Friday, 18 April 2014

Confessions of a full time student and blogger #2 | Holy Chic

Hello again people. I am back with another instalment of confessions of full time student and blogger so let’s go!

 Not too long ago I went to a UCAS convention and I thought I would share my experience with you. 

 I have kind of come to realise how stressful the university picking process is and how much time I don’t have to decide. I picked up over 30 prospectuses and had a 3 day job of narrowing it down. (I only got it down to 7 but I think that is pretty good considering how many I started with). The idea of uni entices me so much and it all depends on my grades mostly at AS. I am leaning towards media/journalism and criminology/sociology routes and it is so tough. I have to organise open days but I am busy so a whole big kerfuffle has been caused. 

Any who, this wasn’t for me to moan, this was just a reminder that if you are going through the same thing as me, don’t worry I know how it feels and we can all be strong together :)

Right! That is all from me today, have a great rest of your day but until next time...

See you all real soon J

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See you guys with a new post really soon!

Stay chic - A x

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