Saturday, 18 April 2015

Spring trio : beauty essentials

If you happen to have just stumbled upon my blog, hello welcome to Holy Chic, this week is spring essentials week. If you have been following me for a while, you I am hoping you have stuck around for some more essentials as a continuation of my previous post of fashion essentials.

Today I talk beauty. Some things I feel can put you in a spring mood; you should try out this spring or something I think is just simply a necessity

Lip balms
From lip balms to lip tints to lip scrubs, I think you should invest in them all. Lip balms are always a must have for you that get the occasional chapped lips. A staple and fuss free. Lip tints are a great 2 in 1 shindig. It does the job of the lip balm whilst adding colour and not having the weight of a lipstick of the faff. For you lipstick lovers out there, this is great to exfoliate away the dead skin and leaves lips smoother and making lip products easier to apply. Want a DIY post on this? Let me know :)

Can you tell I despise my oily skin? Primers are great oil blockers. Although they just don’t seem to work on me, they seem to for everyone else. But I do love an eye primer. For you shadow wearers invest in this so your eyeshadow won’t just voluntarily melt off of your lids

Nail polish

As an avid wear of black myself I feel like nail polish makes me feel like I am participating in spring whilst remaining in my favourite colour. But if it’s not for you, keeping your nails nourished and strengthened could never hurt ya :)

Water (specially designed)
Yes water is something you should carry every day in your bag *hint hint* but if you feel your skin gets particularly dehydrated, why not gives these water in convenient spray bottles a try. It’s one of those “I’m not sure if it is doing anything but it feels nice on my skin so I’m going to keep using it” deal.

And there you have it. A roundup of my spring beauty essentials. Come back on Saturday for the final instalment of the spring essentials trio. Tell me some of your must have beauty bits below

Have a great day :)
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  1. Love the Nuxe reve de miel and always use an eye primer :) I'd love to know how to make a diy lip scrub too!xx

    1. I will be sure to add that to my list of to do posts :)


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