and gave the bath a general floral scent

Verdict: at £2.95 it would be something I would buy again

Butter ball (bath ballistic)

This one interested me for some reason. Its lack of colour was fitting with my taste. Plus its initial scent of a talcum powder and sugar with a caramel base note really enticed me. But I was a little let down. Although it scented the water really nicely and was relatively fun to watch, it did seem like a bit of a waste as it didn’t really do much for me.

Verdict: for the price, it is decent value for money considering it is lush but I wouldn't be buying this one again no matter how amazing it smells

 Fizzbanger (bath ballistic)

It will be obvious to see but in case you miss the hints, this is my absolute favourite. Initial smell: classic citrus scent /camomile tea. Whichever one it is, it smells damn good. This fusion of colours was most mesmerising with blue’s, greens and yellow and leaves the bath water a mixture of those colours too. There was a slight citrus scent left and best of all, the ballistic goes crazy in the bath. It makes a bang and popping noise and unleashes a blue core with a BANG sticker inside.

Verdict: best one in terms of value for money and is the most entertaining, smells good and a great blend of colours

 There you go. My thoughts on some lush bath bombs served up for you. But I have to say, I still really don’t get the hype. I mean like I get it but I also don’t. Does that make any sense to anyone out there?
I hope you liked this and if I decide to make a future trip into lush, tell me something below that I have to try out 

 Have a great week people x
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  1. The bath bombs at Lush are seriously awesome. I never buy them cause of the price, I mostly use their skincare products, but whenever I want to feel special, they're awesome. Glad you're testing out Lush, they're great. Cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. x

    1. one of the main reasons I have been keen on trying out lush products. I think I might be naught and pick up some other bath bombs but I must check out their skincare stuff :)

  2. i love lush bath bombs, i could watch them all day! id love it if youd comment back xx


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