Sunday, 19 April 2015

Spring trio : Handbag Essentials

So with a no show on the Sunday post this week because I have gotten laziness down to a fine art, I bring you the third and final instalment of my trio of spring essential posts. Today we talk the handbag essentials which aren’t too dissimilar from the beauty essentials so think of it as an extension of that if you will

My top two would have to be a pair of sunglasses and a hair band. Sometimes the sun is so bright, we don’t want to be squinting to allow the wrinkles to penetrate our under eyes. Whilst protecting, it is stylish and a great piece to have even all year round. A hair band is for the days when it just gets so hut, hair insulating your body is not an option. Also if your hair gets frizzy, a messy bun look will be your saviour

The beauty must have. Heat and prolonged stay in the sun can make you and your skin feel hydrated. Having some water can help refresh you whilst also could be the answer to clearing up any skin blemishes you might have.

Whether its perfume or body sprays that float your boat, these are just great to have something other than sweat. It is also something small to add to put you in the spring mood if fashion isn’t your forte. And to make it last all day, add some Vaseline before spraying to make it stay longer.

Oil absorbing sheets
As the warmer weather hits us, us oily skin girls will feel this oily sheen coving our face double instantly. (Like honestly I don’t get it. why does my face have to like leak oil. Wtf) oil blotting sheets, although you may get weird looks in the bathroom, your face won’t be looking like a grease ball.

And there you have it. Some of my must have handbag essentials that will keep you prepared for the hotter weather.

You can check out my fashion essentials here and/or you can check out my beauty essentials here.

Have a great week people and see you with a new post shortly :)  
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  1. You pretty much summed up my spring essentials haha! I've been living on this water and my sunglasses have been with me everywhere :) x


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