Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Spring Trio: Fashion Essentials

Being late to the game seems to be a speciality of mine but none the less, my spring essentials posts are here. Today is the fashion segment because with the warmer weather, we all seem to have this instinctive urge to go shopping, clean out our wardrobes or try out some new pieces


A trend that seems to be surviving the years through and through and I know I will be sporting these for years to come. As the chunky knits start to be hidden in to drawers, a kimono is a great lightweight alternative to a cardigan yet is also a great way to add a pop of colour


I think subconsciously, we have all become stripe fanatics all thanks to mainstream fashion but I have to say, it is a really simple yet quite an understated way of having something a little different in your outfit. It must be psychological but stripes really hint at spring coming to me. Not so much bland colour in an outfit I guess

Bearing a little more skin – jeans

Spring also becomes a time to add some variation in jeans wear. From skinny to mom to boyfriend to boot cut, they don’t have to leave us just yet. They continuation of slits in the knees or distressing is a great spring look. As well as rolling up the bottoms of jeans. Showing a little more skin as the temperature rises is always a hit


Open toed shoes and sandals etc. are pieces I like to leave for summer. My feet don’t have to suffer just yet but some flats are a great option if those are for you. Me, I’m sticking with my trainers. And in combination with the rolled up jeans and an ankle bracelet to jazz things up a bit (ahh, I’m not cool) I think trainers are the way forward especially if you have a long day ahead of you


A change in bag is also another way to latch onto those spring vibes loitering around. I have been loving this one from Zara which has a pop of maroon on the inside. It’s small and compact with a little structure without over powering any outfit. I think dumping the crap in your bag this spring is just what is needed. But if you like to keep it simple with black, this is one of my faves…


Something a bit more neutral in brown? This is a great spring colour and also really underrated I think

Or go out with this burst of colour


Accessorising I think is something that transitions well into spring to and summer. I think the key to doing it well is that less really is more. Hot weather and a but load of jewellery really don’t bode well for me. My charm bracelet and a watch is something small and not to overcrowding for a busy outfit. Some simple, small hooped earrings really help tie a look together whether it is day or night

That’s a few of my spring fashion essentials wrapped up in a post for you all in this nifty little post. Tell me some of yours below and I might even try them out J

Thursday: beauty essentials :) stay tuned

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