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Confessions of a full time student and blogger #3 | Holy Chic

I have arrived back on all of your computer screens or whatever device you have used to view this post today for number two of confessions of a full time student and blogger post

Here are 10 different ones which I hope you can make some use of J

1.       Have all of your revision notes in one place: it drives me insane when all of my notes are in different places so what I like to do is have them all written/typed in one place all in folders divided by subject which really helps me know which unit will come first in an exam and when transporting notes from school to home, I don’t end up carrying 5 million books and text books with me

2.       Auditory or visual learner?: this is definitely one of the most important things to work out so you can tailor you revision techniques to that. If you prefer something being said or told to you, you are an auditory learner so you could try speaking out your revision notes or listen to recordings or them. If you prefer seeing things, you are a visual learner like moi and you could try note books, flash cards or even highlighting which isn’t my favourite but definitely works for some people. Maybe a combination of the both works for you. I know that for me in particular, I put all my notes together whether is typed or written and like to write it out again in note form so it is properly transferred into my long term memory

3.       Make use of the internet: this may be controversial for some but there are so many websites with useful tips and notes for you to use. If you do English, I recommend because that has literally saved my life but there are lots of other/better websites that do summaries of the book especially sparknotes. If you do psychology, I recommend because again it has saved my life or

4.       Don’t leave it to the last minute: start right now. I mean like right now! This gives you more time to spread out your revision and to ensure you know everything.

5.       Make use of mark schemes and specifications: they tell you what they could examine you on and how they mark certain questions. So many people ignore these but they are so vital when aiding revision.

6.       Ask for help: if you don’t get something, ask a friend or create study group/sessions with them or the teacher is always there to help you.

7.       Find an environment that works for you: find somewhere where you won’t get distracted. Staying focused is so important. If listening to music works for you, do it, if being in silence works, do that. Make it seem more enjoyable than just a chore.

8.       To have noise or to not: I know that some people work better when there is background noise or if there isn’t. If music works for you, great! Some tricks I like to try is listening to classical music. This can seem very boring but it has actually been proven to help improve concentration. Or if that isn’t your thing. This app called Coffitivity where it gives you background noises to work with. I love this help and find it really helps me concentrate and get on with my work because it creates an atmosphere of lots of people around me.

9.       Take regular breaks: it is said that we only take in the first 20 minutes of revision and after that it just seems a blur. Now I am not saying revise for 20 then break and so forth, but you could bear this in mind and take 5 to 10 minute breaks every 30mins-1hr. And don’t just do one subject straight. Switch it up throughout the day so you don’t get bored.

10.   Revision timetables: I guess linking on from tip 9 would be try making a timetable. That way you could track what you are doing as well as make sure you are having enough breaks throughout the day. You could also do this via your phone and set alarms to go off with little reminders of what you need to do

So I hope these were somewhat helpful and stay tuned for the next post of this where I will be talking about being organised for both blogging and school.

Until then ...

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